Enter to Win English-Spanish Bilingual Books from the Best Behavior® Series!

Enter to Win the Best Behavior seriesThis month we are giving away  bilingual English-Spanish books from the Best Behavior® series. These books offer simple words and lively full-color illustrations to guide children to choose positive behaviors. One lucky reader will choose board books for ages 1–4 or paperback books for ages 4–7.

To Enter: Leave a comment below describing how you would use these books.

For additional entries, leave a separate comment below for each of the following tasks you complete:

Each comment counts as a separate entry. Entries must be received by midnight, March 20, 2020.

The winner will be contacted via email on or around March 23, 2020, and will need to respond within 72 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with, administered, or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. Winner must be US resident, 18 years of age or older.

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119 Responses to Enter to Win English-Spanish Bilingual Books from the Best Behavior® Series!

  1. Sharon lipe says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to wind this bilingual set for teachers to share with the young children Early Head Start birth to age 3 years.

  2. Debra Kusick says:

    I would use these to facilitate read alouds for our preschoolers in Special Needs classrooms.

  3. Shauntrell Leaks says:

    I follow you on Twitter, I’m @ShauntrellLeaks.

  4. Shauntrell Leaks says:

    I would read these books with my ELLs during blended learning.

  5. Heather Whitener says:

    I am a children’s therapist. I utilize books with my clients. It is important to teach children so they have an understanding of the world around them and how it works. I believe these books would be great educational tools in reference to boundaries and etiquette.

  6. Laura Montes says:

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  10. Laura Montes says:

    If I were to get these books, I’d use them with my bilingual youth in my Domestic Violence Counseling Program.

  11. Gloria Giraldo says:

    I am a certified trainer. I conduct workshops in different topics including ” Health and Safety Basics” six hours training for the CCR&R I work with. I think this is can incorporate the books in my presentations.

  12. Ana Osorio says:

    I would love to have these books in my classroom library to teach and help the children have a better understanding of both languages that we are all the same no matter the language.

    Thank you!

  13. rachel says:

    would be so happy to use them with my 1800 kids and families between my two schools!

  14. Carolyn says:

    We would utilize the books in our early childhood programs including state funded program and our Learning Link – free to families with children 0 – 5

  15. ayla says:

    I would use this book in my future classroom for next year.

  16. Selena Nederhoff says:

    We are a small title 1 school that does not have a lot of funding for “extra” books. I would use this in my classroom and share with others. I share a door with the ESL teacher and I know she would love to share them for her students.

  17. Rachael says:

    I would use this in my self-contained classroom!

  18. Michelle Donnelly says:

    I work with community teamwork and would love these board books for our lessons!!!! such good information in them!!!

  19. kathleen staskin says:

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  23. kathleen staskin says:

    I would use the books as a part of my regular Pre-K curriculum.

  24. Jessica Winebarger says:

    I would us the books to add to centers for the children are trying to learn English.Also the children in our classroom are interested in learning a different langauge.

  25. Laura says:

    I would use the books as part of the social-emotional curriculum and support that I provide for I/T and Pre-K classrooms.

  26. Elizabeth Hannagan says:

    As a home visitor I would use the books with the children & families we serve through Community Action Partnership of Strafford County’s HFA program.

  27. Virginia Mostellar says:

    Hello! I would give the books to a local migrant Early Head Start program to coincide with our partnership for lifting language with DLL’s.

  28. We’ve just began a bilingual story time every Wednesday at 11 AM. I would love to have books for the children to check out and maybe our story teller use the books.

  29. Addie Kirkland says:

    Our coaches at UAMS travel around the state of Arkansas & conduct the REACH Teacher Training Program to Licensed Early Childhood centers. REACH aims to enhance teachers ability to support children’s social-emotional skills through strategies based on the Social/Emotional Teaching Pyramid. We prioritize programs with children who have been referred by a licensing specialist & who serve vulnerable populations, such as low income & foster care. We serve a very diverse population & being able to share the English/Spanish bilingual books from the Best Behavior Series would be a wonderful supplement for all the teachers & children we serve!

