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Holiday Manners GiveawayThis giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Stella Bromley! This holiday season, encourage better behavior around the table with must-have resources on the importance of learning and exercising good manners. One reader will win all of these resources:

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85 Responses to Enter Our Holiday Manners Giveaway!

  1. Diane Strippy says:

    Teaching character development to preschoolers is very important to me and these books would help me do that for our day care children and their families.
    Thank you

  2. June Jones says:

    I would use these resources in classroom guidance and small group sessions with my elementary students. What a blast we would have talking about good manners!

  3. E.Barnes says:

    Given the political state of what is taking place in our country, I would like to make these books available to the parents and children I see in my practice as reminder and lesson on
    how to behave and treat others…

  4. Teresa Bateman says:

    It seems common courtesy isn’t so common any more. All my teachers have been asking for more manners materials. These would be a good fit for my school library!

  5. Would love to put these in our small local library!

  6. Jill Curry says:

    I would use these in classroom or small-group guidance with K-2 population at my school.

  7. Suzanne Ross says:

    Following on Pinterest!

  8. Suzanne Ross says:

    I would use these resources as a school counselor for classroom lessons (K-5) and during individual and small group sessions.

  9. Donna Erdman says:

    I would love to have the series. As an instructor in a Career and Technical Center with an accredited preschool as the lab for the high school students, I have found that not only do the preschoolers benefit from hearing the books read to them and learning about the importance of manners, but the high school students also benefit as they plan how they are going to read. The high school students not only read to the children, but they also must plan how they are going to engage the children in discussion or incorporate an activity to reinforce what they have read. I find sometimes that the high school students learn just as much as the children.

  10. Elvia Fisher says:

    Followed on Pinterest and Facebook! Follow us back . . facebook.com/TLVCityKids!

  11. Elvia Fisher says:

    We have several of these books in our school/community center library in Tel Aviv, Israel! We would love to have the whole series to make public to our international community!

  12. Following on Twitter!

  13. Would love to have these to support our Social Emotional Learning program at Austin ISD. The professional library could share them with the entire district.

  14. Wow…let me county the ways: small group, whole group lessons in Kinder-5th grade, and individually when kids break social rules. I also like sending them home with kids to read with their parents to reinforce the lessons.

  15. Vanessa Walters says:

    We have 9 satellite sites and we all do a preschool program. I would share them with my co-workers and we could use them for preschool sessions.

  16. Stephanie Ward says:

    Our agency works with children from 0-5 years and conducts home visits. We offer parenting information, family well-being and parent and child activities. Some of the children that we are serving are getting older these book would serve as a lending books to share with all of the families. What we plan on creating a lending library of books as a way to cut cost and recycle books. These book will be of great to help serves our families.

  17. Andrea Sullins says:

    I would use these resources during our 3rd grade advisory/character building time in order to reinforce our basic manners and help students learn how to interact correctly with each other.

  18. Sandy says:

    I could use these resources to introduce and reinforce our school-wide behavior management policies.

  19. Bev Hennegan says:

    I would use these books for whole group social skill lessons. I have so many first graders in my classroom and we have difficulty with these issues. With the push of advancing academically before we learn social skills/developmental skills, these books would be beneficial for not only my class but other classrooms in the school.

  20. Crystal Holland says:

    We would use these in our Care for Newcomer Children program. These would be a great addiotion to help us “teach” the children on what is acceptable behaviour and whats not.

  21. Shawna C. says:

    We would share this with the kids at our preschool.

  22. Anna says:

    these books would make a great addition to my parent and student resource library. These are easy for all ages to understand and make connections to.

  23. nonotuck221 says:

    We are a non-profit, parent cooperative child care center, serving children from 15 months – 5 years. We have used several of these books in the past and found them great conversation starters with children about social life issues. We’d love to have more! http://www.nonotuck.org

  24. Sandra says:

    I would use them with my students when I teach SEL lessons.

  25. Marcee Pool says:

    There are so many ways our elementary school could use these books. Our RTI behavior interventionist would use these each day to ensure that correct behavior is exhibited. The kindergarten teachers would use these to help teach correct behavior at an early age. The counselor could use these when she focuses on the monthly building character component.

