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9 Ways Administrators Can Prepare for the New School Year

By Andrew Hawk Even though students head home for the summer, at the majority of schools across the United States, the behind-the-scenes work of running a school never really stops. Sure, things slow down a little, but the gears keep … Continue reading

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8 Ways Principals Can Make Time for Teachers to Collaborate

By Andrew Hawk One of the best ways to ensure the success of a school is collaboration among teachers. Collaboration promotes a school’s curriculum being followed with fidelity and provides all students in the school similar learning experiences even though … Continue reading

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Substitute Teacher Shortage: The Dos and Don’ts for Supervising Classrooms

By Andrew Hawk I attended a corporation seminar for aspiring administrators when I started my college preparation program. The superintendent was leading the seminar, and on one occasion, he invited various administrators from our corporation to speak to us about … Continue reading

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8 Things to Consider When Reassessing Your School’s COVID-19 Protocols

By Andrew Hawk Right now, many people throughout the world are battling pandemic fatigue. This term, once unknown to most humans, is now plastered across headlines and used in news broadcasts on a regular basis. The result is an urgency … Continue reading

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9 Ways Principals Can Respond When Teachers Bully Other Teachers

By Andrew Hawk Bullying is a hot topic in schools. Administrators, counselors, teachers, bus drivers—all school personnel from all over the United States have likely attended some kind of training on how to address bullying. I myself have attended several … Continue reading

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