Enter to Win Four Unique Alphabet Books!

Enter to Win Four Unique Alphabet Books!This month we’re giving away four beautiful picture books that teach social and emotional skills with the ABCs. One lucky reader will win:

To Enter: Leave a comment below describing how you would use these alphabet books.

For additional entries, leave a separate comment below for each of the following tasks you complete:

Each comment counts as a separate entry. Entries must be received by midnight, August 21, 2020.

The winner will be contacted via email on or around August 24, 2020, and will need to respond within 72 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with, administered, or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. Winner must be a US resident, 18 years of age or older.

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177 Responses to Enter to Win Four Unique Alphabet Books!

  1. Catherine Bost says:

    I would love to use these with my counseling students, especially those with whom I will be working virtually.

  2. marina ceniceros says:

    To show the beauty of what a book entails. Being in this pandemic has only lured children more in devices.

  3. Rebecca Palmer says:

    I am a school social worker and I would love to use ABC ready for school for some of my kindergarten and first graders who have trouble making friends and act out because of it! I think this would be so great for them. We could learn the skills and then practice them. I am also very focused on trying to foster growth mindset for students this year and would use Y is for Yet to do that with an activity around writing down a goal you haven’t achieved YET (saw this on Seesaw). I also would love F is for Feeling to help kids express themselves and from A to Z with Energy for some movement activities!

  4. Audrey Miller says:

    I am a 4K teacher and work a lot on growth mindset and social skills with my class. These books would be a great resource for connecting letter recognition to those important topics! You can’t have too many books!

  5. Brian Frimel says:

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  8. Brian Frimel says:

    I am a preschool teacher from Ohio. I am always looking to add more great books to the classroom library!

  9. Christina Smith says:

    I would use them for social emotional learning and also to expand the understanding of how feelings change so we would draw schematic drawings of how we feel after reading the book. I think this ties in a lot of domains and would be so beneficial and important in any classroom.

  10. Sherry Gardner says:

    I would use these books to try and help students who are struggling with digital learning. We have a lot of students that are not comfortable with online learning and I would appreciate any and all resources to help them overcome these challenges. We truly need a strong SEL Program for the students benefit.

  11. Mary Kopcho says:

    I would create an ASL video with these books for our students during eLearning and then in-person learning as we are using SEL across the grade levels at our school. These books would help our little students feel more comfortable in school and developing an educational mindset to grow positive.

    I receive your emails and it is helpful in selecting books for the school library and to make recommendations to teachers looking for further resources related to SEL in the classrooms.

  12. Mary Heller says:

    I teach 1st grade and SEL will be integrated in all areas of the curriculum this year. These books would help my students develop healthy coping skills, both physically and emotionally. Thank you for this opportunity!

  13. Susan Tang says:

    I would use these as a startng off point when developing social emotional activities/lessons.

  14. Desirae Andrzejczak says:

    As an autistic support teacher, my students could educational and personal grow from these books in my classroom. Social and emotional skills are SO important to my brilliant kids. Thank you for the chance!

  15. Polly E Dieter says:

    Our preschool students all have IEPs with varying literacy needs. These books would be a valuable resource.

  16. Jaculin Rosman says:

    I am in a home license family child care for 25 years. These books are wonderful for toddler/pre school. We will be teaching preschool in a few weeks to kids that do not get to preschool because of covid. Blessings! Jackie

  17. Becky Albers says:

    Books are such a great tool for not only children, but adults too. I use books to help inspire deeper thinking leaving the reader to learn more about themselves, gain a new understanding of their emotions and being able to express them appropriately, as well as how to relate to others empathetically. I love finding new books to help me do this!

  18. Kelly says:

    I am a elementary school counselor and more then ever Social Emotional Learning is the forefront of everyone’s priorities – as we had back into school virtual, hybrid or in person. These books would be immensely helpful as I help my staff navigate this important learning.

  19. Myrtie R Spetka says:

    I plan start on the first day of discussing growth mindset. I teach special education and I would use these books to help minimize my student’s frustration and in turn hopefully change behaviors. I would use them during morning meetings to start the day thinking about growth mindset and challenge students to recognize when they have applied growth mindset throughout the day. The afternoon meeting would then be devoted to discussing strategies that were used that day.