  30. mindy terr says:

    They would be a great resource to our Dual Language staff to support our class circles that happen in both languages.

  31. Adrian De Luna says:

    I’d distribute them amongst the children on my campus. We are trying to make reading fun and trying to encourage parents to read to their children. It would be easier for Spanish speaking parents to have bilingual books to read to their kids so they too can get something from this series.

  32. Autumn Shaffer says:

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  34. Autumn Shaffer says:

    I work as a curriculum specialist and 3 of my classrooms have dual language learners. I would use these books to help bring additional resources into these rooms

  35. Teresa Benson says:

    I work as the Director and part-time educator in a multiage licensed childcare facility. These books would be fantastic to advance our language goals as well as reinforce other aspects of our daily programming curriculum.

  36. leslie b. says:

    Half of the students in my class are English Language Learners. This set of books would be a wonderful addition to our class library, and also a great way to connect home and school by letting families borrow the books to read with their children!

  37. Kelly Voreis says:

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  39. Kelly Voreis says:

    I would use them in my special education classroom (K-3 self contained classroom) where the bilingual series would come in handy

  40. Veronica Flores says:

    Hi, I would give them to my bilingual day care center in our rural town. They serve many Spanish speaking/Bilingual children.

  41. Caroline R. McNabb says:

    I would add them to my classroom library! I share the room with a bilingual afternoon class, so they would be perfect!

  42. Marie Cherie says:

    I want to teach my daughter multiple languages

  43. Terri Vispo says:

    I work in a community based mental health organization who specializes in providing therapy to Spanish speaking children and families. These books would be a wonderful tool to use when working with our population of kids.

  44. Claudia Lauriano says:

    I would use these books for our English learners who are new to the country.

  45. Elizabeth McHone says:

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  49. Elizabeth McHone says:

    I am a head start teacher and I would use these materials with the children and families in my classroom.

  50. Kim P. says:

    I would give these books to my sun’s teacher, who is in need of bilingual books for her diverse population.

  51. Alyssa Chevrette says:

    I would use these books with my co-teachers to help support our dual language learners in the classroom. We have the most culturally diverse classroom we have had in a while and this would definitely help all of our students!

  52. Briana Guzman says:

    I would share the books with bilingual parents who have concerns for their children’s behavior!

  53. Rocio Lopez says:

    I would use these books as giveaways for the parent workshops I lead at early childhood centers and elementary schools. I lead a workshop series called Tech Balance where we provide the space for parents to reflect on the use of media and tech in their homes and create plans for healthy media habits.

  54. Damaris Rodela says:

    I am a Headstart teacher and I would use these books in the classroom as well as giving them to my student’s parents to use at home.

  55. Kya Pomeroy says:

    I would use them for my 3-5 classroom to help support my bilangual learner 💜

  56. April Crowder says:

    I would use this books in our preschool classroom and use them as send home books for students as well.

  57. Jesselle says:

    We started a series at school called Mystery Guest Reader to empower and partner with parents to be active participants in the child’s learning. We are a title one school and resources are precious to us. We would love to use the books for our bilingual?Spanish parents who are eager to read but afraid to attempt in English.
    Thank You!

  58. Jill Curry says:

    We do a literacy night at my school and we have a large Spanish population. These would be used as giveaways for that night…we get a lot of parents in for this event, too.

  59. Kailah says:

    I would donate the books to the childcare that I worked at for many years!

  60. Michelle Engman says:

    I am an ESL and Spanish teacher for grades K5-12. I would love to expand my classroom library to help my newcomer students practice reading. Thank you so much!

  61. Xavier Munoz says:

    Followed you on Instagram!

  62. Carissa Y. says:

    I work in a dual language Title 1 school. We use PBIS for our student behavior system. We also utilize circles for our social and emotional concerns. These books would be a great supplement for our Spanish dual language learners. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  63. Laura Blanchard says:

    I am a pediatrician in a Community Health Center in NC working with low-income families, many of whom are Spanish-speaking. I would love to be able to share these resources! Thanks!

