Enter to Win the Real Kids, Real Stories Series!

Enter to Win the Real Kids, Real Stories SeriesThis giveaway is now closed. This month we’re giving away all three books in the Real Kids, Real Stories series. The books include true stories featuring young people overcoming adversity to achieve great things, making a difference around the world, and showing extraordinary character. One lucky reader will win:

To Enter: Leave a comment below telling us how you inspire kids and teens to take personal, community, and social action.

For additional entries, leave a separate comment below for each of the following tasks you complete:

Each comment counts as a separate entry—that’s four chances to win! Entries must be received by midnight, September 21, 2018.

The winner will be contacted via email and will need to respond within 72 hours to claim his or her prize or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with, administered, or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Winner must be a US resident, 18 years of age or older.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Share your comments, stories, and ideas below, or contact us. All comments will be approved before posting, and are subject to our comment and privacy policies.

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52 Responses to Enter to Win the Real Kids, Real Stories Series!

  1. Bradley Evans says:

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  2. Bradley Evans says:

    This would be perfect for my group guidance lessons so the kids will see real people instead of a fictional book.

  3. Mary Henry says:

    I am a preschool teacher and I show up daily and model positive interaction with children!

  4. Sally James says:

    I work on a daily basis to support children of various ages to learn reading.

  5. Mary says:

    I hope to inspire by finding and sharing meaningful examples of real people who have overcome difficult situations – and the real people need to be examples that kids from diverse backgrounds can connect to.

  6. Tracy Ralston says:

    I work with children from the poorest of poor to the richest of rich. They are all the same to me. They are all valuable. I would love to have more resources to show and I am inquiring about more outreach activities.

  7. Rachel Griffiths says:

    I work in a deprived area and at our school we have what is known as the nurture house, it is for children who are struggling either in school or at home and this would be ideal foe us.

  8. Bethany Lisk says:

    I teach 6th grade EC. My goal is for my students to know that they can do ANYTHING they set their mind to. Nothing is unreachable for them. Hard work pays off

  9. Teresa Bateman says:

    They say the real problem today is not helicopter parents, but lawnmower parents–those who go before their children eliminating all obstacles. Our children need to face challenges to learn how to overcome them.

  10. Sandra K Walling says:

    As a teacher the first thing I want my students to know is the concept of GRIT. I love the quote ““Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”(Churchill). Learning how to deal with life’s failure will make a stronger, more resilient, happy individual prepared for whatever life throws at them. I consider this lesson number one at the beginning of the school year!

  11. Donna Fisher says:

    When children complain about some of the things that their friends have or are doing, we talk about how they would do it differently or how they want to change things in their realm of the world.

  12. Meg Bell says:

    Model, model, model!!
    In addition to modeling good character for students, I seek out role models to students. They may be other students, characters from stories etc. .

  13. Karen Louie says:

    I inspire my foster kids by being the one continuous person looking after them in their lives.

  14. Monica says:

    Encouraging kids to be difference makers in a small community is something I strive for when working with students.

  15. Nini Engel says:

    I’m a school psychologist in an elementary school. This series looks really interesting!

  16. Deb Bodza says:

    I am a 2nd year life skills teacher. I could use anything to help the students relate or solve every day events. It is really hard to come up with ideas sometimes. Thanks for your help!

  17. Deena Letlow says:

    I encourage my son to be his best and take responsibility for his actions.

  18. Monica says:

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  19. Monica says:

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  20. Monica says:

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  21. Samantha Jones says:

    I encourage my son to be the best he can be every day and take community, personal, and social action! He’s a real kid and should win the real stories series!!!!!

  22. Samantha Jones says:

    Followed on Pinterest!

  23. Monica says:

    I use these sorts of stories as tools in the kid yoga adventure classes that I teach. Inspirational whole body experiences.

  24. Samantha Jones says:

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  25. Samantha Jones says:

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  26. Beth Erb says:

    As a school counselor, I work with kids daily in taking social action. I try and teach them that even small acts can go a long way.

