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Holiday Manners Giveaway 2017This giveaway is now closed. This holiday season, encourage better behavior with must-have resources on the importance of learning and exercising good manners. One reader will win all of these resources:

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114 Responses to Enter Our Holiday Manners Giveaway!

  1. Shannon Airhart says:

    I think manners and morals have been left out of education for far too long. I would use this with my first grade class as well as my counseling students and future children of my own.

  2. Tina Dalton-Atha says:

    I would love to have these books to read and discuss with my k-3 students during social skills. We are constantly having discussions on what it means to be respectful and good manners are a big part of that discussion. Thank you so much for your continued resources that you share!!

  3. Meg Bell says:

    Thanks for all of the resources offered at Free Spirit! I would use these books with individuals and small groups during my social skills support groups.

  4. jrohlf6162 says:

    I would love these for my 3 year old daughter! She is the perfect age to start learning all about manners!

  5. Leslie Garza says:

    We would use these books in our charactree development classroom. Our counselor meets with each class once a week to discuss character education and manners.

  6. Georgette Chiasson says:

    I would use them during group and activity time.

  7. lamscomm says:

    Following on Pinterest as Rebecca Flansburg

  8. lamscomm says:

    Liked on Facebook as Becky Flansburg and Multicultural Children’s Book Day

  9. lamscomm says:

    I am the project manager for Multicultural Children’s Book Day and would love to gift these to a classroom if I win!

  10. Dianne says:

    I would use them in my classroom to help them understand about character and being a good citizen and friend.

  11. Cheri says:

    I will be holding an Engaging Families in Literacy series and would love to be able to give these books out to families who attend.

  12. Tricia says:

    I would use these books in my guidance lessons. What a wonderful collection!

  13. Kristina Barnett says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter’s preschool class. Currently, the teacher, along with the parents, take turn checking these books out from the library. The kids love story time and these books are great at helping them learn appropriate social behaviors and interactions. 🙂

  14. Sacheen Torres says:

    I love to win this for my preschool classroom

  15. Hello! We are a nonprofit preschool and provide scholarship support to over half of our families. We are a dual immersion (Spanish and English) program, which means that about half of our students speak Spanish at home, and the other half English. We have native Spanish and English speakers on our staff too. We LOVE this series and especially appreciate the Spanish versions. A donation to us would benefit our lending library and home visiting program, two efforts to invite parents to join us in partnership in their children’s education. Joyce Preschool: http://www.joycepreschool.org. – Natalie Ehalt, Program Director

  16. Elizabeth Polk, Assistant Director, Library Media Services, Austin, TX says:

    Social and Emotional Learning for our students is an important part of our District’s strategic plan. If we had these books, we would share them through our professional library and thus make them available to every teacher in Austin ISD. We have over 80,000 students, and I oversee Library Media Services for our District, i.e. campus libraries and the .professional library..I know that our students would enjoy them. They are colorful and relevant.

  17. Ora Byrden says:

    I am a Child Care Provider, I would use them for my children in childcare.

  18. Erin Hermann says:

    I am an education coordinator and would use them for our Head Start classrooms.

  19. Danielle Indri says:

    I am an elementary school counselor. These books would be great resources for social skills groups or character education lessons in the classrooms. Children can learn a lot from books. I like using them in my counseling program.

  20. Stephanie Mazer says:

    I am a braille tudor for a 2nd grader. My objective this year is for her to make friends. She tends to only want to be with adults, which makes her bossy to the child and sometimes rude. I would braille these for her and include a book a week into her lessons.

  21. Janyll says:

    I would use these books at school AND at home as a relatable way to teach social emotional skills…over and over and over!!

  22. Tammy Richard says:

    I would use these resources in my home visits that I do with children.

  23. Tory Snow says:

    I am a center director for 3 classrooms with Capital Area Head Start. In these classrooms we are teaching self regulation and giving positive behavior instructional supports. These books would be used in conjunction with lessons being taught or as a emotion is being dealt with to help children recognize what they are feeling or how others are behaving. Thank you for these great books with wonderful illustrations.

  24. Hanna says:

    These would be an asset to my social emotional library.

  25. Chris Rice says:

    I would love to use this resource for social skills both in the resource room and when I push into kindergarten, first and second grade class rooms. We all need lessons in manners and civility these days and this would be a fabulous resource!

