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65 Responses to Enter to Win the Teaching Smarter Book Bundle!

  1. Charlotte Sparks says:

    I teach smarter by being flexible and adapting to the children.

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  3. Collaboration and student leadership! Students identify the way want to learn within our course standards. I work with other educators to build resources and tools to help all learners toward success.

  4. Martina says:

    I focus on each of the child’s specific talents and strengths as well as incorporate their interests in my daily schedule. Noticing when they are pulling away from certain activities I pull out new ones that they are excited about.

  5. Kelly Tiffee says:

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  7. Kelly Tiffee says:

    I teach smarter by asking my students’ input on classroom activities and choosing assessments. I also ask for student feedback on new strategies and assignments to make sure I’m not wasting our time with things that don’t help them.

  8. Gary Jones says:

    Teaching Smarter is about being empathetic to the students in your class. We have to listen to their needs, appreciate their uniqueness, and continuously reflect on what works for each individual. I teach smarter when I keep my students first in what I do.

    Teaching Smarter is also about collaborating with my colleagues. No teacher should be an island or feel as though they need to go at this profession alone. I teach smarter when I am able to bounce ideas off of my peers. As a team of educators, we teach smarter together.

    Teaching Smarter is a continuous process. I teach smarter because I truly want to continuously provide the best for my students.

  9. Melissa says:

    I teach smarter by having the students in charge of their learning for most of the class. They help and guide each other as I circulate around the room. I also teach smarter by utilizing the students for a lot of the day to day homeroom tasks.

  10. Quazanne van der Bijl says:

    I teach smarter by continuing my own learning, both at workshops and online.

  11. Nanci says:

    I teach smarter by reflecting on my practice.

  12. Ashley Bolton says:

    How I teach smarter?
    I research, plan, and prepare weeks in advance so I don’t have to stress over time. I also practice mindfullnes to help with burnout.

  13. Becky McGregor says:

    I teach smarter by being open it change.

  14. Dawn Schechtman says:

    I teach smarter by utilizing many different resources and working with other teachers to find what is best for my students.

  15. Rosina Tufano says:

    I teach using different resources from books to interactive notebooks, to manipulatives and videos if available. I also teach with lots of praise and achievement awards!

  16. Melanie Fitzgerald says:

    I teach smarter by supporting teachers and modeling a mindful attitude at work with all staff and students. A mindful presence can create a classroom that accepts all learners and is safe for expression of all emotions so that students are ready to learn. We have to reach students emotionally first so they can learn academically. 🙂

  17. Polly says:

    I teach smarter by putting students in charge of tasks. They teach classes to other students in the library during lunch, run our school recycling program, help keep the library running by shelving books and even running the circulation desk. They have opportunities to be leaders, and it makes the school a better place!

  18. Alexandra Neubauer says:

    I teach smarter by getting the students engaged in their learning. Getting the students to connect to the subject matter makes it more relevant for them.

  19. Elana says:

    I teach smarter by inspiring my daughter to teach children also!

  20. Crystal Balback says:

    I teach smarter by trying to have fun. If I am having fun, the children are having fun usually.

  21. Jane Bartosz says:

    I try to teach smarter by understanding that I am not perfect and modeling how to handle mistakes.

  22. Alexandra Lazo says:

    I teach smarter in the way that they can express thamselves with their own words and find the answer to achieve the goal and never give up

  23. Susan Gutknecht says:

    I’m not sure if I teach smarter, but after many years, I have my planning and researching schedule down to a specific time on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I come in after I go to the gym in the morning and am refreshed and energized to work with ever changing children.

  24. Danielle says:

    I teach smarter by giving children the opportunity to come up with their own answers (whether reflecting on behavior, phonetic spelling, cause-effect, etc) instead of always just giving them the information. I also try to find creative ways or connections to things they like to help them remember or understand new info.

  25. Autumn Shaffer says:

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  26. Autumn Shaffer says:

    I am teaching smarter by utilizing my resources and working as a team with other teachers

  27. Juanita Cabrales says:

    I teach preschool and the way I teach smarter is by being open-minded (not being afraid to try something new), staying positive, and making the most out of every minute.

  28. reemfakhry says:

    I teach smarter by having horizontal and vertical conversations when planning units. This way skills are reinforced across the content areas and spiral throughout the grades.

  29. Mary Martin says:

    I teach smarter by collaborating with co-teachers so we can synergize. Many hands make the work light.

  30. Crystal says:

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  31. Crystal says:

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  32. Crystal says:

    I teach smarter by trying to carve out things that I enjoy like reading for pleasure. Otherwise, I will put it off and do school work instead! I am happier when I do things that I enjoy!

