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Enter to win a $200 gift certificate! This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Melva Big Eagle! Thank you for another wonderful year! For our final giveaway of 2016, one lucky reader will win a $200 gift certificate to use at freespirit.com.

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115 Responses to Enter to Win a $200 Free Spirit Gift Certificate!

  1. Andrea Cross says:

    Most students do appreciate you and your hard work, but they just don’t know how to tell you that they do.

  2. Sarah Ronchak says:

    Speaking on behalf of the best interest of the children and families on Sunday December 13th at the capitol for Let Them Learn’s Rally for Quality Education. My 2020 grad got up the courage to speak too and tell how it’s affected her.

  3. Kim Bentley says:

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  4. Kim Bentley says:

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  5. Kim Bentley says:

    I have grown to be a free spirit as I’ve aged, and not without struggle, by not focusing so much on what others think of me and just striving to be the person God made me to be, not what everyone else around me wants me to be. I try to teach and instill this in those students that I work with and in my own children.

  6. Alexandra Neubauer says:

    My love for life, always being myself, and living it to its fullest makes me a free spirit

  7. Laura N says:

    I have liked y’all on Facebook. 🙂

  8. Laura N says:

    What makes a me a free spirit is my willingness to try anything if it will help my kids grow. I even get the pleasure of raising my very own free spirit. 🙂

  9. Jennifer Oliger says:

    Following on Pinterest as J Oliger.

  10. Jennifer Oliger says:

    I am a free spirit because I do what’s best for my students instead of just what everyone else is doing.

  11. I am a free spirit because I’ve learned to trust my instincts and take chances.

  12. Brittney York says:

    I am a free spirit because I like to think creatively and live life to the fullest. I want to start my own school age care program so that I can teach children essential life skills using these awesome books!

  13. Sarah Snow says:

    I am a free spirit because I am open to new experiences, knowledge, friends, and the world.

  14. Ellen Honeck says:

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  17. Ellen Honeck says:

    I am a Free spirit when I am creative and having fun with family and friends!

  18. Shelly Updegrave says:

    I am a free spirit when I live in the moment!

  19. I am a free spirit as I love to try new things and want to continually explore new places, foods, and cultures.

  20. Jackie says:

    Living life to the fullest makes me a free spirit

  21. Elizabeth Coble says:

    Loving my family, my job, READING and my life make me a free spirit!

  22. Adrianne Lecuyer says:

    What makes me a free spirit is my lack of desire to fit into boxes. I’m always searching for the best way to get something done, or reach the tough student.

  23. Nicolle H. says:

    Like on Facebook!

  24. Nicolle H. says:

    I am a free spirit because I take each day as it comes and roll with it!

  25. Sailor H says:

    Liked on Facebook — Judy Center at Arundel!

  26. Sailor H says:

    I am a FREE SPIRIT because we all have the potential to be creative — and I choose to offer it as a choice to young children and their families.

  27. terry baker says:

    I am a free spirit who tries new things despite doubt, who talks truth to power and is truthful to all.

  28. Laura Filtness says:

    Following on Pinterest

  29. Laura Filtness says:

    Speaking my mind!

  30. Lei says:

    I’m a free spirit because I can successfully deviate from a planned program or presentation and follow the natural flow that the participants follow.

  31. Aimee Ramirez says:

    I already follow you on Pinterest & twitter, plus I “like” you on Facebook!

  32. Aimee Ramirez says:

    I speak my mind (with kindness) and march to the beat of my own drum!

  33. Joan Golden says:

    Following Free Spirit on Twitter!

  34. Joan Golden says:

    Liked Free Spirit Publishing on Facebook!

  35. Joan Golden says:

    I try every day to work from/for my soul, and not my ego.

  36. Joy Rudnick says:

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  37. Joy Rudnick says:

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  38. Joy Rudnick says:

    Living an authentic life is what gives me freedom and comfort to be different in the world.

  39. Willow Burns says:

    I am a free spirit because I take care of myself independently and in my own way. People often tell me i’m doing something wrong but I know I’m healing my free spirit.

  40. Susan Warren says:

    I love the essence of Free Spirit: helping children and teens think for themselves, overcome challenges, and make a difference in the world. I believe that using the wonderful resources frees the spirit of educators as they contribute to the world!

