8 Free Professional Learning Opportunities for Educators

8 Free Professional Learning Opportunities for EducatorsWatch these edWeb and ECI webinar recordings, and you may be able to earn continuing education credits in 90 minutes or less. (All webinars are free, but you may be charged a small fee for continuing education credits.) You’ll find topics ranging from student learning to making mindfulness work in your school, from filling the world with leaders to engagement strategies for students with attention challenges.

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1. Flexible Grouping and Collaborative Learning: Making It Work

Based on the award-winning A Teacher’s Guide to Flexible Grouping and Collaborative Learning, this webinar features practical strategies to successfully implement flexible grouping in order to build student collaboration and respond to students’ diverse learning needs and abilities from authors Dina Brulles, Ph.D., and Karen Brown, M.Ed. You will learn:

  • How to plan for flexible grouping
  • Strategies to use within the groups
  • How to keep structures fluid and manageable
  • When and how student work within groupings should be evaluated
  • And more!

2. Recognizing and Successfully Teaching Twice-Exceptional Students

In this webinar, Susan Winebrenner, M.S., and Lisa M. Kiss, M.Ed., describe how to identify twice-exceptional (2e) students—students who are gifted and have another learning difference—and how to meet their academic and social and emotional needs in any classroom.

3. Advances in PBIS: Contributions for Creating Equitable Systems

In this webinar, Char Ryan, Ph.D., describes the current recommended practice for data usage in PBIS and highlights the newer data tools. She also explains systemwide policies and practices that enhance the ability of a school or district to implement equitable instruction and discipline.

4. Making Mindfulness Work in Your School

In this webinar, participants will learn about:

  • The connection between mindfulness and self-care
  • The basics of what mindfulness is and isn’t
  • The importance of focusing on the adult first
  • Ideas for student and staff buy-in
  • Simple strategies for using mindfulness in the classroom and in a schoolwide community

Presenter and veteran educator James Butler, M.Ed., shares his personal experience of using mindfulness to help him with the stresses of life and education, how he successfully implemented mindfulness practices with students from as young as four to high school seniors, and how he helped an urban school district with 130 schools embrace mindfulness as a means to support social and emotional learning and growth for adults and students alike.

5. Skip, Turn & Hop into Teaching ECE Math and Language Arts Through Movement

Join this webinar from Connie Bergstein Dow, M.A., to:

  • Learn about the many benefits of movement in early childhood
  • Address math and language arts concepts through the use of developmentally appropriate creative and playful movement activities
  • Use movement concepts to help children gain body and spatial awareness, both for the child’s social and emotional development and as a classroom management tool
  • Understand and become more comfortable with integrating movement into your own early childhood environment

6. How to Fill the World with Leaders: Creating School Cultures Where Student Leadership Thrives

Join award-winning student leadership specialist Mariam MacGregor to evaluate the current state of leadership development efforts in your school as you strive to prepare students for lifelong leadership regardless of career path. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • Initiate a broad inventory of existing leadership efforts
  • Find opportunities to implement culture change
  • Identify and overcome roadblocks to student leadership development
  • Create a leadership communication plan

7. Lessening Challenging Behaviors: Teachers and Classrooms as Partners in Facilitating Prosocial Development

Join this session from Michelle Salcedo, M.Ed., to:

  • Understand and be able to articulate how children’s behaviors are a form of communication
  • Learn and be able to demonstrate practices that are effective in helping children develop prosocial behaviors
  • Learn and be able to apply the MoNSTeR approach in responding to challenging behaviors

8. Engagement Strategies for Students with Attention Challenges: Lower Anxiety and Raise Confidence

For students with ADHD or other attention challenges, sitting in class seven hours a day, five days a week . . . it’s like they’re hummingbirds stuck in a cage. It can be incredibly difficult and stressful for teachers to help them remain engaged.

In this webinar, Ezra Werb, M.Ed., formerly a behavior interventionist and resource specialist teacher and currently an educational therapist, shares his strategies for lowering students’ anxiety, raising confidence, and increasing engagement.

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