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Mistakes, Bad Breaks, and Other Headaches: Helping Kids Bounce Back

By Kimberly Feltes Taylor and Eric Braun, coauthors of How to Take the ACHE Out of Mistakes Perhaps you have heard the famous story about Alexander Fleming, that sloppy scientist who left some of his petri dishes unwashed and ended … Continue reading

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Advocating for Small-Group Discussions at Your School

By Jean Sunde Peterson, Ph.D., author of How (and Why) to Get Students Talking: 78 Ready-to-Use Group Discussions About Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Relationships, and More (Grades 6–12) It was just a hunch. When I was tasked with creating a program for … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Ignite a Sense of Purpose in Children

By Allison Wedell Schumacher If I could, I would raise my daughter in a world without hatred, bigotry, or cruelty. A world where poverty doesn’t exist and all people are equal and respected regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or religion. … Continue reading

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3 Examples of Young People Making Their Voices Heard

By Judge Tom Jacobs, author of What Are My Rights? Q&A About Teens and the Law (Revised & Updated 4th Edition) The rights and responsibilities bestowed on our children under the Constitution and Bill of Rights are sometimes exercised in … Continue reading

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Nurture a Culture of Storytelling in the Classroom

By Lory Britain, Ph.D., author of I’m Happy-Sad Today: Making Sense of Mixed-Together Feelings I still envision that summer day when my father and I were floating lazily in an inner tube on the Colorado River. As we drifted, I … Continue reading

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