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How to Get Parent Buy-In: Explaining Social Emotional Learning

By Stephanie Filio, M.Ed., author of Responding to Student Trauma: A Toolkit for Schools in Times of Crisis School counseling programs teach therapeutic interventions that methodologically meet the client where they are and help the counselor learn about the underlying … Continue reading

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Is It Teasing or Bullying?

By Judy S. Freedman, M.S.W., and Mimi P. Black, coauthors of Ease the Tease When a child says, “I’m being bullied,” parents and educators are right to take these words seriously. Research has shown that targets of bullying are more … Continue reading

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The Power of Empathy During Bullying Prevention Month

By Judy S. Freedman, M.S.W., coauthor of Ease the Tease “How would you feel if that happened to you?” This question opens the door to teaching children about empathy. Empathy is recognizing, understanding, and caring about how someone feels, or … Continue reading

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How Kids Can Cope with Frustration and Disappointment During the Pandemic

By Allison Amy Wedell I think it’s safe to say that two of the dominant pandemic-induced emotions we’re experiencing are frustration and disappointment. There are so many things we can’t control, so many things we’re missing. I feel frustrated that … Continue reading

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What’s the Big Deal About Social Emotional Learning?

By Molly Breen If you are a human teacher—of human children—you must know the foundational importance of social and emotional learning (SEL). If a child does not trust or understand you, or if a child feels as if you do … Continue reading

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