9 Real-Life Dilemmas to Get Kids Thinking About Choices

9 Real-Life Dilemmas to Get Kids Thinking About ChoicesDecision-making skills are important. Use these nine scenarios with students to spark conversation, reflection, and, hopefully, better choices.

  1. You’re walking through the school hallway when you hear some friends saying mean things about a classmate. You feel uncomfortable hearing such unkind comments, even though the classmate didn’t hear them. What will you do?
  2. You study really hard for a big test. Your friend gets to school and tells you she didn’t study at all and wants to copy your answers. What do you do?
  3. You’re hanging out with friends after school when one of them suggests kicking some younger kids off the swings and using them yourselves. You don’t want to, but you know your friends will do it whether you join in or not. What do you do?
  4. Your best friend’s mom lost her job, and their family doesn’t have much money. Your family is going on a summer vacation and you’re excited to talk about it, but you’re also worried that your friend will feel bad. What can you do?
  5. You’re playing an online video game that your mom said you’re not allowed to play. Another player sends you a mean message that kind of scares you. What can you do?
  6. A friend loans you a comic book to read. A few months later, it’s clear she forgot she loaned it to you. It’s a comic you really want but can’t buy in stores anymore. What will you do?
  7. Someone at school forgot to bring her lunch and asks if you would mind sharing some of yours. You don’t really like her, but you have plenty of food. What will you do?
  8. You’re riding a crowded city bus. A man asks you to move so he can sit with his son. You would have to stand. What will you do?
  9. You promised your dad you’d help him clean the house this Saturday before your grandparents come over. But a friend just asked you to go to a movie you’ve been dying to see. What do you do?

What If In a JarFor more prompts to get students thinking about choices, check out What If? In a Jar®.

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