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The Dog Ate My Homework: How to Handle Students’ Excuses

By Shannon Anderson, author of Coasting Casey “I’m sorry, but my uncle’s roommate’s brother’s fish died and I was too upset by the tragedy to do my homework.” We’ve heard them all, haven’t we? How should we handle all of … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: Homework and the Gifted Learner

Few topics in education can stir more conversation and controversy than that of homework. Typically, we consider homework any practice that is done outside of the school day or classroom. Most often, homework is practice of what was taught during … Continue reading

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Cash in on Learning: Homework as Effective Practice Toward Self-Regulation

by Richard Cash, Ed.D., Free Spirit Publishing author of Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century “Study without thought is vain; thought without study is dangerous.” –Confucius Hardly a day goes by in school without someone bringing up … Continue reading

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