  20. Evelyn Garcia says:

    Mi nombre es Evelyn Garcia tengo dos ninos con Autismo y me gustaria tener estos ejemplares en casa para instruirlos, mis ninos son visuales y sus libros tienen excelentes imagenes y una explicacion asombrosa

  21. Sara says:

    I would share these books with my kiddos (special needs, kinder – grade 2) when cam to teach an emotional language and that big feelings are OK! I’d use these texts to reinforce how to take a break, so when calm and clear minded, a person is better able to think clearly through a problem.

  22. Morgan Falcone says:

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  25. Morgan Falcone says:

    I am a preschool teacher from NC. I am always looking for new and engaging books to add to my classroom library!

  26. Iryna Kuzmich says:

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  27. Iryna Kuzmich says:

    I’m a preschooler teacher who would use these books to help children gain greater understanding of feelings and emotions. These books will also help expand the children’s vocabulary, as well as facilitate print recognition, phonological awareness and naming upper and lowercase letters.

    • Martha Randoo says:

      Hi I am a Family Advocate, I work in the homes with families of Low income from a Home Based program. I would use these books to empower families to better understand Child Development, and how to use Print to foster their children cognitive development .Also become involver with their children growth and development through play, reading and parent interaction during their daily routines. I encourage parents to read to their children to broaden their vocabulary in way that will amaze them. Thank You .

  28. Anna Hogan says:

    Always looking for ways to share feelings. Books are an important tool for children and adults to find insight into trauma and how to deal with it to find strategies that may provide comfort. Books can be a way for children to return to further examine their thoughts and feelings.

  29. Betsy Berg says:

    I teach K-5 P.E. and will be remote during the first quarter. I am planning some SEL activities that students can use while at home to take some “brain breaks” between learning g modules. Our school has also invited us to have some infusion time with classrooms and I think these would fit perfectly into some literacy activities.

  30. Using art, therapeutic arts and my neurodevelopment background, I share strategies to students aged PreK age 3 to third grade. Working in a low socioeconomic district, it has been so rewarding to do this and having a library of your books would appeal to my younger students and my older students could also refer to them. These books would resonate with kids who are learning about their ABCs and learning how to navigate their world!

  31. I train early childhood providers, coaches and other trainers, these books would be great to include in my ‘toolkit’ that I share with them!

  32. Leah Tressler says:

    I’m an Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant and I’m always looking for great social-emotional books to add to my lending library I share with providers.

  33. Virginia Mostellar says:

    I would like to add one of the books to my resources for classes I teach on Empathy and Social Development..

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Danielle Hansen says:

    I would use these books with my own two children and also in the 12 preschool classrooms I will be coaching this year to supplement the social emotional learning they will be doing.

  35. Belinda Foreman says:

    I am a social worker and serve students from k-12 and with a variety of abilities and disabilities. These books would provide me with additional resources. Students tend to learn better when you build on something that they know like the alphabet. This kind of teaching seems to “stick” with them.

  36. I would use the books with the educators I train and coach in social-emotional learning.

  37. michellecody says:

    I would love to use these with both my own child at home and with my students at school, as I am the school Counselor.

  38. Rashmi Gupta says:

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  39. Tina Benton says:

    I have special education students that appreciate the visuals seen in these books! I read to my students every day! We love fun books!

  40. Denise Morrow says:

    I teach 2nd grade and I would use the books to enhance my second step social emotional lessons.

  41. Autumn Shaffer says:

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  42. Autumn Shaffer says:

    I would use these with my own two children and in the classroom I coach

  43. sophia says:

    My best friend adopted a child from Ethiopia, and I would gift the books to her to introduce the alphabet to her child as well as getting her child excited about books and reading.

  44. Krystal says:

    I would love to share these with my kindergarten students. The feelings one would be great for SEL work. It’s always great to get new alphabet books to share with students.

  45. Denise Griffin says:

    I follow on all 4 social media. I would use these books as supplemental resources for our social-emotional learning activities.

  46. Mary Mougeot says:

    I would use them in my classroom!

  47. Shauntrell Leaks says:

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  48. Shauntrell Leaks says:

    I would use these books to supplement our phonics lessons and to help students manage their emotions.

  49. I would use these titles to teach SEL to my two young daughters in our homeschool curriculum. I want them to build a positive growth mindset and the knowledge to navigate emotions and social situations with compassion and confidence so they can be their best self for both themselves and the world.

  50. I am always on the hunt for quality books to add to my classroom library. These books would be great! Especially now that the public libraries are back logged on checking out books where I live.

