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How to Discuss Hot-Button Issues in the Classroom with Tolerance and Poise

By Jean Sunde Peterson, Ph.D., author of How (and Why) to Get Students Talking: 78 Ready-to-Use Group Discussions About Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Relationships, and More (Grades 6–12) Each year, at the first three-hour meeting of an introductory counseling course, I included … Continue reading

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Teaching Communication Skills to Elementary Students

By Amanda C. Symmes, LICSW What is communication, and why is it important? From a very basic standpoint, most people have a natural human desire to communicate. But communication can be a complex topic. So while I promise to discuss … Continue reading

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27 Tips for Initiating and Sustaining Genuine Conversations with Teens

By Jean Sunde Peterson, Ph.D., author of Talk with Teens About What Matters to Them: Ready-to-Use Discussions on Stress, Identity, Feelings, Relationships, Family, and the Future Because teens sometimes seem umbilically connected to technology that allows rapid, physically engaged communication, … Continue reading

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Resolving Relational Aggression in Middle School

By Stephanie Filio When I tell people that I work in a middle school, I am often met with cringes (you probably just cringed yourself!). People immediately picture themselves at that particular time in their lives and cannot help but … Continue reading

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Building Trust in the Middle School Classroom

By Liz Bergren There is nothing more important than a safe, positive, nurturing classroom environment. Learning can only take place if students feel comfortable and safe in their learning spaces. Building trust and rapport among peers in the room as … Continue reading

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