  26. Ashley Glick says:

    I am a first grade teacher and I love to integrate manners and kindness into my classroom environment. I always like to start the year and continue to read stories and encourage students to be kind through cheering for each other, learning manners, learning how to ask is someone is okay and showing empathy to others. I would use these books to supplement my lessons with first graders to learn that their behavior is just as important as their academic learning.

  27. Alli says:

    I work in a PK-K school and have toddlers at home. I would use them with my 3-6 year olds at school now and my own children later.

  28. Lorinda Utter says:

    I like to keep my gifted students grounded. Sometimes the nuances of manners escape them. These would be a great addition to my library.

  29. Ann kostiuk says:

    As a school counselor I am always looking for resources to use with individual students, small groups, and for classroom guidance classes. I love using books to teach and reinforce skills. I also have teachers use my resources for their classrooms, which they appreciate age appropriate material use. I would live to win for our students!!

  30. I follow on facebook as well! 🙂

  31. I follow on Pinterest!!!! 😀

  32. I work with children Pre-K through age 12 and a lot deal with social/emotional challenges especially socially acceptable manners and these would be great tools to assist in teaching and reaching the children for understanding.

  33. Kelli says:

    I would definitely use these in our childcare setting. These books would be implemented into our curriculum!!

  34. Kim Phelps says:

    I have an in home day care. We work on manners everyday. The children like to be read to and these would make a great addition to promoting good manners.

  35. Beth warnee says:

    I work with many parents as a therapist and would love to share new ideas

  36. Diane Richards says:

    Good things come in 3’s! Following on Pinterest, too, to make it a trifecta liking!

  37. Diane Richards says:

    Just started following on Twitter 🙂

  38. Diane Richards says:

    Liked on FB. This is how I discovered the giveaway 🙂

  39. Diane Richards says:

    I would donate the books to my local parks and recreation district recreation staff to use in various afterschool programs they provide to our local school district.

  40. Joanie Gieger says:

    I would introduce my pre-service teachers to these books for use in their future classrooms.

  41. Anne Eikenberg says:

    I would share these books with the young people in my life! They would make fun gifts or fun read along for the littlest of my friends.

  42. K Bivens says:

    I would use these in small groups in my job as a School Counselor

  43. lynnmw2020 says:

    I would love to have these resources for my school I work at. I would use them with students when I teach lessons to the entire classroom, with small groups, and individual students that I work with.

  44. Autumn Shaffer says:

    As a special education teacher I teacher social skills and manners daily. I try to incorporate social skills instruction into my everyday lessons.

  45. Autumn Shaffer says:

    I follow you twitter

  46. Autumn Shaffer says:

    I like pintrest

  47. Autumn Shaffer says:

    I follow you on facebook

  48. terry baker says:

    I will use these for classroom lessons, individual and small groups.

  49. Kimberly Vakoc says:

    I would love to work with the children in my program on their manners and being polite with their friends and adults in their lives. These would be a perfect toll to help me with this goal.

  50. Allison says:

    I am an assistant director in an Early Learning Center, and these resources could be utilized by all classrooms from infants up to our school agers. This would be great to share throughout. We are always talking about emotions, our bodies, and how to be kind to our friends, learning through books are a great way to do that!

  51. Stacey Nichol says:

    Hi there. I am a Youth Worker in a school with grades 4-6. I run Social Skills groups and always doa session on Manners with my students. Would love to add to my resources!

  52. Deanna Jackson says:

    As an education consultant for hundreds of schools, I would like to have a ready-made resource to use when training directors who need ideas to coach their teachers with. Many social skills systems exist, but not all are feasible due to cost and/or training hours. This is a reasonable system for a school to use as a basis for developing communication with each other as well as with families.

  53. Debbie Lewis says:

    I will donate the books to our school library.

  54. We have added a character value segment to our morning circle time. These books would be great items to add to our resources.
    Thank you!

