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3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Teresa Kenney says:

    I am a new Special Education teacher and I am working to build my resources for lesson plans. I work in a Self-contained classroom K-5 working with DCD and ASD students. I have students who are struggling to regulate their feelings and emotions and everyday is a challenge. I want to delivery good messages and be a good role model for them and I believe a variety of the topics will help keep them from getting bored and checking out during my lessons. They all love books and so do I and this is one of my favorite ways to open topics for lessons. This set looks like a great variety of subjects that I deal with daily. I would love to have them. Thanks, Teresa

  2. Karen Manning says:

    We teach our students to be mindful of the use of their electronics in our group sessions and are always looking for user friendly material to explain this problem to our students. We would appreciate this package of materials that you are giving away to add on to our resourses.

  3. Sevena Sacks says:

    Bullying doesn’t just start in Middle School or High School. It starts with our younger children. I believe our youngest boys and girls need help with problem solving. I have modified Myrna Shore’s ” I Can Problem Solve” to fit the needs of my students. Sometimes social and emotional
    growth just happens. More often than not, it needs intervention. Giving young children strategies for coping, helps them deal with problems as they grow and mature. I use your books for young children all the time. Thanks for the useful publications

    Sevena Sacks

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