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157 Responses to Enter to Win a $200 Free Spirit Gift Certificate!

  1. Cori Trudeau says:

    My school relies on Free Spirit Publishing for resources and information for our GT program. We now cluster group our GT students and my teachers rely on Susan Winebrenner’s book, “Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom,” in order to differentiate effectively for their GT students.

  2. lynnsommer says:

    I love the creativity and positivity of the publications. I just recommended your resources again today at our counseling agency and we are ordering one of your books!

  3. Jeanie Mebane says:

    I am a free spirit because when I was a preschooler my father bought me a book full of pictures of places all over the world, opening my eyes to the wonders therein.

  4. Jessi Peterson says:

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  7. Jessi Peterson says:

    I am a free spirit because I think it’s better to talk less to the grownups and more to the kids in my library, plus there is never any shushing!

  8. Ruth Fodness says:

    I am a free spirit because I work to do what is best for kids.

  9. I am a Free Spirit because my work is guided by what I learn from the children and families I work with. Children tell you what they need. Your books help me connect with those needs.

  10. Charlotte Sparks says:

    I am a free spirit because I go with the flow. I follow the children’s lead. We try to be very flexible in all we do in and out of the classroom.

  11. Courtney S says:

    I am a FREE SPIRIT as I am always thinking of what innovative idea comes next in my role supporting all students! I love thinking outside the box and finding new ways to connect with each and every student!

  12. Lisa Rogers says:

    I am a free spirit because I consider the whole child before instructing. I change my lessons according to what children need. And most of all, I value my relationship with students above all else!

  13. ELENA MARIN says:

    I am a free spirit because I enjoy doing my work, because i have my own opinion on things and still, I’m able to understand and accept other people’s points of view!

  14. Deana Hirte says:

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  17. Deana Hirte says:

    As a FreeSpirit I take my lead from my families and their children-implementing learning into their interests and needs and suppying the research or the ‘whys’ behind the learning activity, thus making me to always be on the lookout for more learning opportunities and resources!!

  18. lorie tweedy says:

    I am a free spirit because I believe we should accept each person, teacher/parent/guardian/child for who they are and what they have experienced in life up to this point. With acceptance we can move toward better understanding each individual and then, hopefully, establish a connection and build a relationship of mutual support.

  19. i am a free spirit because i know that every child is special and unique. that they have opportunities to make their own choices with the guidance of those who have been there before. i trust my child will find her voice and overcome all fears. that all roads wont be the same, some are smooth and some are bumpy..some are uphill and some go downhill but as long as she maintains a positive attitude in all circumstances than her roads will become easier and it will teach her self love as well as compassion and love for others.

  20. jb palmer says:

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  21. jb palmer says:

    Exploring and engaging with this amazing world around us makes me a free spirit every single day. How else could one exist?!

  22. Rebecca Palmer says:

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  24. Rebecca Palmer says:

    I am a free spirit because I allow the students/children in my life to march to the beat of their own drummer, encourage them to explore their individuality and remind them that their differences are what make them incredible!

  25. Renee Johnson says:

    I’m a free spirit because I believe kids should be free to read whatever they want to, and not be restricted to only their ‘level’

  26. Melissa Derby says:

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  29. Melissa Derby says:

    I am a free spirit because I stay positive and work to keep students and colleagues positive and calm too!

  30. Kimberly says:

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  32. Michelle Roethler says:

    Free spirit has been a staple for every year. I always go there first for products!

  33. Deb Blankenship says:

    Always seeking ways to “level the playing field” for children newly diagnosed with disabilities and the parents who are the primary supports

  34. Kimberly says:

    I am a free spirit because I believe everyone is their own person and should be proud of who they are, not who someone else thinks they should be.

  35. Julieann Hague-Gralinski says:

    I am a free spirit because I still love libraries & books & always will, no matter how much technology advances! Thank you for your great books!

  36. Donna Fisher says:

    Always looking for new ideas and books on your site.

  37. Mimi Van Ausdall says:

    Liked Free Spirit on Facebook. Thanks so much for all you do.

  38. Mindy Terr says:

    Being a free spirit means meeting each student where they are, and finding resources to support them!

