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What Can Students Learn from the Supreme Court Vacancy? The Implications of an Empty Seat on the Court

By Judge Tom Jacobs and Natalie Jacobs, coauthors of Every Vote Matters As you probably know, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia unexpectedly passed away February 13, 2016. That leaves only eight justices on the Supreme Court: four conservatives and four … Continue reading

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How to Help Teens Make Their Voices Heard (Even If They Can’t Vote)

By Judge Tom Jacobs and Natalie Jacobs, authors of Every Vote Matters Although young people can’t vote until they become adults, they can make their voices heard on matters important to them. Teachers can introduce their students to a variety of … Continue reading

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Laws, Amendments, and Real People

With state and national elections coming in a few weeks, we are being inundated by political ads. Even our youngest students are aware of some of the issues being discussed, and many may have questions that come up in class. … Continue reading

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