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#MeToo: Helping Students Understand Sexual Assault

By Liz Bergren The recent #metoo conversations and the increasing number of sexual assault allegations in the media bring attention to the questions of where and how we are teaching about topics like respect and consent in the classroom. These … Continue reading

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Teen Dating Violence: Can You Spot the Warning Signs of Abuse?

By Liz Bergren Entering a romantic relationship for the first time is an adolescent rite of passage. We get thrown into the complexities of what it means to love and be loved, touched, and potentially hurt and/or rejected. Our early … Continue reading

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Every Child Is Different: Possible Signs of Sexual Abuse

By Allison Wedell Schumacher If you’re a parent or early childhood educator, you don’t need me to tell you that every child is different, meaning behavior that signifies a problem in one child may signify absolutely nothing in another. Is she … Continue reading

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