  39. Marilyn Alonso says:

    I love teaching. I truly believe it’s a calling. God has placed me in a Catholic school so I can teach all these little kiddos of His love for us. I am a Spanish Teacher and teach Pre-K to 8th grade at Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School. I teach my students that we can do everything and anything that we set our mind to. Learning a language can be challenging, but it’s all about the attitude. If you have a positive attitude your results will be positive. Learning never ends, I learn something new every day.
    God Bless!

  40. Anne Eikenberg says:

    Being a Free Spirit for me is about honoring each person for their uniqueness – who they are not what they look like or what they have or what they believe . I’m a free spirit because I work at living a life that practices that belief.

  41. Barbara Bezmenova says:

    I am always looking for creative ideas to help children learning social and emotional skills. I use your materials often.

  42. Madison says:

    I am a free spirit, because I continue to stay open minded and follow my own path, not the path that is wished upon for me by those around me.

  43. Danielle Indri says:

    I am a free spirit because I am always open to trying new things!

  44. Ronda L Herrington says:

    I am a free spirit because I enjoy the opportunity to learn ideas that can better serve the students I help.

  45. Maria Franco says:

    I am a free spirit because I don’t allow others to influence me. I have my goals and with my spirit I am FREE to achieve my goals in the ways that I would like. I am free to help those in need of an educator who genuinely cares about them as a person!

  46. Elizabeth Morse says:

    As I’ve aged (gracefully, I hope!), I’ve learned more about being a free spirit. I’ve learned that what others think IS important but that I don’t have to be them or be just like them to be important. I’ve learned to be content in all things, to learn from all things, and to be willing to adapt and change as necessary. This is important when working with preschoolers! They are, after all, truly free spirits!

  47. Trina Mastley says:

    In working with students on personal/social/academic concerns, I am a free spirit, because I need to think of new and creative ways to help them every day!

  48. Tracy Benson says:

    Please enter me to win!

  49. s s-white says:

    I am a free spirit in that I do whatever I can to advocate and advance the education & rights of ALL children, especially those who have different abilities and those who endure many social injustices.trauma in their youth. I am grateful for the work Free Spirit does on behalf of kids everywhere and in supporting educators on their journey of helping the children they directly work with every day. Thank you!

  50. Robin Echenoz says:

    I really enjoyed the variety of subjects and ideas covered. I am a paraprofessional, I run the middle school media center as well as a classroom paraprofessional in the middle school and high school alternative education rooms.
    It helps me with some understanding with my students.
    Thank you!

  51. melissa olearchick says:

    I have a free spirit because I can be spontaneous and go with the flow, look for the best in myself and others, and try to enjoy life peaks and go through life’s valley challenges.

  52. Pam Catalano says:

    I enjoy the brief, concise , yet important & RELEVANT topics discussed on the blogs.

  53. Lauren Agoratus says:

    I appreciate that recognition that ALL children can learn.

  54. Lauren Bloom says:

    I have always been a free spirit. I do what I feel is right,go with the flow…..I like to break the rules and think outside of the box!

  55. Karen Mann says:

    I’m a free spirit because, even though “It is what it is”, I imagine what it could be and go for that!

  56. Carlos Aponte-Salcedo says:

    What makes me a Free Spirit? The fact that I am open to learn everyday from my colleagues and especially my students. I make a conscious effort to be on the lookout for resources for the students I work with. They all have different needs.

  57. Carlos Aponte-Salcedo says:

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  60. Barb Mackey says:

    I practice being a free spirit by being creative and thinking outside the box to figure out solutions and supports for students needing a high level of social and emotional support.

  61. CS says:

    I’m a free spirit because I don’t care what others think of me. I am true to myself and my beliefs and can back up what I am doing with research of best practice. I do what it takes to help each of my special needs students grow in whatever way they need instead of doing what the administration wants me to teach for their standardized tests further down the line.

  62. allyson bradley says:

    I am a prek teacher. I have worked with 2,4, and 5 year old children for more than 20 years. I find them to be the most free spirited little humans. Often times I think, ‘I want to be that open minded again!” A true free spirit.

  63. syminmotion says:

    I follow you on twitter and thank you for all you do.

  64. syminmotion says:

    I am a free spirit because I am liberated from the need to abide by other people’s expectations of me.

  65. Veronica Lee says:

    I love the variety of counseling books,tools,and other creative items that aid those in the helping professions to effectively do their jobs!!! Thank you for making it a painless process!!!