  51. Renee Gair says:

    I am an ELC and would share these books with our K students

  52. Ann Stern says:

    The Navajo Nation needs books for kids. I work with two friends who distribute items for families in need in their chapter. They know who needs these books the most. I decorate cardboard boxes with beautiful paper from magazine ads. I would put the books in a beautiful box and give them to my friends to gift to children who need books.

  53. Renee Gair says:

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  55. Melissa Aguilar says:

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  59. Melissa Aguilar says:

    I would use them to introduce the alphabet and have my kids become more familiar with the letter, which one is for their name and how it is written.

  60. Sheila Dandeneau says:

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  61. meandgriff says:

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  62. meandgriff says:

    I work in a title 1 school with preschoolers. They would love to read these books and I would love to read it with them

  63. Susan Meier says:

    To show that letters create words with meaning, I would read these to
    my first graders after letter-sound review. Then, we would discuss their
    Comprehension of the text and make text to self connections.

  64. Courtney S says:

    These books look wonderful to add to my K-4 school counseling library for use with all students! 🙂

  65. Deborah Reichmann says:

    I would use these in conjunction with the letter of the day as brain breaks and then follow up with a check for understanding and sharing at Circle Time/Classroom Meeting!

  66. Atiya says:

    I would donate these books to our school social worker to assist with the return to school and addressing student’s social-emotional needs.

  67. Laura S. says:

    These books are amazing!! My Kindergarteners (special ed) would benefit from all the content of the books. I would use them as tools to develop and increase their self esteem. What a fun way to teach the letters of the alphabet by making connections to school, reinforcing school rules and routines as well as social social skills!! The illustrations are great, colorful and for sure would keep the children engaged and motivated to read more!!

  68. Gloria Solis says:

    Followed on Pinterest and I would used the books for preschool classroom letter of the week book time.

  69. Graciela Luque says:

    I am a mental health consultant and would use these books as additional tools to support social and emotional development in the classrooms we work with and daycares.

  70. kate staskin says:

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  74. kate staskin says:

    I would love to win these books – I can always use more books for my classroom!

  75. Viridiana Ceballos says:

    I would read these books first to my children and then to my preschoolers.

  76. Viridiana Ceballos says:

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  78. Susan Campbell says:

    I would use these books with my Family Childcare and my Sunday morning Nursery and with the parents.

  79. Phoenix Hathaway says:

    I would incorporate the books in my elementary school counseling program at DaVinci Academy, located in Minnesota! I would reference the books during classroom lessons, small group counseling, and individual check-in’s. The students would love to read them!

  80. Helene Lockspeiser says:

    I would love to utilize these books in y Nursery classroom, where SEL is primary! Thank you.

  81. M FREEMAN says:

    I would use these to work with students.

  82. Marie Davis says:

    I would read these books to students in my class then let them explore the books as well.

  83. Lorraine Chavez says:

    I would give the books away to one of the many amazing child care providers who are keeping children safe during this pandemic.

  84. Mary Mays says:

    I would love to win these books to help my granddaughter who is going to preschool for the first time this year. Also, I work with preschool students and would love to use these books to help them learn as well. Especially since this pandemic I feel that it is crucial that children are able to express their feelings. Everything is new to them and they do not always understand what is going on. They need to express how they feel and discussing feelings is a great way to help them share how they feel.

  85. coachbahena says:

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  86. coachbahena says:

    As a reading intervention teacher, SEL and growth mindset is a huge part of my curriculum. These books would be a perfect addition to my classroom!

  87. This would be a wonderful set of books to add to my school collection. I would use to read with groups and also recommend for staff and students to check out and read.

  88. Emily Myhren says:

    I would add them to my library’s collection to circulate and read them at story times.

  89. Ruth A says:

    It’s always been my passion to give back to community and present the best teaching practices for all children and their families. As a coach for many Teachers, I would use the books and share them as a foundation on social emotional development with Teachers. With the books Teachers and parents will be introduced to social emotional language and can implement social emotional changes concepts by the books and enhance childrens well being.😊

  90. Rene Bender says:

    I would use the books to begin building growth mindsets in my Kindergartners, increase their heard & used vocabulary, and strengthen their IB Learner Profile attributes.