  27. ismael Flores says:

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  28. ismael Flores says:

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  29. ismael Flores says:

    In our running class, I teach my runners to find someone who runs like them. I tell them to ask for help when they need it. Be that in running or in the world. I tell them to encourage others when they notice someone needs help. We are a group and our runs are not done until everyone is done. They help each other cross the finish line in many races.

  30. Michele Schwarz says:

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  31. Michele Schwarz says:

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  32. Michele Schwarz says:

    I encourage my students to show kindness and I try to motivate them by using growth mindset.

  33. Melissa Derby says:

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  34. Melissa Derby says:

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  35. Melissa Derby says:

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  36. Melissa Derby says:

    I’ve found that stories and examples are the best way to motivate or inspire kids to action so I use videos, examples of students from our school or examples of famous people, but it would be great to have more stories and examples for my students!

  37. Claudette Vanravenstein says:

    It’s great for kids to have real world examples and we as teachers can be one of the most influential ones as we can model each and every day how to contribute positively to society and how to overcome challenges in a healthy and constructive way. I am not afraid to show students when I don’t know the answer and let them see how I solve the situation.

  38. Danielle Indri says:

    I inspire the students I work with by being encouraging and supportive everyday!

  39. Jodi Bell says:

    I tell the children I work with and my own child where there is a will there is way.Nothing is impossible!My mom was confined to wheelchair she raised two kids on a part time job.

  40. David E. Frank says:

    I regularly invite students to participate in service projects with me, especially beach clean-ups, to encourage community building while promoting a sense of personal and global responsibility.

  41. Kim says:

    As a Community Outreach Coordinator I work with kids and teens to develop healthy relationships, including with themselves, and to build upon that foundation to make positive choices that benefit themselves and their community.

  42. Tyler Pink says:

    As a reading interventionist, I am constantly holding up examples of those who have struggled yet gone on to succeed before my students. It’s important to let them know that I believe in their possibilities…that they can succeed, too. I am also a co-adviser for National Junior Honor Society in my school. Our NJHS is currently involved in a project that recruited 450 students within our school to create and distribute care packages and cards to veterans.

  43. I am a Migrant Advocate for 14 schools in Orange County Public Schools. I love my job and get to interact with struggling students and families who are here to have a better life. I do my best to serve, motivate, inspire, advocate for all my families and help them succeed academically and in all areas of life. I am truly blessed in what I am privileged to do.

  44. Tammy Kelley says:

    I am a Children’s Librarian at a public library, and I inspire kids through books. I help them to choose books that they can relate to and that can help them relate to others.

  45. Peg Kallman says:

    I already follow you on both Twitter and Pinterest. Keep up the good work!

  46. Peg Kallman says:

    Liked you (again) on Facebook! Loved the Building a Classroom Library post!

  47. Peg Kallman says:

    I inspire kids to volunteer in the community and help others by modeling that behavior in my classroom and in the school. Kids see teachers helping other teachers and working together to improve the internal school environment and the outside of the building and in turn the whole neighborhood around the school.

  48. jane bartosz says:

    At our class meetings students share acts of kindness they have done or observed and we say a kindness pledge. I also try to encourage stewardship of our land by sharing articles. Students in my GT science class do a community project based on an environmental issue.

  49. Elizabeth J Blake Del Vecchio says:

    I help students be the best they can be in spite of any emotional, social or physical limitations.

  50. Gary Metzenbacher says:

    I am a school librarian and I love to read to and with my students. I remind them that the easiest way to become sharp [intelligent] is to read, read, read. You never know what you might learn or how you might grow as a person.

  51. Jessi Peterson says:

    Modeling kind and positive interaction with others.

  52. Anastasia says:

    I am a school psychologist and I love being and interacting and playing with the kids in the playground.
    It is important for me to inspire them become good sports, show empathy and compassion and develop their own unique personality through interactions and stimuli.

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