  66. Yolanda Richey says:

    I’m a free spirit because I love learning new and cutting edge information. Free Spirit publishing provides the PERFECT opportunity to learn something new!

  67. Kathy says:

    What makes me a free spirit is the fact that I constantly seek out new material to reach my students!

  68. I am a free spirit as I am a middle school math teacher who provides Social Emotional Learning supports for my students. I would love to win to purchase materials and help support my students to be a free spirit in their daily life.

  69. I follow you on Facebook!

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  72. Rebecca says:

    I am a free spirit because I use many of your materials as a mental health therapist with families and young children I work with here. I share your resources daily and encourage families/parents/caregivers to use your website and materials in the home. I’ve had numerous families purchase your books because of my recommendation to use at home. I love the books for teens as well. Just ordered the character book for teens!

  73. Autumn Shaffer says:

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  76. Autumn Shaffer says:

    I am a free spirit because I enjoy the little things in life and follow my dreams

  77. W says:

    I am a Free Spirit as I am guided by my inner compass!

  78. Mary says:

    I am a free spirit because I live simply and keep my focus on the greater good.

  79. Brenda says:

    I am a free spirit because I can think for myself and act accordingly. Although our lives are shaped and pre-molded by our past, we all have the opportunity to make better choices and be the people we want to be. It’s not always easy, but the choices all end with us . . . we can make the future better for ourselves, our students, our family, our community and our world.

  80. Elizabeth Janvrin says:

    My passion for justice

  81. Nyala Edwards says:

    I am a free spirit because I choose to always be true to my self regardless if it is popular or not.

  82. f5acallstaff says:

    I am authentic and encourage others to be themselves as well.

  83. Michele Schwarz says:

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  86. Michele Schwarz says:

    I am a free spirit because I don’t have a curriculum that I need to accomplish. Instead, I can assess the needs and plan my time with the students accordingly. This could look different every day!

  87. I’m a free spirit because I LOVE what I do! I can’t imagine a better life – wife, mom, friend, librarian. Liked on Facebook and following on Pinterest.

  88. Elaine Holt says:

    Being a free spirit definitely has its advantages! Keeps me young and open-minded. After 45 years in education, I am still going strong! Love your resources and how I can adapt them to different grade levels and topics. From first grade, to second grade, to fourth grade, to fifth grade, and now in middle school counseling, I can say with all sincerity I have truly enjoyed my journey!

  89. Jennifer Ahmed-Morton says:

    I incorporate movement and gestures into everything possible. My class looks like it is dancing but the learning is dramatic!

  90. Olivia Pelayo says:

    I am a free spirit because I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA –home of the liberal hippies who are open to everything. I love living in a community where anything goes and everyone is accepted as they are (as long as you are all about positivity). I approach life and work in that same manner. I follow my calling in whatever direction the wind takes me. I have been a social worker, a recreation leader, a therapist…mostly always working with children and families as that is my calling

  91. Jane Smith says:

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  94. Jane Smith says:

    I am a free spirit, because even though I am the teacher, I am constantly learning things from my students! They have the most amazing thoughts and contributions!

  95. Kat says:

    I am my own person always extremely passionate about teaching!

  96. NIcole Scott says:

    I am a free spirit because I go with the flow of life and look forward to learning and doing something new everyday.

  97. Pat Nobles says:

    I am a free spirit because I go with the flow of things. I always get things done.

  98. Julie Hill says:

    Being a free spirit means being OK with who I am. (Some days that’s harder than others!) Teaching by example that each of us is free to be ourselves is my daily goal.

  99. Pat Nobles says:

    I follow Free Spirit on pinterest

  100. Dena says:

    I’m a free spirit because I truly love teaching preschool and working with children means every day will bring something new and amazing.

  101. Dena says:

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  102. Dena Zoske says:

    Liked Facebook

  103. M says:

    I love the uniqueness of every person I encounter and have the capacity to let my own uniqueness show and shine to share with others!!!

  104. Tiesha Widmer says:

    Being a free spirit to me means that I allow myself to just be myself. I don’t follow someone else’s way of doing things because that wouldn’t be true to my free spirit. What works for me doesn’t work for everyone but it’s okay. We are all unique, beautiful, and wonderful in our own special ways. I allow my students and my own children to explore and find their free spirits as well.