  64. Jen says:

    I work in a preschool that has bilingual students and we are building our library with books with both text languages to support all in our community. We are also currently working on building empathy and this series would support the teachers and students in multiple classrooms. We are currently borrowing from the library books with bilingual languages and cultures but would prefer to have our own copies. Thank you.

  65. aren van de valk says:

    To help teach Spanish to those learning as a second language

    • Trina Taylor says:

      I would use this books with both my English students and my Bilingual students for read aloud and books to be checked out in our school library. I love the bright colors in the illustrations.

  66. Xavier Munoz says:

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  68. Xavier Munoz says:

    More than 50% of the students we serve are Hispanic. I would use these books with our families learning classes to increase the number of bilingual reading materials for parents and children to read together. We need more books like these to be mirrors reflecting and building upon more diverse identities. In particular, we’d use these books to expand the bilingual section of a classroom library that promotes free choice reading and increased engagement in children’s literacy activities.

  69. mishba68 says:

    Would love extra books for my in home childcare! We love to read! Liked on Facebook, instagram and Pinterest! Have a beautiful day!

    • Vicki Bandy says:

      I work with a high population of Spanish speaking parents and students. I am a Parent Educator and it has been challenging recruiting funds for book give-a-ways. I am constantly buying books to give-a-way to parents. We also have a backpack literacy program to encourage parents to read to their children.

  70. Wendy Pfundtner says:

    I work with a variety of students K-12 in a small district in numerous capacities, GT, Enrichment, Middle School Spanish class, High School National Honor Society. I try to get to know all students I come in contact with, to help them feel good about themselves. I enjoy greeting them in the hallways, emailing something positive or specific to older students, helping them advocate for themselves at all levels, being their to listen when they share, being their voice when they are voiceless, observing what they do well and sharing positive comments, eating lunch together, supporting their dreams in any way I can, acknowledging diversity and embracing the positive, writing positive notes to them, and even admitting mistakes when necessary to help them realize we all make mistakes. Then I encourage all to try to weave mistakes into something positive. Modeling tolerance and sharing knowledge to open mindsets whenever possible. I work in a professional community where many of my colleagues also rise to the high calling of facilitating a positive, safe, open social emotional environment cross age and culturally.

  71. Sharlene Rogers says:

    We would use these as a great supplement to our social-emotional curriculum already in place!

  72. Jodi Von colln says:

    I would use these books to help enhance my library, as my school age children are hungry for new books to read.

  73. Elizabeth Magee says:

    I teach a Families Learning ESOL class for immigrant parents and children. We have a classroom library where parents can borrow books to share with their children at home. Winning some of these books would help our students and their children develop literacy and social skills while also recognizing and honoring two languages.

  74. Amanda Johnson says:

    I would help my teachers on our journey to expose our children to different cultures and languages.

  75. Lori Hodges says:

    I am a teacher in in a 1 & 2 year old classroom with a majority of spanish speaking families. I would use these books in my classroom to offer more book options for these children.

  76. Georgette says:

    I would share them with the children and families in my program

  77. Gina Prieto says:

    I would use these books in my ESL classroom.

  78. Ann Powers says:

    I’m now following you on Pinterest, too!

  79. Ann Powers says:

    Just shared your giveaway information on my Twitter account. 🙂

  80. Ann Powers says:

    Just liked your page on Facebook. 🙂

  81. Ann Powers says:

    If I were to be given these books, I would give them to teachers who have recently gotten Spanish speaking students in their classrooms. We’re a small school which is not very diverse, so we don’t have the resources needed to make these new students feel welcome and supported.

  82. I would share these books with my childcare clients.

  83. Loris Colon says:

    I would use the books in nurse office to help children when they come in with concerns

  84. Patricia Ward says:

    I would use the books in the classroom encouraging my teachers to work with children and families that are from a diversity cultural background. The books would help us show our families that we as a program accept their cultural and want to learn more about their language/s.

  85. Angela Syhlman says:

    These books would help us build a library that supports home language.

  86. Kira Lee Pfeffinger says:

    StreatorTCOC EHS/Head Start would use these with our dual language learners in the classrooms plus we would use these to teach the children to use words in Spanish as well as English in a fun/educational way!

