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July 2017 GiveawayThis giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Laura! This month’s giveaway winner will get to choose any five In a Jar® products! With unique, engaging topics for all ages, our go-anywhere and easy-to-use jars make learning fun, portable, and spontaneous. The games and cards can be enjoyed alone or with others at home, at school, at childcare, in the office, while traveling, at parties, in youth groups, and at camp.

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158 Responses to Enter to win five In a Jar® products of your choice!

  1. I try to make learning fun by letting the students set and reach their own goals with guidance from me; they love celebrating their achievements!

  2. Brigette says:

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  4. Brigette says:

    I make learning fun by incorporating creative school counseling interventions, using games and including fun interactive books and resources into my work with students. I also love going down to the lunchroom to play question ball and other fun games to build relationships with students.

  5. Allison says:

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  6. Allison says:

    Singing makes everything more fun 🙂

  7. Lucia Beckendorf says:

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  9. Lucia Beckendorf says:

    I make learning fun by providing interactive activities that use art supplies and games that go with our topic

  10. Lisa Cappellucci says:

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  12. Lisa Cappellucci says:

    I make learning fun by letting the child lead in the activity as much as possible, so they can be curious, explorative, and think through things on their own. I also love to get the parents involved so the fun of learning can continue at home.

  13. Hannah Yocum says:

    I try to make sure I am ALWAYS smiling when interacting with the kids! They need to feel that positivity in every activity to make learning fun.

  14. Shalondra Shifflette says:

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  18. Kelly Decker says:

    I join in on the learning! I let the kids lead the way when it comes to our learning at our Centre. They show or tell me what it is that they are interested in and we do investigations together!

  19. Jenny Watson says:

    I try to make learning more fun through games and activities. I use the jars as Bell ringers, class discussions, etc.

  20. Carisa Alvarado says:

    I try to invent a game by incorporating what academic goal the children need to review. The game that is used is usually a board game, a game of movement or an interactive digital game.

  21. Nidia Escobat says:

    Make leaning fun by incorporating movement.

  22. Katie says:

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  23. Katie says:

    I currently use role play as a main strategy for learning social-emotional skills with my preschoolers (and kiddos at home). When I am “throwing a fit” it gives the children an opportunity to teach me some of the coping skills they have learned and be the ones to take control of a situation that they typically feel out of control. I would love to use some of these jars to encourage their learning as well!!!

  24. Brooke Hastings says:

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  26. Brooke Hastings says:

    Learning has to be fun and engaging! We try to make a game out of learning or incorporate music somehow!

  27. debby anderson says:

    This product is new to me and I would love a chance to receive them in order to try them out! As a middle school librarian, I currently use a fun scavenger hunt to spice up our library orientations.

  28. Jennifer Mays says:

    We start class every day with brainteaser questions, jokes, and/or riddles. That way we make sure we begin our time together with laughter.

  29. Claudia Turner says:

    I am looking forward to using this product.

  30. Hanna says:

    I like to do role plays with my students. Sometimes acting out social situations makes the kids laugh and reconnect with one another.

  31. Theresa says:

    Incorporating each child’s interests whether it be music, books, games is a way I try to keep learning fun. You have to know your audience and be quick to read responses to be successful.

  32. Patty Landwehr says:

    I make learning fun by using flexible seating in my class so students can get comfortable and by doing project based learning!

  33. Jennifer Stout says:

    Learning can certainly be fun. My students love cause and effect science experiments. I try to get them engaged by having them pour, measure, and mix materials.

  34. Elizabeth Morse says:

    Ask your students! They know what will make learning fun. Follow their lead. Cover topics and ideas that interest them and everyone will have fun!

  35. Tina m. Dalton-Atha says:

    I loved making up songs and games related to the topics I teach. The kids love it when I randomly break into song in there middle of a lesson.

  36. Sara Brown says:

    (Liked you on fb as well, so here’s another comment: )
    I think the most important thing we do to make learning fun is to let students see US learning and making mistakes, and to share our love of learning while doing so.

  37. Sara Brown says:

    I make learning fun by being willing to look silly, and by showing my students that playing is important! We play lots of games in my classes.

