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Advice for Writers from the Top of the Slush Pile

By Kyra Ostendorf, publisher at Free Spirit Publishing Picture a crowded exhibit hall at a national educators conference. There are so many resources to browse through. Do you have a favorite booth to visit—one where you are likely to see … Continue reading

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Print and Share: 3 Reasons to Write About Yourself

By Garth Sundem, author of Real Kids, Real Stories, Real Challenges: Overcoming Adversity Around the World Think about your assignments. How many ask kids to look outward—to research another culture or another time, to describe another person’s life and achievements, … Continue reading

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Visual Journaling with Kids

By Susan Daniels, Ph.D., author of Visual Learning and Teaching: An Essential Guide for Educators K–8 Visual journaling with kids is a favorite enrichment activity—personally and academically. I’ve taught every grade level from kindergarten to eighth and have used visual … Continue reading

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Writing from—and to—the Heart: Middle School Writing that Matters

By Jim Delisle Ph.D., coauthor of Building Strong Writers in Middle School As students transition from their early years of schooling to young adolescence, a rush of new emotions and thoughts leads many of them into a period of exploration and … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Use the Character in Sports Jar

By Eric Braun Free Spirit’s Character in Sports jar includes three kinds of cards: “Words of Character” cards have quotes about character by athletes; “Make a Difference” cards give ideas for building and showing your good character; and “Great Character” … Continue reading

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