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Learn How Nutrition Feeds Academic Success

By Erik Talkin, author of Lulu and the Hunger Monster™ I was interested to read an article by Stephen Sawchuk in Education Week, referring to a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which showed how the timing … Continue reading

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Healthy and Appropriate Food Talk in the Classroom

By Liz Bergren At times, an elementary classroom teacher is responsible for overseeing the distribution of food in the lunchroom or classroom. More than likely, discussions around food and what kids are eating will come up in these circumstances. The … Continue reading

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Kids and Food Allergy Awareness

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, many people are affected by pollen allergies in May. They sniffle, sneeze, grumble, and spend lots of money on antihistamines to help them get through spring. May also brings us Food Allergy Awareness Week (May … Continue reading

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Eating Better, Feeling Better—Even at School!

By Jonathan Chesner, author of ADHD in HD: Brains Gone Wild Whattup Free Spirit peeps. Parents and teachers, this is a special post for the teen students in your lives. It’s okay for you to read, too, but please pass … Continue reading

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Counselor’s Corner: 3 FUN Ways to Educate About Eating Right for National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. The purpose of National Nutrition Month is to spread awareness about making educated food decisions and creating healthy eating and physical activity habits. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported in 2010 that 35.7 percent … Continue reading

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