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5 Stress Management Strategies for Kids

By Elizabeth Verdick, coauthor of Stress Can Really Get on Your Nerves (Revised & Updated Edition) Experts say kids are more stressed today than ever before. That’s no surprise. We see the fast-paced, competitive, tech-savvy world they’re growing up in. … Continue reading

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Teaching Kids to Use I-Statements to Solve Peer Conflicts

By Allison Wedell Schumacher No, they’re not the latest technology on which kids can log hours of screen time. I-statements (also known as I-messages) are a method of communication that people have been using to resolve conflict for decades. And … Continue reading

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How to Handle Anger Issues in the Classroom

By Andrew Hawk I believe it is the intent of most educators to create safe and happy learning environments. Classrooms should be places where students can set aside the outside world. However, this is easier said than done. Every day, … Continue reading

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Overcoming Shame and Building Resilience in the Classroom

By Liz Bergren Shame is hard to talk about. It’s a complex emotion, and many of us don’t know how to verbalize its existence in our lives. Dr. Brené Brown, a New York Times best-selling author on the topic, defines … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Preschool

By Allison Wedell Schumacher Isn’t it fun to look at our young children and imagine what they’ll grow up to be? Look at that tower your daughter is building with blocks: Surely she’ll be a well-renowned architect! Your son is … Continue reading

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