  91. doritate says:

    My 5 year old son, Tate, is entering Kindergarten and learning to read. I would use these books to faciltate him reading to his little brother River, who just turned 3. Thus accomplishing SO MUCH LEARNING for both of them, plus great bedtime bonding/ books in bed time <3 *However, From A-Z: Energy! would definitely be a great gift to us, as we've has the same old kids' yoga books and downloads for years, so we'd use that book when we got our our yoga mats on weekend afternoons or "restless" evenings.

  92. Stephanie Greene says:

    Hello, I will use these books to build relationships with students and to help them feel comfortable in this new world. I will teach and learn the different personalities that come into the classroom. Furthermore, I will take these skills home to share with my own children.

  93. David Smith says:

    I also followed on Twitter I am @BbliotcrioDavid

  94. Paula Boucher says:

    I would continue to get my kiddos moving and grooving while learning the ABCs as well as build social emotions skills

  95. David Smith says:

    These all look great and I don’t have any of them in our library. Young students love alphabet books and we love looking at the different things for each letter in different books!

  96. Nyala Edwards says:

    Depending on the age level of the book, I would use it at my Baby Lap Sit and sign class or Noni’s Nook. These are two programs we do at our library to promote literacy. We would love to have them and they would be used often.

  97. Carolyn Welch says:

    I would utilize the books to promote individual and group activities. They are great for children who might be struggling with saying certain letters.

  98. I love your books. I run social skills groups with our special education preschoolers, and I talk to their parents about developing their emotional vocabulary and ability to express feelings, sometimes through books, the same way we have books about shapes and colors and trucks and dinosaurs.

  99. Heather Woolley says:

    I would use these books for my preschool, inclusive classroom! I teach kids in a low-income school and they would certainly benefit from books working on social skill building.

  100. Heather Stern says:

    These book would work wonderfully in my social skill instruction lessons! I would use them within the groups targeting IEP goals!

  101. Carla Robertson says:

    Sometimes we forget that children have strong emotions or thoughts just like we do. Their personalities and characters are emerging even as babies. I would use these books to enable children or students to have a way of expressing themselves when they do not have the words to explain their feelings, emotions, and questions about the world around them. These kinds of books also work with the shy reserved student and as a gateway for the imagination.

  102. These books would be great to incorporate into my elementary library classes to promote social skills in addition to academic skills. Discussing how students feel and relate to each other is very important! I would especially love to use the A-Z With Energy book during the Physical Education class I co-teach and for outdoor class sessions since we are being encouraged to teach lessons outdoors when weather permits for the upcoming school year!

  103. LH says:

    During these times of uncertainty and working a lot virtually-utilizing books that can help with teaching skills like the alphabet and feelings have been very useful -these books would enhance for sure

  104. Katie M says:

    I would use these books with our three- to five- year old Head Start students. We focus on social and emotional development for our students throughout the entire school year and especially for our students that have experienced trauma. I would see if the books would be a possibility of adding to our classroom libraries, or possibly for sending home with students as part of a kit that they get to keep. Thank you for this!

  105. Gennifer Luberda says:

    While I am still working at home and have my 3.5 year old, I would use them to help him define his feelings/emotions and to better regulate them. I am a trainer and coach for child care providers so I can also use these books during my trainings or zoom coaching sessions.

  106. Dominica Shaw says:

    These books would be a perfect resource to share with childcare providers that I work with. I will use the books to show them ways that diversity can be reflected throughout the learning environment/ add SEL components into the learning environment.

  107. June Klawuhn-Whitmer says:

    I work at a non profit summer/after school program. Our programs are to help youth in all aspects of life. To give these youth tools that can help them in all situations. We try to give these ever struggling youth a chance to a memorable childhood. These books can help these youth another tool to help them in their social, emotional learning along with their environments.

  108. Susan M Antico says:

    As a school counselor in an elementary setting the use of books in my lessons is powerful. Taking into account that this school year may less than normal, I plan to do virtual read-alouds and these books will be a wonderful addition! Our SEL committee is working hard to develop lessons around growth mindest and mindfulness. Thank you for this opportunity!

  109. Georgette says:

    the children in my preschool program would love these alphabet books as a great addition to their library. They really enjoy alphabet books.

  110. Ruth Flores says:

    I work with toddlers two and three years old. I love books that focus on social development in managing our feelings, anxiety. I feel these books about expressing our needs calmly helps me as an adult in coping my own strong feeling. I can understand how to model to my children and help them in having self-care techniques.

  111. Tanya N. Miller says:

    I enjoy sharing books with and reading books to young children that reflect a range of social emotional experiences, diverse movements, elements of nature, and that feature a variety of characters, facial expressions, and ethnic backgrounds.