  33. Jennifer Oliger says:

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  34. Jennifer Oliger says:

    I make a calendar of what I need to plan, copy, and do for the next week
    , so I plan a different subject each day. That way I know I am prepared and organized and planning takes less time.

  35. Glenda Johnson says:

    I teach smarter by following the children’s lead by allowing them to take part in daily planning, to create classroom expectations, and for them to conduct small and large group activities. I also collaborate with parents and community representatives with skills that supports children development, and utilize the outdoors to incorporate indoor activities to enhance children’s creativity.

  36. Barb Mackey says:

    We teach smarter as a school by practicing reflection as a team and as individuals. We discuss situations and then brainstorm ways to improve our craft by using talents whenever possible. We also use the growth mindset and it isn’t about doing the best so much as it is about growing as students and staff each day.

  37. Shelley Byrd says:

    I teach smarter by staying up to date with all the new Publications and taking time to balance my life

  38. Pat Hickman says:

    I teach smarter by remembering there are many learning styles and I try to include as many as possible while teaching. Making it interesting and fun are the goals I set for myself.

  39. Rebekah Morse says:

    I teach smarter by remembering children need more than academics, they need time to move and play!

  40. Jackie Johnson says:

    I teach smarter by letting my students find and correct their own mistakes. If I tell them what’s wrong, they learn to fix and move on. Having to figure out where something went wrong actually “teaches” them research skills, problem solving, attention to detail and more learning opportunities than me telling them where the problem went wrong, and they just fix it.

  41. Gail Castillo says:

    Like and follow across social media platforms.
    I am always looking to formal education for ideas and tips to encourage staff who work in nonformal education. While our program doesn’t have the daily classroom management and lesson plans, staff do still experience potential for burnout for a variety of reasons.

  42. Ramona Copenhaver says:

    I teach smarter by having everything ready and in order. There is nothing worse than coming in the classroom and not knowing what to do.

  43. Marianna says:

    I teach smarter by being flexible, creative and
    Sensitive to my students’ needs

  44. Andrea Chvatal says:

    I teach smarter by allowing peer to peer teaching and learning. We are all teachers and learners and this plays out in the classroom well.

  45. Susan says:

    I teach smarter by making sure I am up to date on all the newest research in early childhood special education

  46. Elizabeth Morse says:

    I teach smarter by being prepared, but flexible.

  47. Kathie says:

    Establishing rules and routines that incorporate students in “running” the classroom definitely is a help in teaching smarter!

  48. Lynn Heinz says:

    I teach smarter by networking with my colleagues.

  49. Tina Krawcyk says:

    I teach smarter by having resources readily available for students and teaching them how to use them. Things like extra materials, pencils, paper, worked they’ve missed, etc. are all in a convenient place in the classroom where students can get it themselves and do not need to ask me. It saves a lot of time and teaches them self-sufficiency.

  50. Lynn Heinz says:

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  52. mskharmon says:

    I give my students the opportunity to generate their own assessment questions and tasks.

  53. Maribel Moon says:

    I teach smarter by creating a schedule and routines for kids to follow on daily basis. They thrive when they know what to expect next and how to do what we’re doing next (walking down hallway, circle time routine).

  54. Kelly Harmon says:

    I allow students to create their own assessment questions and tasks!

  55. Merissa Ramantanin says:

    I teach smarter by collaborating with my colleagues and my students!

  56. Angie Pelchar says:

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    I teach smarter by making my lesson plans versatile so they are tailored to the class as a whole and not one specific group. I realize that every students learns at a different pace and by using different tools.

  57. Danielle Indri says:

    I teach smarter by organizing my time wisely. I travel between 2 schools daily so this is important in order for me to maximize the time I have with each student/class.

  58. Claudine Smith says:

    I teach smarter by equating what students do in the classroom with what they will be exposed to in the real world.

  59. Sheila Rees says:

    I teach smarter by providing my teachers, students, parents and community members with the resources needed to succeed.

  60. Amber Cristofaro says:

    I teach smarter by getting to know students as individuals with unique needs and goals.

  61. Leona Gregory says:

    I teach smarter by working with my colleagues and brainstorming ideas together; I take notes on what I’ve taught and how things go each year and try to use those to guide my next year’s plans. I also call upon my FB groups and Twitter PLT members for help if I’m stuck on an idea.

  62. Madison Sierer says:

    I teach smarter by first realizing that busy does not equal productive and try to maximize my time so I can focus more on working with students and their needs.


    I teach smarter by remembering to have the same expectations for myself as I do for my students. I don’t have a class–I have individual students with individual needs, learning styles, home lives, and personalities. Each student, however, is expected to succeed with my help.

  64. Teresa Riddle says:

    I teach smarter by differentiating my instruction to meet my students’ needs.

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