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The Power of Empathy During Bullying Prevention Month

By Judy S. Freedman, M.S.W., coauthor of Ease the Tease “How would you feel if that happened to you?” This question opens the door to teaching children about empathy. Empathy is recognizing, understanding, and caring about how someone feels, or … Continue reading

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How to Advocate for Disabled Students

By Stephanie Filio, M.Ed., author of Responding to Student Trauma: A Toolkit for Schools in Times of Crisis How can you empower disabled students to feel in control and help them recognize their strength and fortitude? Remind them that it’s … Continue reading

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4 Compassion Projects for Preschool

By Molly Breen If you’ve ever had a classroom pet, then you know how transformational they can be for some children. That child who is incredibly impulsive and physically rough with friends is suddenly docile and tender with a little … Continue reading

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8 Things to Consider When Reassessing Your School’s COVID-19 Protocols

By Andrew Hawk Right now, many people throughout the world are battling pandemic fatigue. This term, once unknown to most humans, is now plastered across headlines and used in news broadcasts on a regular basis. The result is an urgency … Continue reading

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Modeling Compassion in Early Childhood Education

By Molly Breen When we teachers first decided to work in early care and education, our prevailing thought was likely, “I love being with children,” and perhaps, “I’m good with kids.” Once we began our early years of teaching, we … Continue reading

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