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How Mean Behavior and Bullying Affect Academic Performance—And What to Do About It

By Jonathan C. Erwin, M.A., author of The School Climate Solution: Creating a Culture of Excellence from the Classroom to the Staff Room The Problem Bullying, defined as an act of repeated physical or emotional victimization of a person by … Continue reading

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#MeToo: Helping Students Understand Sexual Assault

By Liz Bergren The recent #metoo conversations and the increasing number of sexual assault allegations in the media bring attention to the questions of where and how we are teaching about topics like respect and consent in the classroom. These … Continue reading

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Teen Dating Violence: Can You Spot the Warning Signs of Abuse?

By Liz Bergren Entering a romantic relationship for the first time is an adolescent rite of passage. We get thrown into the complexities of what it means to love and be loved, touched, and potentially hurt and/or rejected. Our early … Continue reading

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How to Handle Physical Fights at School

Part of our Counselor’s Corner series. Click to read other posts in the Counselor’s Corner. In a 2011 survey by the National Center for Education Statistics, 33 percent of high school students reported being involved in a physical fight in … Continue reading

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National Youth Violence Prevention Week

By Mary Stennes Wilbourn and Alison Behnke March 23–27, 2015, is National Youth Violence Prevention Week. Teachers, students, counselors, and others will be doing activities to help kids choose effective ways to reduce or prevent violence. Students will tackle topics … Continue reading

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