  105. Meg Bell says:

    Free Spirit affirms what I have already learned. Free Spirit reminds me that children are individuals. Free Spirit embraces and supports all learning stages from pre K to adult learners in an engaging manner.

  106. Estefania says:

    Liked on Facebook 💜

  107. Estefania says:

    Followed on Pinterest 🧡

  108. Tammy Cleghorn says:

    I am a Free Spirit because I tend to “go with the flow”. I teach Preschoolers with Special Needs and I never know what each day…each moment will be like. We might be investigating leaves with our magnifying glasses and then they are all trying to study my face (eyes, nose, mouth, etc) with their magnifying glasses – “Ms. C., why do you have so many wrinkles around your eyes? Are you old?”
    Kids….you have to love them no matter what!

  109. Melanie says:

    I am a free spirit when I let the kids lead the direction of their play and learning. They always have the best ideas.

  110. Estefania says:

    I am a freee spirit because I tell children be who their are, to not stop doing or being who they really are to make other like them. I let them be always themselves show off their personally and real character this is the only time on their life’s where they get to enjoy and do what they like without society judging them or criticizing them. Not let people change that of themselves.

  111. jane bartosz says:

    I am a free spirit because I try to look at things from multiple perspectives and don’t (or try not to) let negativity get me down. I try to encourage my students to look at things with fresh eyes (and to get fresh air too).

  112. Pat Hickman says:

    A free spirit means that I allow the children to be children. Remembering the joy of childhood and trying to pass on the opportunities for them to look back on memories and recall how much fun and enjoyable learning was. Childhood is so brief and my desire is to see the children love being, not so much doing, as being a child!

  113. Michelle Barkemeyer says:

    I’m a free spirit because I am not bound by grade level standards when I work with my gifted students.

  114. Karen says:

    I am a free spirited librarian. I. Travel between 2 schools. I am very very flexible in my schedule,classroom, and curriculum.

  115. Tresa King says:

    Free Spirit equals play with children, especially my grandchildren, Getting lost in their world sets my spirit free.

  116. Monica says:

    I am a free spirit, because you never know what the day can bring in a school setting, and you need to be flexible and not let things bother you, aka free spirit.

  117. Brianna says:

    I love that everyday working with children is different. While routines and schedules are typically the same, the way children respond, interact, and communication can vary greatly!

  118. Beth VanBuren says:

    I am a school counselor, I have to be a “free spirit”. My interaction with children and colleagues makes me happy and I can keep my cool under all kinds of situations. Not to mention the situations when I run by the seat of my pants and everything works out…. because it always does!

  119. Deb Weiner says:

    I’m a free spirit advocating for Early Head Start children and families working on SEL school readiness… an honor and privilege every day!

  120. Jessica Davidson says:

    I’m a free spirit because I know what’s important and what to let go of.

  121. Jane Peavy says:

    I am a free spirit because I am flexible in the work I do with students and with rolling with whatever happens in or to my space.

  122. Lisa Cavossa says:

    I am a free spirit because I believe everyone has a heart and everyone has love in their hearts. I imagine a world where everyone gets along and cares for the weak and needy. Free spirits try and love Unconditionally

  123. Jacqueline DeGroat says:

    What makes me a free spirit is the time I spend with preschoolers, who put all their energy into playing and exploring and being who they are!

  124. Paula Boucher says:

    I am a Free Spirit in that I look to believe that there is beauty and awesomeness in everything and everyone around us. Believing in the power of mindfulness and helping others to be the best that they can be. We do have the ability to make a wonderful world for all if we all cooperate and believe in each other!

  125. Kristi Groth says:

    I am a free spirit because I like to experience new things and I enjoy being a life-long learner.

  126. Pam Richard says:

    Continuous being a big kid! Love playing with puppets and reading stories as well as crafting anything.

  127. Amy Clark says:

    I am a free spirit because I am always true to my instincts even when it is not easy or popular,

  128. Jamie W says:

    The joy of working with students, high school and now elementary confirms my passion for helping youth become the best they can be.

  129. Geneva Bugg says:

    I am a free spirit because I like to share stories with students that help them to be great students and friends!

  130. Jessica Stilla says:

    I use the free spirit products with my own children and the ones I work with at school.

  131. Clarissa Lau says:

    I don’t get bogged down by the hate and negativity in the world and try to always find the positive.