  38. Teresa Cox says:

    Teaching high school math can be fun when the teacher (me) makes you say sillly sayings like “Fractions are your friends!”

  39. Anne Eikenberg says:

    Learning is fun! Learning that others think differently than you do and providing opportunities to discuss why can be fun. I used attitude of the day in my class. Students took turns picking and writing the daily attitude on the board. These were great conversation starters formally and informally. I overheard some interesting sharing between students.

  40. Kandice Schucker says:

    I try to make learning fun by incorporating games (I already have a few of these I LOVE) and the ability to be creative with artistic projects.

  41. Telma Dumitru says:

    The number one way to make it fun is by having fun. Children and people, in general, are more willing to relax and enjoy if we are relaxed and enjoying the activity. Another way to make it fun is to have activities that are age appropriate and that are related to what the children are interested in.

  42. Michael Bank says:

    I make it fun by having fun. Children know if you are enjoying yourself and are likely to follow suit.

  43. Meg says:

    I make learning fun by singing instructions and having students sing back!

  44. Stacey Bauer says:

    I try and make learning fun each and every day. I make sure I always get on the child’s level to play and engage. I model the behavior I would like my parents to do with their children. I laugh and crawl and play with the child.

  45. Diane Strippy says:

    I like to make learning fun with music and exercise. I make learning fun for my preschoolers by choosing books that have a story and read with expression, changing my voice and asking questions. I make learning fun by bringing in my pet turtle and let the children feed and brush her shell with a tooth brush. I like to use as much nature as possible they get plenty of screen time at home. I teach the children that we are their school family!

  46. Jana says:

    These would be amazing- conversation starters, small group discussions, parent/child conversations. We could use these in multiple ways to engage a variety of learners!

  47. Aminah says:

    I make learning fun by learning from my class. My children show me their personalities in their daily activities and interactions and through that I build activities that will instruct and engage them. Plus I just love to have fun! Things are more interesting when you are happy and are enjoying what you are doing!

  48. Melanie Fitzgerald says:

    I love all the books and supplies and recommend to teachers and staff everywhere. The children love the books and can relate to the pictures and story lines. Thanks!!!

  49. Nicolle H. says:

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  50. Nicolle H. says:

    I make learning fun by trying to incorporate movement for my boys (like sight word twister for my 5 year old)

  51. Elaine Holt says:

    I am a middle school counselor!! I “sometimes” have opportunities to meet with small groups of students. I feel confident the Jar series would be a great asset. I also work part-time in a mental health facility serving adolescents in a long-term residential placement. The Jar series would definitely get a work-out there!

  52. Sabra Johnson says:

    I make learning fun by making games out of instruction; plus, I dress as Dumb Dora and pretend I don’t know anything about the subject. The kids lover her!

  53. Helen says:

    I’ve struggled to make learning fun for my Aspie son….this Jar series is a great idea!
    Would also be great at college entry program groups, and in business, at work, for ‘facilitated sessions’, etc. LOVE them!

  54. Lindsay Wolfe says:

    Small group work (in dyads or triads) works well!

  55. Elvia Loza says:

    I make learning fun by engaging ALL students.

  56. AMRIT SINGH says:

    Humor and Games help in getting the interest of the learners.

  57. Naomi says:

    I make learning fun by doing role plays & creating a safe environment to have pertinent conversations…esp when using resources like the Jar products! 🙂

  58. I make learning fun by keeping lessons real hands on. Children don’t want to watch you have fun, they want to have the fun!

  59. samanthathelibrarian says:

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  62. Samantha Cote says:

    I make learning fun by having programs at the library where they learn things through hands-on activities, and they don’t even realize they are learning!

  63. Rebecca Taylor says:

    I work with adult learners who work with infants and toddlers. I try to make learning fun by incorporating activities that appeal to all learning styles. We shake things up a lot. I want the teachers I work with instill and model life long learning for our future…

  64. Rob Ocker says:

    These jars are awesome! As a middle school counselor, I make learning fun by having students and staff focus on being “kindful” (mindfulness with kindness) and engage in hands on interpersonal communication social skills (taking a digital diet). Laughter, authentic play and silliness… at the appropriate time can make learning fun for all!

