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How to Improve Children’s Sleep with Mindfulness

By James J. Crist, Ph.D., author of What’s the Big Deal About Addictions? Mindfulness is a popular topic these days. It can be helpful for a variety of problems, including stress management, anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. Mindfulness is also … Continue reading

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Educational Technology: Looking at the Latest Crop of Educational Apps

As our smartphones and tablets become more sophisticated, and laptops are being designed to work with the same touchscreen technology, a wealth of new apps line the “shelves” of app stores for every device. Some of them offer totally new … Continue reading

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15 Popular Apps for the High School Classroom

Third in a series. Click to read Apps in the Elementary Classroom or Apps in the Middle School Classroom. Ask a group of high school teachers what they want from technology in the classroom, and you’re likely to hear variations … Continue reading

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Education Technology: Apps in the Middle School Classroom

Second in a series. Click here to read “Apps in the Elementary Classroom” or “Highly Used Apps in High Schools”. Karin has three kids, two in middle school. Like most people who live with or teach kids this age, she … Continue reading

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