  26. Kim Copley says:

    These would be great for my daughter to use in her classroom. She has younger students and these would be a great learning tool.

  27. tmprin1 says:

    I have a 6 year old boy. Would love to read and have him read these. My husband and I are teaching him manners. These books would assist us (reenforce those same values)

  28. Jennifer Oliger says:

    I follow on Pinterest as J Oliger.

  29. Jennifer Oliger says:

    I would love these resources for my fourth-grade class. We are a PBIS school and try to help our students learn to be respectful with others.

  30. Carol Allen says:

    I would definitely use these books during our social development time, when we talk about character traits. The books would also be in our classroom library.

  31. Katie says:

    I would spend time reading these with my kids!!! Manners are too often forgotten!!

  32. There are so many ways I would use these! I would feature them in my storytimes, create displays and bilbiographies to guide parents toward, and booktalk them while discussing preschool and kindergarten readiness!

  33. Manners are always a good thing to teach kids! I spend so much time trying to teach my son other things like reading and math skills that manners and etiquette often get left out! These books would be a great resource to use since I homeschool!

  34. Shannon Koester says:

    Im on an evaluation team and think these would be useful to target social/emotional and giving parents strategies. I also have 3 children at home that i wouldn’t mind sharing with.

  35. Lauren szukis says:

    Wonderful life skills to work into community circle time and thru an emergent curriculum. By reading with all of the different age groups, students can relate, use pictures and similar experiences to take away positive examples of working through emotions.

  36. They would be great to use during our social skills group! or to share with kindergarten.

  37. Linda Gavin says:

    I am a pre-k/k Speech Language Pathologist and I provide supports around communication and social/emotional learning. These books would be great to use with whole groups and with small groups of children that need more explicit teaching. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your give away 🙂

  38. Trina Mastley says:

    I would love to use these books with my preschooler and the kids at his daycare.

  39. Barbara Johnson says:

    I would share them with teachers I coach to assist them in building an environment of classroom community.

  40. Jane Peavy says:

    I’d use them with my own child as well as the gifted classes I teach through the school.

  41. Neris Hernandez says:

    Great books to teach SEL in early childhood.

  42. linda weegmann says:

    I work in several buildings in many programs who serve students on the autism spectrum in a setting 4. These books could be checked out and used in all these classrooms.

  43. Karen V says:

    I would love to win these books to read to my preschoolers and help them understand what it means to have manners and help them understand the different emotions that comes with the behaviors they are showing.

  44. Tom Beauchamp says:

    I would use the materials in small group sessions for students and push in lessons for students in my school. These would be great lessons to share with our teachers on character development. These would be an excellent resource for our kids.

  45. Sarah Hamilton says:

    Great resource for circle time.

  46. verna Hicks says:

    I would love for my home visitors to be able to take them to families that they work with , so many live without even one book for their children and we take them for parents to read and interact with their child or children.

  47. Cara Billingsley says:

    I would use them for story time and then have an open discussion with the children in what they think about the book and ideas on how they might use what they’ve learned. After lunch or snack we could discuss who used their new knowledge to improve how they behave.

  48. Paula Boucher says:

    Would help my kiddos better regulate their emotions as I read the stories to them and explain how emotions work

  49. Jessica Robinson says:

    I am a Librarian and these would be a fantastic addition to my collection. The entire school would have access to these and it would bring updated material as ours were seriously outdated and had to be weeded this year. We would use these for check out for the entire student population, for teachers during social studies lessons, our own lessons during resource as well as the guidance counselors with their small groups!

  50. Larissa Jenkins says:

    I am the Director of a large faith-based child care center. We are trying to implement PBIS in our school. I would use these books as a training resource, and then have them available in a library so teachers could use them to implement PBIS strategies in their classrooms.

  51. Anna Lori Robertson says:

    The titles to these books are interesting and would immediately capture the interest of the 3 year olds I work with. They would help to show in a fun way how to interact with others as we are working on their social skills.

  52. Danielle Shryock says:

    My kids at home and my kids at school would learn from these resources.

  53. Tia Jackson says:

    I would use these books in my home child care to reinforce good manners and behavior.

  54. These books would be great for PreK–2nd graders during classroom counseling lessons, small counseling groups, and individual counseling sessions at our school to promote social skills, manners, and develop positive relationships!! As a School Counselor, I would use these books to help students understand and implement social skills. What a great resource!

