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Teaching Students About Climate Change

By Garth Sundem, author of Real Kids, Real Stories, Real Character: Choices That Matter Around the World Sex. Drugs. Evolution. Cancer science. Climate change. Climate change is one of those things: You just know that no matter how you teach … Continue reading

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The Parent-Teacher Connection: Nine Strategies for Building Relationships with Your Students’ Parents

By Shannon Anderson, author of Coasting Casey Connecting with parents and creating positive relationships with them is definitely one of the top priorities for ensuring a successful school year. There are many ways to make these connections. When you show … Continue reading

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Making the Grade: 8 Tips for Organizing Your Grading

By Andrew Hawk For a classroom to function properly, the teacher has to have effective systems in place to complete daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. Long- and short-term lesson planning often get lots of attention. However, the importance of … Continue reading

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Classroom Interventions and Modifications for Students with ADHD

By Rhoda Cummings, Ed.D., author of The Survival Guide for Kids with LD Children and adolescents with ADHD often present classroom challenges severe enough to interfere with their learning because of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity. Students with attention problems may have … Continue reading

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6 Strategies for Introverted Teachers

By Andrew Hawk Teachers’ motivations for becoming professional educators usually follow one of several themes. Some people love working with young people. Others love learning, maybe even a specific subject, and want to share their knowledge with others. Many teachers … Continue reading

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