  132. Tara Johnson says:

    I am a free spirit because I foster the learning and progress of the childcare providers I work with based on their goals and interests, not my own agenda. I am like a kid in a candy store when it is time for them to let me loose to find resources for them on topics they want to learn more about. I hope that the enthusiasm I have to support them is a parallel process for the kiddos they take care of. I am following FREE SPIRIT on pinterest because it is such a great resource for articles and recommendations on books that support cultural responsiveness, mindfulness, social skills, and positive learning environments for our young ones.

  133. dsmith1314 says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  134. dsmith1314 says:

    What makes me a free spirit is the passion I have for learning and for my students! Free Spirit has wonderful resources that help me be a better advocate and teacher!

  135. Tammy S Richard says:

    I am a free spirit because I as a home visitor get to encourage families to work toward being the best educator for their children that they can be, I get to help them brainstorm ideas and strategies that will help them in everyday life.

  136. Alison M says:

    Being a Free Spirit is being true to oneself and not living other people’s dreams and expections.

  137. tk says:

    I’m a free spirit bc I follow my own path instead of the one most preferred by family, (any) religion, and much of society. LOVE your books and how they help our children grow into the free spirits they all deserve to be. <3

  138. Nicole Derby says:

    I am a free spirit because I am always striving to grow and learn more and be open to whatever comes my way. I work at an elementary school so that allows me to be a free spirit and just be myself!

  139. fallsha says:

    Followed on Twitter!

  140. Tara Johnson says:

    I love reading the articles and shopping new books from Free Spirit. I also enjoy the webinars that are sometimes sponsored by Free Spirit Publishing. Of course you are “liked” in my Facebook account!!

  141. fallsha says:

    Followed on Pinterest

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    Liked on Facebook!

  143. Bradley Evans says:

    I follow you on twitter

  144. fallsha says:

    I am a free spirit when I follow the whimsical actions of my twins!

  145. Bradley Evans says:

    I like you on Facebook

  146. Bradley Evans says:

    I am a free spirit because I am ready for anything at anytime. I am up for any challenge or adventure

  147. Kirsten B. says:

    I work every day to help kids and parents free their own spirits through education and play!

  148. Tara Johnson says:

    I am a Free Spirit because I always keep an open-mind, see potential in any person (child or adult)or situation, and enjoy encouraging and cheering them forward as they “grow their wings” .

  149. Jacklyn Michalski says:

    I am a free spirit because I am constantly self-reflecting and adjusting practices to meet the needs of my diverse student population!

  150. Teresa Bateman says:

    I am definitely a free spirit…or at least a very inexpensive one! (But Mom says I’m not cheap and I believe her!)

  151. hopscotchmom says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win💕What makes me a free spirit is always being true- striving to be the realest of the real-the most honest I can be in all aspects of my life- sharing my thoughts and opinions about things truthfully, but always with the greatest respect to whoever I am sharing with – I listen with an open mind and heart and put empathy first in everything I do and always keepy it in mind when listening to another’s perspectives ❤️

  152. I am a free spirit because I have loved through child loss. I will never be healed but I live each day how I see fit. This means not conforming to religion, society or anything else. I make my own daily decisions.

  153. Nini Engel says:

    I use your materials every week and recommend them to parents!

  154. accomplishmt says:

    Advocating for kids — all kids, not just in my household — to receive SEL supports at home, in the classroom, and to have access to the ed interventions that will help them grow. Thank you, Free Spirit Publishing, for being a resource I can share with teachers and families!

  155. Lucy Kincaid says:

    I am a free spirit because I have the pleasure of being around children for eight hours Monday thru
    Friday–and offering them guidance on their aspirations as well as visualizing them to be in
    the present and all that it offers..Such as:
    A wonderful education that will sustain them all their life, awesome friends that will stick by
    them through thick and thin, expert leadership from the staff at their school so that they
    can also become role models for their peers..
    A free spirit gives me the opportunity to always try to be there for all students–to try to
    help them strive to be in a demeanor that is not only cheerful but giving to others.
    A free spirit also gives me options to offer different lessons that are not only
    kid-friendly but life-friendly–
    I love being a FREE SPIRIT !
    Thank you Free Spirit Publishing for helping me accomplish my goals and desires for
    my students..

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