  55. Jamie St. Peter says:

    I would use them in various classrooms where children are struggling, or to reinforce positive behavior and expectations.

  56. Nini Engel says:

    I would use these in counseling and would lend them to my targeted social skills instructor, also!

  57. Monica Neri-Hamer says:

    I would use these resources during group and individual sessions.

  58. Odette Valdez says:

    I would use these books for my CDA class. I usually read books to my students and also help them find books that are developmentally appropriate for their resource collection.

  59. Alisha Kowsky says:

    I would use these in my small groups, classroom lessons, student bibliotherapy, and More.

  60. Jennifer LaCicero says:

    I will use them in my social studies units with my preschoolers in my classroom

  61. Barbara Bezmenova says:

    I would use these resources with children who need help in understanding and controlling their emotions.

  62. Lisa Reupke says:

    I would use these resources as part of my Guidance Curriculum to help teach students appropriate and positive social and emotional skills. I would use them in both classroom guidance lessons as well as when I work with individual students. I see these resources as a treasure trove of information and skill building examples that students can learn from and practice in their day to day interactions.

  63. Lisa Detrych says:

    I would utilize these books with my students at both of my Elementary schools grades K-5 as well as, Preschool classrooms. I run many groups of students who need support with their Social Skills and Social Interactions. We are a low-income school community and do not have many resources available to us! I would also share these books with my fellow School Social Workers in our district for their students.

  64. Shirley Ann Daley says:

    I would use these books in my special needs classroom to encourage good manner and kind acts. My students would enjoy these beautifully illustrated books.

  65. Trish says:

    I would include these in the books available for our families to read together during program and feature them one at a time at circle.

  66. angie sparks says:

    As an Inclusion Specialist, I would use these with the children that I work with to help them learn social skills. They would be an amazing way to start practicing social skills.

  67. Hind says:

    I would like to use these resources to help my students develop awareness of their behaviors and how to take action towards other.

  68. jana steeves says:

    Classroom, ancillary and support services teachers would use these in our character development curriculum. .. They would also be available to parents through our teacher/parent resource collection in the library.

  69. Renee Clarke says:

    I work with preschoolers. These books would be a wonderful resource

  70. Teresa Bateman says:

    We have been having more behavior issues this year than in any of my previous 30 years. These would be a big help in explaining expectations, and good behavior.

  71. Ana E. says:

    I will use the above resources to build positive behavior, motivate students, and enhance social skills such as sharing, taking turns, use kind words, be kind, to love and respect others. I will also use the resource to enhance empathy, diversity and inclusion.

  72. Diana says:

    As an aspiring school counselor, I am planning to add these books to my curriculum/library to teach students self awareness and behavior awareness. I will incorporate these books in small groups and in class lessons.

  73. Aileen Tung-Dhaou says:

    I work for an Inclusion program for children with special needs. I would use these invaluable resources as a coaching tool (to be added to our lending library) for the families and early child care educators that we collaborate with.

  74. Rocio Lagunas says:

    I would use the resources to share with the different teachers I support in my field to increase awareness of how to teach manners. I would share the books with them to read in the classrooms.

  75. Kym MacNeil says:

    I would use these books in my classroom and also make them part of my Parent Library. I believe good manners should start at home and continue to develop in school.

  76. Melissa Moore says:

    I would use these in the after school programs within our district. I am the assistant director to 6 schools, 4 of them elementary, 1 middle, and 1 high school. These would be extremely useful in our programs.

  77. Courtney Simoni says:

    These would be tremendous resource books for my social skills groups since I’m a school counselor in an elementary school! We love listening to new books and discussing them together!!! 🙂

  78. Lisa Wheeler says:

    I would use these along with lesson plan or activity to help teach understanding of skills and help improve interactions/manners in my individual sessions or group sessions.

  79. hparcher says:

    I would use these resources to help students develop awareness of their behaviors and actions to help us build a community of learners together.

  80. Heather Parcher says:

    I would use these resources in my classroom to help my students develop a better awareness of their behaviors and actions to make our classroom community a welcome and fun place to be.

  81. I would use these at the school where I work. These are special needs children that would benefit greatly from these nicely illustrated books.