    • Trina D. Taylor says:

      As a school librarian I have decided to start my year focusing on SEL as teachers will have to jump in to address academics.

  112. Karen Sackheim says:

    Hello! I would use it with high school special education students and my first graders at my Temple job. I love your website and your resources.

  113. Chris Elkins says:

    First, I would certainly use them in my own home with my four youngest children–ages 3-9, as they LOVE when I read to them. I would then use them as my read-aloud books when I volunteer in the classroom at our local private school. In addition, I would use them in my adult education classroom for when parents brought their children in for parenting enrichment time.

  114. Raeanna Langford says:

    I am a school social worker in a high poverty area. As a district we are really trying to introduce social emotional learning to children at all ages. I teach guidance classes so these books would be of great benefit to our students. Students who also like to read would benefit from this in our after- school program.

  115. Susan Werner says:

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  116. Rhonda Page says:

    I would use these books in our kindergarten class to teach children the letters from A-Z along with teaching our children social and emotional skills.

  117. Susan Werner says:

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  120. Susan Werner says:

    These books would be perfect for the kids I work with. I am a school social worker and I would love to use these with kids, either in person or virtually.

  121. Jessica McGee says:

    I am an elementary school psychologist and I love utilizing books to teach SEL skills. These would be great to use!

  122. I would gift them to my teachers for the fabulous work they do each and every day educating our youngest learners.

  123. P. Maurakis says:

    I love lessons that incorporate several concepts. These books are perfect for our preschool students!

  124. Dawn Hetrick says:

    The children in my preschool classroom would enjoy listening to and reading the stories! I would love to keep the books in my calm down area after we read them together.

  125. Sheila Dandeneau says:

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  126. Gigi Wilson says:

    Using “From A to Z with Energy” would be a great way to incorporate movement.

  127. Sheila Dandeneau says:

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  128. Counselor Corner says:

    These four ABC SEL/Feelings/Mindset books would be great with remote learning with each as a class read aloud for the lower grades…Then, in person the’d be real helpful in small group sessions with m K-2 kids=)

  129. Sheila Dandeneau says:

    Always looking for good books to share with teachers who are supporting children’s social and emotional skills.

  130. Elizabeth Morse says:

    Social/Emotional skills are going to be even more important for our children this year. I would love to share these with our teachers to read one-on-one with children, to use in small group and/or to do a virtual read-aloud.

  131. Cheryl Frankowski says:

    In my small family child xare setting, we would use the books indoors and outdoors during our story time as we navigate our new formal preschool. (Thanks covid).

  132. Shannon Banks says:

    Our program is a mobile community based playgroup program for kids 0-5 and their parent/caregiver. We use books with social and emotional themes during read alouds to model ways to name and talk about feelings, and to also support families to build emotional vocabulary.

  133. These titles would be wonderful additions to our children’s collection in Nassawadox, VA at Northampton Free Library. The budget is always tight here. Thanks for the chance!

  134. Maryrose Molnar says:

    After the way the school year ended and how the school year will begin, these books will help the children a great deal with connecting to and explaining what they are feeling right now! These books might even help the adults realize what their purpose is in protecting and nurturing these young precious minds.

  135. Nini Engel says:

    I love my Free Spirit books, and these would be great to lend to my preschool teacher!

  136. Sharlene Rogers says:

    I could also use these in our socially distanced socialization groups that we hope to start in the coming months to incorporate within preschool yoga!

  137. David J Mitchell says:

    As an elementary guidance counselor (and as a grandpa!) I can see many great uses for these books. They reinforce academic concepts while building capacity in SEL. Thanks for the opportunity!

  138. Sharlene Rogers says:

    These would also work well for our classrooms that will be remaining remote for the teachers to record or have a live story time!

  139. Sharlene Rogers says:

    These would be perfect as we transition our preschoolers back into the classroom!

  140. Madison says:

    I would use these books for my social emotional learning classroom lessons! They would be a great addition 🙂

  141. Lesa Taylor says:

    I would use them to help students with reading and describing the pictures before I read the books to them. I would then give them to our pre-k class at Surry School in Maine. Thank you

  142. Monica Owens says:

    I am following you on Pinterest.

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  144. Monica Owens says:

    I would use these books in my Head Start classroom to help the children with their letter introduction, recognition and about theirs and other’s feelings (social emotional). Would definitely be an awesome addition to our classroom.