  65. Tricia says:

    I make learning fun, by having the kids be a part of creating the lesson. They love being a part of the process. It’s so empowering!

  66. Robin Ng says:

    I make learning fun by incorporating lots of hands on learning, role plays and student led activities and projects.

  67. Abbey Broussard says:

    I just liked your FB page! I also like to have my students partner up or work in small groups to complete short tasks. They think this is fun.

  68. Abbey Broussard says:

    I try to make learning fun by including visuals, games, and individual tasks to my lessons so that everyone has a role.

  69. Gail Hogan says:

    Learning is fun with me because we bend our time to match the age of the children with stories, songs, games and crafts.

  70. Annette King says:

    I make learning fun by incorporating games into the learning process. Students are given choices rather than one thing to do (all have the same objective).

  71. Miriam Dreisinger, Ed.D says:

    I infuse my lessons with humor and puns AND my facial expressions go a long way to quietly inform the class whether we are on-task or off.

  72. Jennifer Mantegna says:

    I like this jar series, it’s a first for me. I hope I win one. I may have to order all of them. The way I make learning fun is being passionate about what I teach and it is a contagious and an infectious way to have your students learn. I find when I teach and help facilitate the learning experience they children love it. For example, I built a fort in my classroom with sheets, like you would a t home. The students loved it and will never forget it. Positive learning.

  73. Edith Donnell says:

    I liked you on Facebook! The Jars look like a lot of fun. I’d love to share them with my teen volunteers.

  74. Laura says:

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  76. Laura says:

    I make learning fun by integrating students’ personalities, stories, and passions into all lessons so that what is being learned becomes relatable to them.

  77. Tami Zimmer says:

    I make learning fun by using humor, flexibility, and creativity!

  78. Colleen says:

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  80. Colleen says:

    These are new products to me, but would love to try them in mental health counseling with children!! I incorporate games into counseling with children and these products look awesome!!

  81. Tiffany McAllister says:

    I make learning fun by talking to and listening to my children to find out what their interests are. I then create games and activities based on those interests!

  82. Christy danzuso says:

    I’ve never heard about these but they look like something I could really use!

  83. Janie Richardson says:

    As a trainer and technical assistant to childcare providers in five counties, this set would be amazing to take with me and introduce to many teachers and children with the expectation they could order their own sets for their classrooms. What an excellent tool for teachers and children.

  84. Sarah Jones says:

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  87. Sarah Jones says:

    When I was still in the classroom, I used them as icebreakers for new student orientation; to give brain breaks, to diffuse tensions among students. Learning is fun when students are a part of the crafting and development – not just the recipients 🙂

  88. caitlinfab says:

    I get the kids up, moving, dancing, singing! I spent time as a preschool teacher and I’ve found that silly works no matter what the age!

  89. Angela says:

    I like to encourage children’s likes when learning. We may count dinosaurs to learning numbers if the child really enjoys playing with dinosaurs.

  90. Cara says:

    I make learning fun by having students create and share whenever possible…opportunities for creativity, choice, and voice!

  91. Mary Wilson says:

    Start with a phrase such as “on a dark and stormy night….” and let students continue the story in a popcorn type response while recording the conversation without an ending. Then let the students craft their own ending to the story.

  92. Leyla says:

    I like to include crafts in my lessons

  93. mindy terr says:

    These jars look like a lot of fun! I make learning fun by getting to know my students and introducing them to just right books for them!

  94. Karin says:

    I make learning fun by using games and allowing choice as much as possible.

  95. Jennifer Oliger says:

    I make learning fun by giving students opportunities to work with partners or in small groups so they can help each other learn.

  96. Melissa Colby says:

    I make learning fun by offering new and exciting experiences and teaching through inquiry.

  97. Kristina Pontes says:

    I try to make learning fun by treating students with respect and looking each student in the eye when speaking with them. I try to find something positive to say in response to their work each day to keep them motivated!