  87. Savia D’cunha says:

    I would like to use these books to teach social skills to students with special learning needs.

  88. Robin Vander Groef says:

    Behavior concerns are escalating in classrooms so we would use these books to supplement the several social/emotional curricula that we implement on a daily basis.

  89. Jessica Janorschke says:

    As our program grows in diversity, we could use more bilingual materials in our program to meet that growing need. We are working hard on obtaining materials and this would really help.

  90. Julie Lepley says:

    We would use these books to support our SEL curriculum in our bilingual special ed and bilingual inclusion classes.

  91. Marilyn Alonso says:

    These books will be a great addition to my Spanish book library here at school.
    God Bless,
    Senora Alonso

  92. Ashley Breault says:

    Followed on Pinterest!

  93. Amanda Vanduyne says:

    I would share/give them with my families on home visits!

  94. Ashley Breault says:

    These would be wonderful in our classrooms to work with our Diversity and Inclusion company initiative!

  95. Alejandra Briseno says:

    These books would be fantastic to have in the preschool classes for Spanish time. At some point, there is always a toddler/child or a few in a classroom who is dealing with one of these behaviors. It would be great to bring in these books so they could hear how it was properly dealt with among friends. Also, the children would hear and learn new vocabulary.

  96. sandy says:

    I’d donate them to a non-profit organization I assist with in getting books in to the hands of young readers who are English learners and may not have access to literature due to a variety of circumstances such as low SES, homeless/in shelter and so forth.

  97. Megan Lopez says:

    I would love these books to help with social skill lessons in K-5!

  98. Justin Edinger says:

    I teach a 5th grade life skills class in an urban school district and most of my kids are reading at a 1st grade through 3 grade level. I am always looking for resources to add to my class.

  99. Becky McGregor says:

    I would use the paperback books to help our English language learners. We have very few Spanish books so this would be a huge help to our school.

  100. Lauren Hollow says:

    These books have been so helpful in my classroom in the past and as I transition to a dual-language school, I would use them to effectively teach positive social-emotional behaviors to English, Spanish, and dual-language students!

  101. Megan Lopez says:

    As a school counselor, I would love to use these in my social skills lessons!

  102. Melody a Lukesh says:

    would impleament them in my classroom. read a page in english and then read it in spanish.

  103. Judy Rodriguez says:

    I would use these books for children who are learning English. I would also read it with them and ask their parent to read it to them too. Since education starts in the home.

  104. Elizabeth Morse says:

    We have a number of Spanish-speaking families and we can always use bilingual books to send home for these families to read together. Reading them aloud in the classroom in both languages is also a great learning experience for all children.

  105. Alicia Morin says:

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  109. Alicia Morin says:

    I would use these books with my two kiddos at home. My husband is bilingual and I know a tiny bit of Spanish, but I want to make sure my kids are bilingual. These books would help me to teach my kids Spanish.

  110. Patty Landry says:

    I work as a behavior specialist and would share with teachers as a resource to discuss positive behaviors.

  111. Beth Dostal says:

    I would love to have more bilingual books in my preschool classroom to add more reading opportunities for my dual language students. I can see my bilingual students educating their peers and also enjoying the books with their families on parent involvement day.

  112. Monica D'Onofrio says:

    My daughter would love the paperback ones to go along with how she is learning Spanish.

  113. Danielle Indri says:

    I would use these book with my PreK ELL students!

  114. Julie McGowan says:

    We are just beginning to build our SEL library with books such as this. This would be wonderful for out EL learners!

  115. Cheryl Milo says:

    We would love to use these books to continue to build not only the SEL program and EL program at our school, both of which really began this year with no budget, but also with our students in our Spanish class as we are build independent reading libraries.

  116. Amanda Deeter says:

    I would use these books for the trauma informed preschool my service center is starting in 2021

    • Brittney Johnston says:

      I would use the books for our bilingual study in the headstart classroom (pre-k)! This bilingual series would be a perfect addition to the classroom.

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