  41. I follow my own path.

  42. lyzajo says:

    I am a free spirit because I don’t let the little things get be down. I don’t get stressed and I always try to believe life has the best in store for me. Even if what’s happening isn’t ideal, I remind myself this is the way it’s supposed to be and I make the best of it!

  43. Isara Argent says:

    I let go to let Divine Spirit flow, dontcha know, we might have a ways to go, and so we roll as we go, so!

  44. Vicki Nelson says:

    f ollowing my passion
    r aising others up
    e mpathy for families who struggle
    e nergizing myself to live each day to the fullest

    s lowing down when life gets to fast
    p assionately advocating for children
    i magining my best self each day
    r eading stories to support social emotional growth
    i nvesting in the future of our children
    t hankful for the opportunity to share knowledge

  45. Michelle says:

    Lead with your humanity to be a free spirit!

  46. Darby Porter says:

    I Liked you on Facebook.

  47. Darby Porter says:

    A continual love of learning makes me a free spirit.

  48. Wanda Tompkins says:

    Being flexible in thinking makes me a free spirit.

  49. Paula Boucher says:

    Very much into saving the environment, reusing, recycling, and reducing carbon footprint

  50. Sarah Beck says:

    Being flexible, compassionate with others, and willing to go with the flow! 🙂

  51. mberrocal says:

    Awe that’s what frees my spirit. There is something awesome in everybody and in everything around us!

  52. Melva Big Eagle says:

    What makes me a free spirit is being open to learning new things from all of my resources.

  53. Maggie says:

    Curiosity. Curiosity and love of learning has always led to being a free spirit!

  54. aprilmatthis says:

    I believe that children, like all people, are free and we’re lucky to care for them during this time. I want to show them how to embrace who they are and be open to each other’s humanity.

    • trish howard says:

      As a school counselor, I am a free spirit but wandering our school giving free hugs (sharing compliments, kindness, breaks, listening ear etc…), multiple times a day to all and any staff member or child. We discuss free gifts often and hugs and kindness are for sure some of them! I love all of the wonderful resources you offer and appreciate the opportunity to win. Thank you!!

  55. Matthew Hawkins says:

    My 3 Gifted kids love these books and they help to teach them in ways that we cannot as parents.

  56. I liked you on Facebook! If only I had a Twitter or Pinterest

  57. Mary Guinane says:

    Moving halfway across the country to a place I knew no one…and loving it!

  58. Deb Olle says:

    I am a free spirit because I go with the flow as a middle school counselor-I have to 🙂

  59. Lorinda Utter says:

    I am a free spirit because I do what I enjoy. I like to read, help others and make things with my hands. This makes me a free spirit.

  60. I liked your site on FB. I love the picture.

  61. Delaney K.V. says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  62. I am a Free Spirit, because I think outside the box. I am gingerbread: spicy, and I make an impression

  63. Delaney K.V. says:

    I’m a world-traveling, yoga-teaching, free spirited counselor who can find positive intentions behind every conflict and challenge.

  64. hgrange9 says:

    Following on pinterest.

  65. hgrange9 says:

    Following on twitter.

  66. Katherine Cashatt says:

    I ride a motorcycle to school, would rather take the kids for a walk instead of having circle time, and am the one most likely to collect a stray off the sid of the road (human, animal or bird) and make sure it gets where it is supposed to be. 😺

  67. hgrange9 says:

    Liked on facebook!

  68. Heidi G. says:

    I’ve learned to let go of the things I can’t do anything about, it helps me de-stress.

  69. I feel like I’m a free spirit, because I create my own reality and teach my elementary kiddos to do the same.

  70. Krissy says:

    Living life in the moment makes me a free spirit!

  71. Shannon Long says:

    I am following you on Facebook!

  72. Shannon Long says:

    I’m following you on Twitter!

  73. Shannon Long says:

    What makes me a free spirit is allowing my students to guide a lesson to relate to them and their life.

  74. Robin Shaw says:

    I find that my students and I go off on tangents during lessons, but that’s OK! We learn so much more about the world and each other when we can just talk and share.

