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Responding to Trauma in Students—and Yourself

By Stephanie Filio, M.Ed., author of Responding to Student Trauma: A Toolkit for Schools in Times of Crisis, When you were a kid, you were a kid. Now, you are an adult . . . but you were still that … Continue reading

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Working Through Conflict During the Pandemic

By Christine Snyder, M.A., and Chris Amirault, Ph.D., coauthors of Finding Your Way Through Conflict: A Guide for Early Childhood Educators “Exhausted.” “Isolated.” “Enough already!” “Wrung out.” “Just done.” For everyone we ask, it’s been a lousy several months. The … Continue reading

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The 6Cs of Virtual Learning: Part One (Connect, Confidence, Chunk)

By Richard M. Cash, Ed.D., author of Self-Regulation in the Classroom: Helping Students Learn How to Learn Part of our Cash in on Learning series by Richard M. Cash, Ed.D. Click to read other Cash in on Learning posts. In … Continue reading

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Simple Songs to Help Kids Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

By Amadee Ricketts, author of Gentle Hands and Other Sing-Along Songs for Social-Emotional Learning Here are some songs you can teach children to help them remember and understand the important issues of mask wearing and handwashing during the pandemic. The … Continue reading

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Creative Ways to Help Teens Manage Difficult Emotions

By Rayne Lacko and Lesley Holmes, coauthors of Dream Up Now: The Teen Journal for Creative Self-Discovery Young people have never had more forms of communication and media for expressing feelings, rates of helplessness, anxiety, and depression. Teens are struggling … Continue reading

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