  98. I work in a hospital outpatient setting with 12 to 18 year olds. They are in our program for a variety of reasons in including depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol problems, family problems, low self esteem, etc. I provide daily group therapy and education to help the teens. I am always looking for creative ways to help the teens with survival skills to cope with their individual issues and life in general.

  99. diaferios says:

    I like to do things with my students they have never done before because then it doesn’t seem like work to them and they learn while doing!

  100. Autumn Shaffer says:

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  103. Autumn Shaffer says:

    I make learning fun by making it hands on! I love doing games, observations, and other activities to help children learn.

  104. KarenR. says:

    I look forward to seeing my students on a daily basis. I think fun comes out through my personality by making each student feel valued.

  105. Lori Henry says:

    These jars are great. I like using these kinds of things for the start of class and the end of class. When I use these type of activities it makes students engaged and makes the class overall more fun.

  106. Felicia Anne says:

    I make learning fun by showing the parents how easy it is to put together themed centers every month.

  107. Jody Rubin says:

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  108. Becky says:

    I make learning fun by teaching with activities. They have fun and don’t even realize they are learning.

  109. I make learning for my fourth graders fun by doing lots of hands on activities and expressing the passion I have for kearning and teaching every day in my classroom! Lots of bright colors and fun activities make for a FUN classroom environment!

  110. Kathleen Wade says:

    I let the kids pick music they’re interested in to play while we do our activities.

  111. Nancy Castillo says:

    I start my circle time with a compliment bell and she’ll. I introduce this in the beginning of the school year . The seashell is in a special wooden box and a bell next to it. Each child after we sing hello takes out the shell rings the bell and says something nice or a compliment.to the friend next to theme. This is is done until everyone has had a turn. Teaching compassion as well as taking turns . The children love it

  112. Nicole H says:

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  113. Jill Dockins says:

    I make up a list of questions and use a regular deck of cards. Each child draws a card and whatever number (regardless of suit) is on the card, they answer the question off of the list. Fun to see who gets what question and it kind of mixes things up. It is a fun way to get the kids to join in.

  114. Megan says:

    I work with little learners 2 and under and college age; I encourage EVERYONE to learn everyday; the day you stop learning and laughing is the day that you die.

  115. Nicole H says:

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  116. Nicole H says:

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  117. Nicole H says:

    I’m a school social worker and when I’m teaching kids about tough subjects like anger, grief, sadness, etc. I always start with a game to get things going. These jars could be so useful in the work I do with classes and groups of students!

  118. I make learning fun by taking the time to build relationships with the children, parents, and students with whom I work. Once the relationship is in place, I am more aware of where their interests lie. I make learning fun & related to their interests. In this way, they retain more of the information because it applies directly to their lives.

  119. I make learning fun by learning what the students are interested in and integrating their interests in the learning. <3 <3 <3

  120. Andrea ONeal says:

    As a Speech Language Pathologist, I often modify board games or make my own games to teach vocabulary and articulation sounds.

  121. Amber says:

    I make learning fun by offering by offering lots of choices. I also try to incorporate as many hands on, active and engaging projects as possible in the classroom.

  122. Denise says:

    I make learning fun by having Fun Fridays! The students earn points Mon.- Thursday the last 30 minutes on Friday’s are a Blast & I think In an Jar would be an awesome addition:)

  123. Susan says:

    Free Spirit Press products are very helpful in my school-based practice.

  124. Lissette Guzman says:

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  127. Lissette Guzman says:

    I try to make learning fun by incorporating art, games, and physical activity.

  128. Cathy Pruett says:

    I make learning fun by sharing the best picture books with kids of all ages! When I’m delighted with a book that feeling is infectious!

  129. softie100 says:

    I make learning fun by keeping everyone interested in my projects.

  130. Linda O'Dowd says:

    Lots of movement, music and action, with brief periods to calm and learn! An upbeat attitude from the leaders and a sense of humor go a long way in making a successful activity! Discover the interests of those involved and extend the activity to experiences at home!

  131. Jody Rubin says:

    I make learning fun by following the lead of my students. They know how to have fun!