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  149. The intervention team will be serving both in person and remote learners who need the reinforcement of the Alphabet and the confidence to learn. I want to reach our kiddos with positives, growth mindset, and academics! These books would be a great fit for that!

  150. Katie Gindin says:

    These are perfect for back-to-school social emotional learning kills to foster much-needed resilience with joy, awareness of feelings and a growth mindset. Very Nice offer!

  151. Emily Smith says:

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  153. Bozhena Levine says:

    I would use these beautiful books with my English language learners to teach them vocabulary & SEL.

  154. Emily Smith says:

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  155. Samantha P. says:

    Reading is such an important part of a child’s day. Reading helps foster growth and development and there is no better way to help a child grow than by reading books with characters and situations they can relate to. I will use these books to help facilitate conversations with my Pre-k students to help them gain skills in social emotional learning and growth mindset. I am always on the look out for stories like these and I think they will be a great addition to our classroom library.

  156. Laurie Baden says:

    Focus on letter of children’s first name

  157. Emily Smith says:

    I have liked you on Facebook!

  158. Emily Smith says:

    I am so excited to have the possible chance to use these books during my virtual small group SEL lessons. I think it is wonderful how they are alphabet books allowing the kiddos to have literacy and social-emotional all in one!

  159. Emily says:

    I am very excited to get a chance to use these books during my small group virtual SEL lessons. I love that they are alphabet books allowing my kiddos to be exposed to lots of new words/ideas!! SEL and literacy, yay!

  160. Lisa Rae Templin says:

    I am also a Facebook follower!

  161. Lisa Rae Templin says:

    These books would be so nice to have in my in home day care to use with the children.

  162. Deb Neiman-Gill says:

    Books are such a great way to incorporate social and emotional skills as well as getting the children up and moving, along with using them to teach letter skills. They are a great way to start conversations about social and emotional issues. The books shown here will be a great addition to anyone’s classroom in aiding to teach these skills

  163. Miri Evans says:

    Beautiful books, my students will love th! I will use them to teach Social Emotional Learning.

  164. Daisy A. Skelly says:

    I would use these books with my English learners as we learn about social and emotional vocabulary.

  165. ANN CHASE-karel says:

    All 262 of our kids have learning difference, so social-emotional learning is a huge part of our day, every day. We have found Free Spirit to be a great resource, and these books look like wonderful additions.

    I am particularly interested with “Yet” because so many of our kids come to us discouraged by failures in other schools. Building growth mindset is always our first job.

  166. Rachel Waxman says:

    Following on Facebook as well!

  167. Rachel Waxman says:

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  168. Rachel Waxman says:

    What an amazing resource for social emotional and literacy awareness. Would be a great help for my youngest ones and those who benefit from social stories!

  169. Bonnie Sue Reynolds says:

    I would use these books to help guide and direct my grandbabies. Children are a gift from the Lord and they should be cherished.

  170. Elizabeth Strong says:

    I would like to use them in my Pre-K classroom and at home. To teach the students and my kids about their emotions and how to be social in different environments. Teaching the students that it’s ok to have these emotions but let’s learn how to express these emotions in the rite manner. Also, learning how to be social in socially distance with meeting new classmates.

  171. Kim Depatie says:

    Beautiful books! I will use them to facilitate Social Emotional Learning.


    Our center is at a homeless shelter. We will use the books to help the children learn about their feelings.

  173. Robin Drogin says:

    Any of these books would be a fabulous addition to my pre-K classroom. Since school ended online in June and will continue online in September, it’s important for them to discuss their feelings, to have an outlet to move and play. It’s difficult for them to develop social skills without peer interaction, but reading about it and talking about it online is a first step, and hopefully we will all be together soon. The growth mindset puts a positive spin on our current situation. Finally, all of these books teach the alphabet, along with the phonemic awareness of the sound for each letter through a word or words beginning with each letter. This is an important pre-reading skill.

  174. Jolie Simmermaker says:

    I would use these in my Head Start classroom during read alouds to discuss social emotional issues. We have children who have experienced trauma who need to learn positive and safe social emotional skills. Thank you for this opportunity.

  175. Flavia Simoes says:

    It’s my first year teaching and the amount of money we spend to invest in those precious kids is high. I don’t have books yet so it would be a great addition to my classroom. I hope I can use them so they can learn how to be fascinated with books.

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