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Modeling Compassion in Early Childhood Education

By Molly Breen When we teachers first decided to work in early care and education, our prevailing thought was likely, “I love being with children,” and perhaps, “I’m good with kids.” Once we began our early years of teaching, we … Continue reading

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8 Things to Consider When Reassessing Your School’s COVID-19 Protocols

By Andrew Hawk Right now, many people throughout the world are battling pandemic fatigue. This term, once unknown to most humans, is now plastered across headlines and used in news broadcasts on a regular basis. The result is an urgency … Continue reading

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The Power of Empathy During Bullying Prevention Month

By Judy S. Freedman, M.S.W., coauthor of Ease the Tease “How would you feel if that happened to you?” This question opens the door to teaching children about empathy. Empathy is recognizing, understanding, and caring about how someone feels, or … Continue reading

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Learn How Nutrition Feeds Academic Success

By Erik Talkin, author of Lulu and the Hunger Monster™ I was interested to read an article by Stephen Sawchuk in Education Week, referring to a new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which showed how the timing … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Foster Kindness in Your Virtual or Hybrid Classroom During the Pandemic

By Naomi Drew, M.A., author of Create a Culture of Kindness in Elementary School.  As teachers, we are charged with one of the most important tasks of all: shaping the futures of young people. It’s more important than ever to … Continue reading

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