  132. J Verbrugge says:

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  133. Hector says:

    I making learning fun by finding out-of-the-classroom opportunities for our K-5 students that compliments and expands their learning. This can be outdoor classroom, project-based activities, exploration trips, cross-generational learning, community events and more! Some or our areas of focus are academic proficiency, attendance, campus safety and health and wellness. 🙂

  134. J Verbrugge says:

    By following the lead of the children. Helping them pursue their interests is key to making learning fun.

  135. Elaine says:

    As a former preschool teacher and now a trainer for teachers, I encourage teachers to make and my former students to make each day a “Wonder”ful day. Start each day . Asking the questions…What do you wonder about? I wonder what will happen if”, I wonder if I can??, etc.
    We all need a lot more wonder in our lives, both as adults and children!!

  136. I work in the Children’s Department of a public library. We have these jars available for teachers and families. They are very popular and we look forward to even more topics being released. Thank you for this terrific product! 🙂

  137. Renee says:

    I make learning fun with Kahoot!

  138. Pam DeGroot says:

    I am a School Counselor and my focus is on learning.I make learning fun by being excited about playing and by making kids earn the right to play. Games are a wonderful to build rapport and to have fun.

  139. Bridget Hand says:

    I make learning fun by making connections with things of interest to the students and by myself being excited and positive about the learning experience.

  140. Adele says:

    Many times I use the children’s favorite games and add task-related questions for a particular color or when the spin a “5”, for example.

  141. renea says:

    these look great! Moving and music make learning fun!

  142. Lorene Pope says:

    I work with preschoolers. i like to find out what the child is interested in and then the sky’s the limit to increasing their knowledge about something they already love. One year I had a dinosaur loving 4 yr. old…he was going to grow up to be a paleontologist after we studied about dinosaurs. What fun to introduce to my Head Start students that they can grow up to be that astronaut or a mommy/daddy…..the possibilities are endless.

  143. Rebecca Magnuson says:

    Nothing should be without joy! I try to make learning active and inviting with lots of music, movement and TLC. Without trust children won’t be able to learn.

  144. trish says:

    I make learning fun by creating a genuinely safe and kind climate when I am teaching. We love playing games while learning as well as creating projects. As a school counselor, I am passionate about spreading kindness and inviting students to join in and share their ideas. Thanks for this opportunity!! I LOVE these games!!

  145. Thank you; I would love to try the Jars in teletherapy — I already enjoy WOULD YOU RATHER cards with my middle schoolers!

  146. Tammy Kelley says:

    I make learning fun by sharing stories, playing games, and making crafts.

  147. Esthermarie Batista-Mion says:

    I made learning fun with hand o activities that interest the children I served.

  148. Jean says:

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  151. Jean says:

    I make learning fun by reminding parents how to play with their children!

  152. Beth VanBuren says:

    I make learning fun but helping kids be in the driver’s seat. Kids love when they get to plan and make decisions towards their own learning.

  153. Learning fun: listening to children’s interest and incorporating that into lessons and ideas.

  154. I am opening a mental health outpatient practice that includes a fitness component (turf/weight room) alongside traditional therapeutic interventions. These jars would be a great addition to the practice for the groups we will be running for children and teens.

  155. Andrew says:

    I make learning fun by integrating real life scenarios into the science classroom. We do not just learn facts and information, but apply it to things we see such as what makes a baseball curve, why we look like our parents, what is happening when we sweat. I am the real life Ms. Frizzle!

  156. Charlotte Sparks says:

    These are new products to me! I am intrigued…..hope I win, so I can try them out in the classrooms!

  157. Tanya says:

    I make learning fun by doing lots of games with students — in individual, group and classroom sessions. Whether it’s designing a scavenger hunt around the school, Headbands game to review conflict resolution strategies, jeopardy or bingo I try to bring out the natural learning through play to make my time with students something they look forward to.

  158. Jaime says:

    I love the Jar series. I use them in so many ways-lunch groups to get conversations going, to address goals for students with mental health needs and social skill needs. Additionally, we are incorporating them into our advisory program-as ice breakers and also to address skills such as decision making, bullying and boy/girl issues.

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