Enter for a Chance to Win the Laugh & Learn Series!

Enter for a Chance to Win the Laugh & Learn Series

This month we are giving away a complete set of books in the Laugh & Learn® series, including our new title, How to Take the GROAN Out of Grown-Ups (and Get Along!). The Laugh & Learn series provides practical advice, silly jokes, fun illustrations, and a kid-centric point of view on a variety of SEL and self-help topics.

One lucky reader will win:

To Enter: Leave a comment below sharing a social emotional learning topic or issue that is important to you right now.

For additional entries, leave a separate comment below for each of the following tasks you complete:

Each comment counts as a separate entry. Entries must be received by midnight, February 18, 2022.

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109 Responses to Enter for a Chance to Win the Laugh & Learn Series!

  1. Krista says:

    Teenagers and procrastination!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Lynette Metherd says:

    We work with gifted elementary and middle schoolers on their social emotional (affective) goals. Most recently, we have been working on dealing with overexcitabilities which corresponds nicely with many of the social emotional books in this series. Previously, I have used some of the books about procrastinating and about stress with the students, and they have been very effective.

  3. Diana Dean says:

    I would love to be able to share these resources with families, students, and staff at our Title I school. We have noticed an increase in anxiety, aggression, and disrespectful behavior since Christmas break, and I could use excerpts to help with small groups and individual sessions.

  4. Paula Day says:

    I teach middle school. We are working on how to deal with anxiety and on executive functioning skills.

  5. Right now I am dealing with the challenges of sibling dynamics!

  6. Nili Davis says:

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    Nili Shrage Davis

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    On Facebook-
    Nili Davis LCSW

  8. Nili Davis says:

    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Emotional regulation

  9. Lily M. says:

    I’m following on twitter @01BookPlace

  10. Lily M. says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity 🙂 i think diversity is a big thing. I’m Mexican-American, and i love to read ands hear more about diversity and anything Mexican stories.

  11. Krista E Weltner says:

    Helping children with learning differences develope and maintain their self-esteem is most important to me. As a neurodiverse adult looking back that was the most vital piece of the puzzel. I would have drown completely without it

  12. Ana Osorio says:

    This is the perfect set for everything going on in our word today. I hope I have the opportunity to share this set with my class and my parents. It’s become even harder since we have never closed during the pandemic. We have alot of students and families that rely on our care. The stress is beginning to show on all of us. Our school is opened year round makes it very difficult for us to get a break. I really hope I win this set. I need it🙂. Thank you for hosting these give away events!!

  13. Emily Kavanagh says:

    A social emotional learning topic or issue that is important to me right now is regular check ins with my students to see how they are doing at managing their emotions. i teach HS students with emotional disabilities.

  14. Tugce Tuncdemir says:

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  15. Veronica Lee says:

    Relevant and timely behavioral issues related to coping skills and self- regulation

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  18. Talking about feelings, fears and self-discovery around the pandemic.

  19. Brooke Barry says:

    An important Social Emotional issue To me now is self-regulation techniques when preschoolers./school age children get frustrated…

  20. Mary Evans says:

    Anxiety in a family that doesn’t understand nor support getting help for mental health, especially with children and teens.

  21. floraroddyk12northstarorg says:

    I’m working on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, with a side of Justice and Accessibility.

  22. floraroddyk12northstarorg says:

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  24. Elizabeth Manning says:

    Our middle school is really struggling with appropriate use of social media. It is used too much to hurt others, start rumors, and cause drama. Then our young people don’t have the skills to appropriately respond and it spills into school, causing major issues & disruptions.

  25. Leah Tressler says:

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  28. Leah Tressler says:

    The Social Emotional issue I am really struggling with right now is new adults coming and going so frequently due to staffing shortages and young children having to build new relationships over and over with no closure lots of times.

  29. Cheryl Cross says:

    We are working on topics like fairness, respect, and how to be a good friend.

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  33. I’m super interested in teaching caregivers and other important grown-ups how to offer esteem-building responses like “You figured that out.” “I bet you’re feeling proud of yourself” “You keep trying, even when its hard!” instead of jumping in and fixing. @feelingsdoctor 🙂

  34. Judith Palavecino says:

    Helping kids become familiar with and able to approach with empathy those with disabilities. Letting kids see early on that some people have limb differences, mobility aids, unusual ways of walking, talking (or vocalizing), skin differences like burns or birth marks. And as adults in their life teaching them they don’t have anything to be afraid of and that all individuals deserve to be treated with kindness.

