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Gifted, Talented, or Just Hardworking?

By Richard M. Cash, Ed.D. Part of our Cash in on Learning series by Richard M. Cash, Ed.D. Click to read other Cash in on Learning posts. I took a very interesting route to teaching. My first degree was in … Continue reading

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Engaging the Disengaged Student

Part of our Counselor’s Corner series. Click to read other posts in the Counselor’s Corner. This post was originally published May 14, 2012. It’s crazy to think an elementary or middle school student would already be “checked out” of school, … Continue reading

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Behold the Pizza Cutter: Classroom Tools for Successful Group Work

By Ron Shumsky, Psy.D., and Susan M. Islascox, M.A., coauthors of The Survival Guide for School Success When it comes to group projects and working together to arrive at a final product, many students need instruction in process, not just … Continue reading

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How Drawing Helped Me Cope with My Learning Difference

By Trevor Romain, author of Bullying Is a Pain in the Brain I remember the very first time I experienced the power of art in learning. It was in my special education class at primary school in South Africa. I was … Continue reading

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Friday Link Roundup

As educators make their way back into the classroom after the winter break, some may be feeling weary—but nonetheless, they will return, and they will continue the good work of teaching tomorrow’s problem solvers. Here’s a poem by José Vilson … Continue reading

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