  82. Maureen Gale says:

    As a District Behavior Coach collaborating with 35+ schools I would share these wonderful resources with all the school teams I support! I will also share them with our District Behavior Intervention Team as resources for Social Emotional Learning lessons and individual student behavior support interventions. 🙂

  83. Paula McGuire says:

    I would use these resources in our gifted programs for the social-emotional group at the elementary ages. It’s a great way to talk about behaviors of all students, but these kiddos require a slightly different angle.

  84. Carmel Barnhill says:

    I work at a public library and these topics are often asked for by mothers. I could also see myself using them in a Story Time class as well.

  85. Bradley Evans says:

    I’m so excited about this opportunity. I will be starting a new position going from middle school counselor to elementary counselor in the next few weeks. These will be a great addition to my office

  86. Mary Jane says:

    I would be using these in our ECE classrooms at college. I would be showing pre-service teachers what quality resources look like and have students present ways to use these books with children.

  87. Meg Hoehn says:

    Liked on FB – I would use them with my own children and with some of my younger students.

  88. Our program (The Attendance Improvement Program) requires the counselors to do social-emotional activities in the classrooms with our students. Our program works with students who are Preschool aged and in Kindergarten. It’s important for students at this age to start learning appropriate social skills.

  89. Chelsey Heinrichs says:

    I would use these resources to model and demonstrate social and emotional development with the families I work with.

  90. Tracie Poniatowski says:

    As a school counselor I would use these as supplements to the social-emotional learning program I use with our elementary aged students.

  91. I work at a small private (non profit) school and would love to have these as a resource for all of our students. We have a Montessori preschool and a regular K-5th grade elementary school.

  92. Chelsey Wolcott says:

    I would use these stories in our safe space in our early childhood special education classroom. Students use this space to calm down or rest.

  93. Mary Geier says:

    Our class would use these books for biblio therapy. Students can self select books for fun, or if there is a lesson in manners that a specific student needs, then a book would be assigned to him/her!

  94. Chelsey Heinrichs says:

    I would use these resources to teach children and parents about social/emotional skills and development.

  95. Amy E Milcic says:

    I would use these books to make book nooks with social emotional activities to use in classrooms when these issues occure

  96. Gina Garcia says:

    I would use these as a daily reading, reinforcing the topics throughout the day, and encouraging children.

  97. Chelsey Heinrichs says:

    I would use these resources to teach children and parents I work with about social/emotional skills.

  98. Ashley Bolton says:

    I would use these resources to help teach parents how to teach their children good manners through our home visiting program. We would read the book and do an activity with the parents and children.

  99. Ashley Racine says:

    I would use them at the Elementary School that I work at. We are having mini social skill sessions that run for 6 weeks, and we could use these resources during our social skills sessions.

  100. Sara E. Brown says:

    I have a group of students interested in learning more about manners and etiquette, and these would be a great start!

  101. Allen Dunn says:

    I would use them in classroom lessons or for small groups for students who need improvement on their social skills.

  102. Jennifer Hurd says:

    I work with children 1-5 on enhancing their social emotional skills, these books would be a great resource to add to work with them on.

  103. Cherry Florence says:

    I’d donate them to our school counselor who goes into each classroom weekly and he would read these stories to each and every one of our elementary classes. We would them place them in our Family Lending Library where parents have access to these books!

  104. Carol Stidham says:

    I would use these during my character development time in my classroom. Manners are a very important aspect of life. The books would be excellent reinforcement tools to remind students to mind their manners, and that manners really do count.

  105. Jackie Dooley says:

    As an elementary social worker, I would use them when working with kids individually, in a group setting or when I push into classrooms for character education.

  106. I would add these to our Character Education Library and use them all year round! I would add appropriate props and activities for each. Another idea would be to create book bags to send home with the families to read together.

  107. Kat Hindmand says:

    I would donate them to my 8 year old’s school library for everyone to access!

  108. Amy Pedersen says:

    I would use these during our story time in both the Preschool and Pre-K rooms at our non-profit child care center. We have some behaviors sprouting in those classrooms and could use some age appropriate reading materials! 🙂

  109. Prestene Victoria Rowland says:

    I work in the library, teachers often ask for these types of books to “nip something in the bud” so to speak.

  110. Madison Sierer says:

    I would use these resources for classroom lessons about character!! These look amazing

  111. Nyala Edwards says:

    I would use them in our story time at our library.

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