  35. Rosanna Badillo says:

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  36. Rosanna Badillo says:

    Making Friends

  37. Daniel A. Alvarez says:

    Because of the pandemic, students have had to deal with lots of anxiety related symptoms. This may stem from separation anxiety, increased school work because of the lost year last year, and anxiety stemming from the pandemic. With regard to the CASEL model, students need extra support with self-management and self-awareness skills. These books are an incredible resource because they work with these skills. Thank you for publishing these books to help with educators and counselors.

  38. Stephanie Smith says:

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  40. Stephanie Smith says:

    My class is struggling with virtual learning and developing a sense of community and friendship.

  41. Barbra says:

    we currently work on problem solving, anger management, self care, and anger management in our K-5 21st CCLC Out of School Time Program.

  42. Aleta Spears says:

    Anxiety and perfectionist tendencies… such a struggle for our younger students lately. Like on Facebook also

  43. Ashley Zappe says:

    Definitely gifted kids who want to always have the right answer, and who get hired easily and think they can skip steps to show off how quick they are at arriving at the right answer!

  44. susan brown says:

    Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. It seems to be the thing we combat at every turn.

  45. Korrie Flikke says:

    K-8 school counselor in a small urban school ; coping with stress and bullying

  46. Bozhena Levine says:

    We are working on mindfulness, conflict resolution, and anger management

  47. Sandy says:

    I work with 4 and 5 year olds who should be well beyond the biting stage, yet here I am trying to curb and educate this class on proper social emotional texhniques

  48. We are working on practicing mindfulness meditation by taking some kids courses on the insight timer app. I would like to instill a lifelong practice of meditation to support all levels of health; emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical.

  49. Kayla Livingston says:

    I am a Behavioral Health Liaison for a large school district. I find Social Emotional Learning vitally important, but many see it as just another thing they don’t have time to implement. Students likely aren’t getting these skills at home and need to know how to communicate, express feelings, and deal with negative emotions. I love your resources!

  50. Lisa Harbilas says:

    Stress and anxiety are a daily part of life, but if we have things to help mitigate and teach ways to cope, it certainly is a plus.

  51. Katie Gonzalez says:

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  53. Katie Gonzalez says:

    I’m in the library, and since I see all of our students I see a large variety of these topics that need to be covered. I think the biggest two are anxiety and bullying.

  54. Jenny Watson says:

    I teach middle school – coping skills, stress/anxiety, communication skills, and conflict are critical ones right now.

  55. Jan Sloan says:

    I am devoting this whole month to teaching respect. That is the key to all social emotional lessons. It is challenging to help them understand the whole concept and these books could help me guide them in the right directionl

  56. Mary v Leinfelder says:

    I am curious about how self-caring habits can start in childhood, such as drinking water, grounding techniques, connecting to nature, identifying community supports as well as threats (potential predators/groomers and most importantly how/when/why pursuing arts and humor are healthy habits to develop as well.

  57. Paige Guist says:

    I’d love to see something on healthy empathy – how to help kids be a friend to someone who is going through a tough time without getting sucked into the drama or depression or bad choices etc. of that friend.

  58. Crystal says:

    Stress is a big issue for me

  59. Crystal says:

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  60. Pia Alliende says:

    Kindness to themselves and others is our motto. Today we shared the quote of American Jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald, “Just don’t give up what you’re trying to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”

  61. Bonnie Eskell says:

    I am interested in any sibling help, and working with elementary kids.

  62. Lisa says:

    See I know they are teaching this at elementary school. I just need to remind them when they get to me in middle school.

  63. Many important concepts for all of our elementary level children.

  64. Angie says:

    It’s been very difficult for students with disabilities who have been exposed to remote learning without the appropriate accommodations to enable them to participate equitably in class. I would like to see more of an emphasis on accessibility for all.

  65. Christine Groh says:

    Expressing anger without aggression is what we are currently working on. It’s so difficult for the young ones to understand why they feel the way they do 🙁

  66. Connie Stokes says:

    I teach early childhood. A misconception is that young children do not experience stress or anxiety. I do care about my students. Reading stories is one way to manage feelings and emotions the students can recognize.

  67. Renee Karalus says:

    I tihnk empathy and understanidgin differing opinions or viewpopints is important especially right now in education. I also think supporting and encouraging staff and students to manage their stress and anxieties and taking proactive steps to deal with these is vital. I provided Gratitude journals to my staff to encourage them to focus on the positive and what we are grateful for, daily!

  68. Hanna+Froehlich says:

    We are working on managing our emotions, selecting appropriate strategies to help us reset, self-esteem and communication. (K-5 special ed. kiddos)

  69. Angela Hicks says:

    Right now, more than ever, working with children in a socially and emotionally responsive way is so super important to me. Many of the preschool children I work with are struggling with relating to peers, being comfortable and confident in themselves, feeling secure, and managing their big feelings in a healthy and productive way. The pandemic has caused these to be a struggle in the classroom and our school. These resources will be a valuable asset to use within our school but also to help parents build resiliency at home too through our home-school connections.

