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Expanding Your Circles of Personal and Professional Support

By Sandra Heidemann, M.S., Beth Menninga, M.A.Ed., and Claire Chang, M.A., coauthors of Intentional Teaching in Early Childhood Ana had had a very long day. She sat down to write notes on a child’s behaviors that had troubled her. But … Continue reading

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Nurturing Everyday Creativity in Children

By Susan Daniels, Ph.D., author of Visual Learning and Teaching: An Essential Guide for Educators K–8 Nurturing creativity in children has been an interest of mine over my entire career—while working with gifted children in an enrichment setting, while teaching … Continue reading

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Sensory Breaks for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

By Benjamin Farrey-Latz, author of I Can Learn Social Skills! Poems About Getting Along, Being a Good Friend, and Growing Up Even if you don’t work directly with students with special needs, you’ve probably heard that children (and adults) with … Continue reading

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How to Integrate Leadership Lessons into Every Subject

By Mariam G. MacGregor, M.S., author of the Everyday Leadership series It’s early in a new year. Attitudes are blooming with new ideas and optimism after the stress of the holidays, the year is a blank page, and kids are … Continue reading

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On Boy Books and Girl Books

By Amadee Ricketts, author of Gentle Hands and Other Sing-Along Songs for Social-Emotional Learning There are no such things as “girl books” and “boy books.” There is just a universe of books, waiting to be matched up with a universe … Continue reading

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