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7 Online Mental Health Resources for Students and Caregivers

By Andrew Hawk Mental health is currently a high-need field in America. Even with advances in the field, scarcity of resources is a huge issue. During my time as a special education teacher, I regularly had my students’ parents approach … Continue reading

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Creating Critical Thinkers Through Teaching Current Events

By Isaiah Moore If I thought of my education as hours spent inside a classroom, it would go something like this: 8 hours, 180 days a year, for 18 years. I’m no math teacher, but my calculations put that at … Continue reading

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If I Could Change Something About Our Schools . . .

If you could change something about our schools, what would you change? We asked the Free Spirit Advisory Council to tell us their answers to this question. Here are their responses: “If I could change something about our schools, it … Continue reading

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Survive Summer Boredom by Being CREATIVE

By Richard M. Cash, Ed.D., author of Self-Regulation in the Classroom: Helping Students Learn How to Learn. This post was originally published June 30, 2014 Part of our Cash in on Learning series by Richard M. Cash, Ed.D. Click to read … Continue reading

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School Counselors: Engage Parents with a Family Check-Up

By Laurel Lisovskis, BSW Part 6 in our Share the Wealth series. Click to read other Share the Wealth posts. Looking for a way to gently guide parents who want to play a bigger role in their child’s academic experience … Continue reading

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