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How Veteran Teachers Can Support New Teachers at the Beginning of the School Year

By Otis Kriegel, author of Everything a New Elementary School Teacher REALLY Needs to Know (But Didn’t Learn in College) You’ve been teaching for a while. You’re comfortable in your shoes as a teacher, and you understand how to develop … Continue reading

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Peer-to-Peer Leadership: Tutors, Mentors, Coaches, Presenters

By Mariam G. MacGregor, author of Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens It has long been my position that students are the most underutilized resource in schools today. As policies replace authentic learning with high-stakes testing, students are increasingly treated … Continue reading

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Counselor’s Corner: Mentoring Outside of the Box

January is National Mentoring Month. You can change lives by being a mentor or connecting children and adolescents with mentors in their community. The National Mentoring Month site has tons of information for getting connected as a mentor, finding mentoring … Continue reading

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Effective Mentoring Programs

by Mariam G. MacGregor, M.S., author of the Building Everyday Leadership products and Teambuilding with Teens January is National Mentoring Month, which means it’s a great time to focus on creating an effective K–12 mentoring program. Or, if you already … Continue reading

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