Cover Reveal! Take a First Look at Must-Have Books for Fall 2022

When Free Spirit authors aren’t writing for our blog, they’re busy writing books! Today we’re revealing our newest titles coming out in fall 2022. Which one(s) are you most anticipating? Tell us in the comments!

Cover Reveal! Take a First Look at Must-Have Books for Fall 2022

Children’s Books

You Are Growing All the Time book coverCelebrate the many ways kids grow, inside and out, with You Are Growing All the Time, publishing November 22, 2022. The fourth and final book from the All the Time series, You Are Growing All the Time acknowledges and affirms all the ways children can grow into kind, brave, curious people.

We Can Say No book cover

The fifth book in the We Say What’s Okay series, We Can Say No, publishes November 29, 2022! This story follows Zakiya and Sami as they learn it’s okay to say no and learn that their bodies—including their hair—belong to them and that no one should touch them without permission.

We Are in Charge of Our Bodies book cover

The sixth and final book in the We Say What’s Okay series, We Are in Charge of Our Bodies, publishes November 29, 2022! This story follows Jackson and his classmates as they learn the names for their private body parts, that they can say what’s okay for their bodies, and why it’s important to respect others’ bodies.

Dragons on the Inside book cover

Publishing October 25, 2022, Dragons on the Inside (And Other Big Feelings) is an imaginative picture book that helps children recognize their inner feelings and discover ways to regulate big emotions. Feelings on the inside aren’t always visible on the outside. This book validates young children’s emotions and helps them recognize, describe, and cope when they are anxious or overwhelmed on the inside. The book explores multiple stressful situations, and in each scenario, readers see the main character’s initial inner reaction to the stress and how it is diffused or diminished through a small act of connection from someone “on the outside.”

Laney Dances in the Rain book cover

Laney Dances in the Rain, publishing October 25, 2022, is a wordless picture book featuring the story of a little girl who loves to dance in the rain, no matter what anyone thinks. Laney loves to dance in the pouring rain. One day, she encounters a scowling boy who tries to ruin her fun outside. But with the support of her mom, Laney goes back to what she loves—even after the boy attempts to destroy her beautiful yellow raincoat. When Laney embraces her true self, she brings joy to herself and her neighbors.

Lulu and the Hunger Monster BILINGUAL book coverThe award-winning Lulu and the Hunger Monster™ is now available as an English-Spanish bilingual book! Publishing October 4, 2022, Lulu and the Hunger Monster™/Lulú y el Monstruo del Hambre personalizes the struggles of children experiencing food insecurity and hunger. When Lulu’s mother’s van breaks down, money for food becomes tight and Hunger Monster comes into their lives. Only visible to Lulu, Hunger Monster is a troublemaker who makes it hard for her to concentrate in school. How will Lulu help her mom and defeat the Monster when Lulu has promised never to speak its name to anyone?

Yay! You Failed! book cover

Everyone’s favorite Little Laugh & Learn™ series gets a new addition with Yay! You Failed!, publishing November 22, 2022. In this growth mindset chapter book, young readers find out how to learn from failure, bounce back, build resilience, and believe in themselves. Simple “you-can-do-it” strategies help kids understand the importance of practicing, keeping at it when the going gets tough, and staying positive. Includes a glossary of terms to support children’s vocabulary growth.

Educator Resources

Teaching Kids to Pause, Cope, and Connect book cover

Publishing October 31, 2022, Teaching Kids to Pause, Cope, and Connect provides elementary educators with lessons to help students learn, practice, and internalize mindfulness and social emotional skills. Helping children understand their emotions and behavior when they’re young will set them on a path to being successful students and empathetic people throughout their lives. With easy-to-implement lessons and activities, this book provides classroom-tested techniques to help students:

  • manage and reduce their anxiety
  • separate emotions from actions
  • stop impulsive reactions and respond mindfully to difficult situations
  • improve social skills, social awareness, and academic performance
  • develop empathy

Understanding and Using the Naglieri General Ability Tests book cover

Designed for use with the Naglieri General Ability Tests, Understanding and Using the Naglieri General Ability Tests, publishing October 4, 2022, will help educators, administrators, and school psychologists support students who have taken or will take the tests. This companion offers the why, how, and what now:

  • Why there is a need for these new ability tests for gifted identification
  • How these new tests and test data are used most effectively to identify diverse groups of gifted students
  • What educators can do now to create more equitable and inclusive gifted programs and services

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