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Building Social Skills and Awareness in Preschool

By Molly Breen Launching into a school year with children, no matter their age, requires a great deal of thought, planning, and labor—both physical and emotional. We plan our environments and lessons, staking our best efforts in the bedrock of … Continue reading

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Social and Emotional Lessons from Nature

By Barbara A. Lewis, author of Social Emotional Stories: Lessons and Learning from Plants and Animals Imagine this: one day, workers at a horse farm in San Diego wake to an awful sight. Twenty-three of their beloved horses are very sick. … Continue reading

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The Social Emotional Benefits of Classroom Pets

By Molly Breen If you have ever considered having a classroom pet, but weren’t sure if the benefits would outweigh the added responsibilities, the research is in! A study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health suggests … Continue reading

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Meeting Students Where They Are: Addressing Social Emotional Learning Disruption

By Stephanie Filio, M.Ed., author of Responding to Student Trauma: A Toolkit for Schools in Times of Crisis It’s on social media feeds and in newspapers, and it’s reflected on the tired faces of educators everywhere: this school year is … Continue reading

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6 Ideas for Including Children in Holiday Giving

By Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed., author of the Learning About Me & You, Learning to Get Along®, and Being the Best Me!® series Children love the holidays! With the allure of food, decorations, activities, and gifts, holidays are great times … Continue reading

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