  55. Iris Corral says:

    I had these books for my teachers at my previous school. Just a few minutes ago I was speaking to a teacher in my new school about behavior tools. These books came to mind and then I see this email. Would LOVE to be able to use them again. My new school does not have the financial resources as my previous school. They were extremely helpful to the teachers and the children. I can guarantee these books would be put to use everyday if we won them! Thank you! Iris Corral

  56. Melissa Banks says:

    following on Pinterest

  57. Melissa Banks says:

    I train our local Child Care Providers on many topics. Feelings is a huge one I always talk to them about and different ways to help children express what they’re feeling in different situations. I would give these books to our providers so they can read to the children who are in their care.

  58. Melissa Banks says:

    I “liked” your page on Facebook

  59. Suzette Keidel says:

    I would use them for my special needs child to help with understanding better behavior and good manners and then I would donate them to his Autistic Support School.

  60. Rebecca VanEtten says:

    I am a Caring School Community Counselor at two elementary schools. My fellow counselors and I go into classes and teach social skills to all grade levels. These books would help our lessons immensely. Each book covers the important topics that we like to cover multiple times throughout the year so that the students really work on being caring, well-rounded individuals.

  61. Maureen Peifer says:

    Our teachers often request stories on manners. It would be great to have these books as resources for our early childhood and preschool faculty

  62. Nyala Edwards says:

    I want to do a series in my story time on the importance of having good manners. You are never too young to learn!

  63. Lara Kehle says:

    As an early childhood mental health consultant, and parent educator, these books would become part of my resource library for child care providers, teachers, administrators, and parents to borrow. Also, they would become part of my training materials when presenting to parents and professionals. I would also use them while modeling in the classrooms.

  64. Renee Clarke says:

    Would love to you these resources for our preschool speech children.

  65. Delores Browning says:

    I would read these to classes and encourage our teachers to use them with their students.

  66. Amy Lombardi says:

    I like your page on Facebook!

  67. Amy Lombardi says:

    I would use the books to remind my kids of the appropriate ways to act and treat others. Maybe another source for teaching these skills would help them to remember!

  68. mommasbacon says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  69. mommasbacon says:

    Following on Pinterest.

  70. mommasbacon says:

    Following on Twitter.

  71. mommasbacon says:

    We are huge Meredith Verdick fans! I would share reviews of the books/products, read them to my preschooler and first grader, and donate them as appropriate to my children’s schools. Free Spirit books have become essential reading in our household and I like to get the word out about them as they always assist us.


  72. Susan V. says:

    I will use with preschoolers.

  73. arkady62 says:

    It will be great to share these books with the Education department so they can use them during Student Teaching.

  74. jspringate says:

    I would use these books for my Creative Experiences college class so teachers could teach children about how to get along and how to operate successfully in a preschool or elementary classroom.

  75. Elaine Holt says:

    Would definitely use the resources while conducting groups for children 6 yrs. to 12 yrs. who are in-patient in a mental health facility.

  76. Barbara Harrison says:

    These resources would be a great way to support the social learning of the children I know!

  77. Laura May says:

    I would use these books for my child development class, my future educator class, and my life skills class.
    I teach at Lanier high school in Austin, TX.

  78. Katherine Cashatt says:

    We work on manners daily, being respectful of others is something that we try to teach and live constantly. These books would be a wonderful addition to bolster mindfulness and mannerly behavior. We do not currently have any of these books, so they would bring new discussion points during reading and different views when we talk about them during meals.

  79. Catherine Bergman says:

    We have several Free Spirit books and use them often. One of our favorites is biting hurts. Working with two-year-olds who don’t have good language skills yet this helps them understand why we shouldn’t bite. I believe that learning manners is an essential life skill to teach to young children.

  80. I will read these books to children.

  81. I commented on FB that one of our children was spit on by her fellow classmate. A lot of our children in the On My Way Pre-k Program have not been in day care or a structured environment before. The teachers have a lot! of work to do every day. Thanks!

  82. Kristina Kersting says:

    These books are a great resource for Counselors working with kids.

  83. Terri Vangelos says:

    I would use these books with my students across the content areas. I would also offer them as resources to other teachers in my building.

  84. Jennifer Calef says:

    I am interested in using these books in conjunction with my curriculum for my toddlers and preschoolers. I run a family hildcate and I feel these would be a great addition.

  85. Christie Wolfe says:

    I love that these resources hit ALL age levels that I work with! I will use these materials during our Month of Manners, which we do every spring.

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