  70. We are in PreK classrooms adding value to classroom and learning to prepare age 3-5 for stronger Kindergarten success. Our tools are visual and memorable, each lesson has a story book to reinforce the learning. The best part is that small children learn about their brain and body and how emotions feel; using breathing to calm and refocus. It’s a beautiful program and has a significant impact on the children, staff and AmeriCorps members making a difference.

  71. Angie Oberreuter says:

    As most schools are, we are really focusing on SEL with our students this year. These books would help with mini-lessons and would be great read-alouds!

  72. Melissa H says:

    Followed on Facebook!

  73. Melissa H says:

    I am interested in learning more about ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and how to help children who have one or more of those factors.

  74. Danielle Sanducci says:

    Random Acts of Kindness Week is this month so we are working on empathy and compassion.

  75. Clarissa Aldridge says:

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  76. Lisa Rockhold says:

    Self regulation, being socially aware. Ugh, students are struggling so much this year.

  77. Sherri Kerr says:

    Kindness and respect for one another.

  78. Levette Smith-Farrington says:

    I find that conflict resolution, self-control and mindfulness are areas that our senior high schoolers need the most work in.

  79. Lauren Reid says:

    Working on anger management and impulsive actions.

  80. Clarissa Aldridge says:

    Following you on Twitter now!

  81. Thank you so much. I followed on each platform.

  82. Michelle Strickland says:

    Self care is important to me right now. Seems like students (and adults) need to pay attention to their needs right now.

  83. Clarissa Aldridge says:

    Stress from school and home and how to manage it all is very important now more than ever with all the changing COVID-19 things going on at school and else where.

  84. Andrea Cross says:

    Our students (following their parents’ lead) seem to have become so “selfish” and “self centered” since the pandemic began. Children are entering kindergarten without the normal skill set they should be learning at home. Counseling is becoming a more difficult job than it has ever been!!

  85. MrsG says:

    Students are struggling with self-awareness (understanding their own emotions and thoughts) and self-management (being able to manage their emotions and thoughts appropriately) and responsible decision making (making caring choices that involve others).

  86. Kirsten Lightner says:

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  87. Kirsten Lightner says:

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  88. Mrs. Varao says:

    I teach “wellness” at an elementary school of 700 students, mostly low income/ high needs. Each week we talk about different SEL skills (self-regulation, relationship skills, etc.) Currently, we are learning about empathy/ perspective-taking – looking at a situation through someone else’s eyes.

  89. Christine Bosma says:

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  90. Claudia says:

    Acceptance of oneself and others, and feeling like you are good enough.

  91. Christine Bosma says:

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  92. Chris Bosma says:

    I would love to win these amazing books! Currently I am working with my 3-5 grade students on anger management and coping skills!

  93. Kate Fenske says:

    We are working on self-regulation with our elementary students

  94. Elizabeth A Ratliff says:

    Our kids K-12 need intentional support in self regulation. Kids used to learn these strategies at home, but now we need to step up to the plate and teach them. Kids need to hear “No” and learn how to cope with it. Kids need to mess up and learn how to pick themselves back up.

  95. Janet E Younkin says:

    My elementary students are working on resiliency.

  96. Tori Todd says:

    Working on Empathy and how to put it into action is what we are working on and looking at what we can do for world kindness day.

  97. Anxiety and self regulation

  98. Liked on Facebook!

  99. Susan Campbell says:

    We are struggling with the children dealing with all the stress that they are having at home with their parents and the virus. So many parents are working from home now and so many parents have relatives that they are trying to help during this difficult time. I try to answer their questions and just be there for them when they need someone to listen or talk to. We also read a lot of books and make pictures of what they are feeling.

  100. Followed on Twitter. Thank you for the opportunity to win this huge bundle!

  101. I liked the Facebook page.

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  103. Working on using words when upset within the preschool and early elementary environment.

  104. Donna R Johnson-Short says:

    Gifted kids and perfectionism.

  105. drubey says:

    Our children of all ages are struggling with self-management

  106. Bradley Evans says:

    I’ve liked on Facebook

  107. Bradley Evans says:

    What a great SEL collection. This would be amazing for any counselors office but especially mine. 😀

  108. Anne Regan says:

    Working on recognizing and managing angry feelings.

  109. Cammie Neal says:

    We are currently working on how to manage stress and anxiety with middle schoolers.

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