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How to Help Students Who Experience Food Insecurity Over the Summer

By Erik Talkin, CEO Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, California, and author of Lulu and the Hunger Monster™ Summer is on the way! Before we know it, school will be out for the year and teachers and students alike can … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Keep Kids Writing All Summer Long!

By Shannon Anderson, author of  Mindset Power: A Kid’s Guide to Growing Better Every Day This is a picture of my daughter, Maddie, from about ten summers ago. It was a beautiful summer day, and Maddie was spending some time … Continue reading

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How to Help Teens Find Their Passion and Do What They Love

By Rayne Lacko, coauthor of Dream Up Now™: The Teen Journal for Creative Self-Discovery In an uncertain world, being uncertain of yourself can create anxiety. Feeling anxious can mean different things to different teens. It can take the form of … Continue reading

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How Educators Can Set Boundaries for Work-Life Balance

By Stephanie Filio, M.Ed., author of Responding to Student Trauma: A Toolkit for Schools in Times of Crisis My mother has always worked in the banking industry. She started with opening people’s safety deposit boxes and has worked in many … Continue reading

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“Own Voices” Books: A Librarian’s View

By Amadee Ricketts, author of Gentle Hands and Other Sing-Along Songs for Social-Emotional Learning As a librarian serving kids and families, there is a kind of magic in connecting a child with the exact right book at the exact right … Continue reading

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