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Learn How Nutrition Feeds Academic Success

By Erik Talkin, author of Lulu and the Hunger Monster™ I was interested to read an article by Stephen Sawchuk in Education Week, referring to a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which showed how the timing … Continue reading

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Everything Special Education Teachers Want from Their Principals* (*But Are Afraid to Ask For)

By Andrew Hawk In the decades since special education became a mainstay in American education, the details of it (such as delivery models and individual education plan formats) have continued to evolve. From state to state and even school district … Continue reading

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We Opted Out of Standardized Testing for Grades 3–8

By Mariam G. MacGregor, author of Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens: Promoting Attitudes and Actions for Respect and Success Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan once described backlash from parents against standards and the accompanying standardized testing as stemming … Continue reading

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How to Emotionally Prepare Students for Standardized Testing

By Andrew Hawk During the last fifteen years, standardized testing’s place in public education has been a hotly debated topic. Though standardized testing has been around for some time, the stakes attached to tests were raised dramatically by the No … Continue reading

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Breathe! 6 Strategies to Reduce Stress During Testing Season

Part of our Cash in on Learning Series by Richard M. Cash, Ed.D. Click to read other Cash in on Learning posts. It’s that time of year again: TESTING! With the sun shining outside and the warm weather approaching, our … Continue reading

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