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Helping Kids Manage Their Back-to-School Anxiety: Dos and Don’ts

By Summer Batte, author of Name and Tame Your Anxiety: A Kid’s Guide The first day of school can be a source of anxiety in any year. But for many kids, this particular back-to-school season feels a lot more intense … Continue reading

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Excited and Nervous: How to Help Children Navigate Mixed Feelings About Returning to School

By Lory Britain, Ph.D., author of I’m Happy-Sad Today: Making Sense of Mixed-Together Feelings Your child laughs excitedly as she packs pencils and pens in her backpack for the first day of in-person school. You watch with both relief and … Continue reading

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Working Through Conflict During the Pandemic

By Christine Snyder, M.A., and Chris Amirault, Ph.D., coauthors of Finding Your Way Through Conflict: A Guide for Early Childhood Educators “Exhausted.” “Isolated.” “Enough already!” “Wrung out.” “Just done.” For everyone we ask, it’s been a lousy several months. The … Continue reading

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Help Students Manage the Emotions of Going Back to School During the Pandemic

By Rayne Lacko, author of Dream Up Now: The Teen Journal for Creative Self-Discovery Going back to school can be stressful for children in the best of times, but a global pandemic can create emotional challenges that cause young people … Continue reading

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The Year of the Empowered Student

By Patti Drapeau, author of Inspiring Student Empowerment: Moving Beyond Engagement, Refining Differentiation Remember when we all looked forward to going back to school? We actually mourned the loss of the summer, and we looked forward to the new school … Continue reading

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