Words Wound Video Contest Winner

WordsWoundEarlier this spring we asked students to enter our Words Wound Video Contest. We were very impressed with the videos submitted. The Teen Advisory Council for Free Spirit Publishing reviewed them all and selected the winner.

The winning entry is “The Anti-Bullying Project” from Malia, Chloe, and Matthew at Paulding Middle School in Arroyo Grande, California. They win a $250 Free Spirit gift certificate for their school, and a $250 cash prize generously donated by our friends at PeaceMaker Minnesota.

This is what some of our Teen Advisory Council members had to say about the video:

This video was really effective. You could clearly see how the victims overcame their bullies (the whole thing with writing on their faces was very creative) and how would-be bystanders helped them out. It was interesting, got your attention, and got to the point: bullying can be finished if we hold each other up instead of putting each other down. –Nicole

I liked the anti-bullying project video the best. I thought it had a good interspersing of facts and emotions. I liked that they included that everyone is a bully and a victim. Plus, the video was very finished, showing that they put in a lot of work. –Abby

We also want to highlight these three honorable mentions, shown below, and to share the complete list of entries which can be found on the Free Spirit YouTube page:

“Bullying,” by TheProjectPeople3 — for its creative cinematography and positive message.

“Stop Cyberbullying #WordsWound” by Jimmy — for its straightforward and honest message.

“The Cyberquest Team” — for reminding us that cyberbullying is something that can also affect younger kids.

We hope that you will share these great videos with your own students. Our thanks to all entrants for their ongoing work in ending cyberbullying!

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