  75. Anne Hoffman says:

    I love the work that I do with people who are often marginalized by society. Helping them find their voice – and express their own free spirit – is very satisfying.

  76. Jill Curry says:

    I am a free spirit because I like to LIVE life and when opportunity knocks, I usually answer!

  77. Lucia Beckendorf says:

    I am Free Spirit following the lead of the children I work with, roll with flow

  78. Miranda Crone says:

    What makes me a free spirit is flexibility. Sometimes you have to just go with the flow and enjoy life.

  79. Kristin Readel says:

    I’m a Free Spirit, resource finding, staff and student supporting, media center goddess. Free Spirit resources fill my work with awesome sauce.

  80. ericaleigh76 says:

    Learning on my own, everything I an curious about and allowing my children to learn what is on their hearts and minds is what makes me a free spirit.

  81. Sue Cudworth says:

    I am a free spirit because I make students think about ways to improve their lives and become “free spirits” also.

  82. Dawn Schechtman says:

    I’m following you on Pinterest.

  83. Dawn Schechtman says:

    I followed you on Twitter.

  84. Dawn Schechtman says:

    I liked you on Facebook.

  85. Dawn Schechtman says:

    I am a free spirit because I do what is best for my students, regardless of what other teachers want.

  86. Elaine Holt says:

    I am definitely a free spirit who has found my natural habitat in the middle school community. To be able to “rock with adolescents”, one must be free, open, and willing to go with the flow! Love your resources!

  87. khill says:

    I am free to choose my attitude each day!

  88. Tana Pieters says:

    I am a free spirit because working daily with children you learn to adapt and go with the flow of the day.

  89. tallotus7 says:

    I am a “Free Spirit” Because I stood Up against a school district for Autistic Student Rights, which was to be Educationally serviced properly, I had to remove myself from future employment with the School District but found out they are exposed and made to properly service this student in the way the law says he is to be serviced. I am poorer, but stood on the humanity of the student and the right to get a free and equal education.

  90. Michael Bank says:

    I am a free spirit because I treat children like individuals and not like cookie-cutter duplicates.

  91. Melissa Riggins says:

    I am a free sprit because I try to live in the moment – good or bad – and know that I will never get that time back 🙂

  92. JLoveLife says:

    My spirit is free because I don’t look for acceptance from the outside…it is rooted deep down inside me!!

  93. Heather Musich says:

    Excellent resources at good prices!

  94. Bethany Zier says:

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  96. Bethany Zier says:

    Liked on Facebook

  97. Bethany Zier says:

    I’m a free spirit because I love who I am and I’m happy being me!

  98. reemfakhry says:

    Raising my children and students to love reading and how to garner information independently makes me a Free Spirit

  99. Michelle Simmons says:

    My love of learning and adventure.

  100. Elizabeth Legere says:

    Followed on Pinterest

  101. reemfakhry says:

    Allowing children to explore the world at their pace and awe makes me a Free Spirit

  102. Elizabeth Legere says:

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  103. Elizabeth Legere says:

    Liked on Facebook

  104. Elizabeth Legere says:

    I think that finding the beauty and excitement in life, and bringing that into my work with children, in that I meet them where they are and try to find the spark within them, is what makes me a free spirit.

  105. I’m a free spirit because I’m easily distracted by kids needing help with books and end up chatting about books instead finishing my work.

  106. Michelle S says:

    I’m a free spirit because I choose to look at each family and child I work with, with positivity and a strengths based approach!

  107. Stacey Meath says:

    I love going with the flow!

  108. Claire Dorn says:

    Not being afraid of thinking outside the box and stepping outside of my comfort zone – seeing change and new experiences in a positive light.

  109. Darcy Heath says:

    I am a free spirit because I make the choice to support children each day and advocate for what is best for them!

  110. Nancy Foote says:

    My curly hair, my love of life, my positive outlook!

  111. Deana Hirte says:

    I’m a Free Spirit because not only am I able to veer off a planned lesson but enjoy the spontaneity of the interests and activities of the children I work with!

  112. Tanya Kirschman says:

    Being flexible with plans and going with the flow makes me a free spirit!

  113. softie100 says:

    What makes me a free spirit is I have come to learn that life is too short so enjoy it to the fullest, feel free!

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