Enter to win resources for National Bullying Prevention Month!

Enter to win resources for National Bullying Prevention Month!This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Rebecca! About one out of every four U.S. students will report being bullied this year, making bullying the most common form of violence experienced by young people in the nation. Many of you are charged with preventing and responding to bullying, and we want you to be equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to effectively intervene and foster a culture of respect. To support your efforts, we’re giving away our biggest and most valuable bullying prevention bundle ever. One reader will win a copy of each of these resources:

To Enter: Leave a comment below telling us how you would use these materials in your work with kids. This giveaway is now closed.

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The winner will be contacted via email on or around October 17, 2016, and will need to respond within 72 hours to claim his or her prize or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with, administered, or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Winner must be a U.S. resident, 18 years of age or older.

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76 Responses to Enter to win resources for National Bullying Prevention Month!

  1. We use your tools when we provide workshops in after-school programs led high school volunteers i elementary schools on the importance of standing up for another person and promoting inclusion and kindness @volunTEENnation

  2. Tracy Ojeda says:

    We have a great 4K-12 scope and sequence for bullying prevention and these resources will allow us to expand our district-wide efforts with individual students, small groups, whole classrooms and in our work with families to prevent bullying, teach positive social behavior and emphasize the important role of upstanders.

    The following is what our district currently has in place: October-Bullying Prevention Month: Theme-“Empathy. Step up. Be kind.”; K-8th grade Poster Contest (poster represents theme); Winning posters are printed onto place mats and distributed to local restaurants; Bullying prevention theme banners at all schools; October 3rd: World Day of Bullying Prevention – Students and staff wear blue; Bullying Prevention Kick-Off Day: Jerry Ackerman presents to students during day – Parent presentation at night: “Parenting the SnapChat Generation”; October 19th: Unity Day (National Bullying Prevention Day); United for kindness, acceptance, & inclusion – Students and staff wear orange; Share out/remind students of anonymous online bullying reports; in addition to small group and classroom lessons provided district-wide 4K-12.

    We are huge fans of your Bully-Free Classroom resources, and these additional materials will be used in our current bullying prevention efforts and will also help us strengthen our scope of bullying prevention. Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle of Free Spirit Bullying Prevention materials for our schools – they will definitely be put to good use across our district!

  3. Tami says:

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  5. Tami says:

    I am a new teacher. I would use these in my future classroom throughout the year.

  6. Laura Filtness says:

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  9. I would love to use these in my classroom guidance lessons, small group sessions, during class morning meetings, and collaborate with teachers to help reduce bullying numbers at our school.
    Laura F

  10. Ann Cothron says:

    I would make a display of these items in the library and allow patrons to check them out.

  11. Charissa Olson says:

    I work for the Military Child Education Coalition Parent to Parent program. We teach workshops to parent on bullyproofing and using these publications would be awesome! We provide these workshops free of charge to military and non-military families at schools, community organizations, and on military installations.

  12. Kristen says:

    Great resources that we could use with our preschool and Pre-K students.

  13. Stella Bromley says:

    I am the librarian for the district professional library- these would be a great resource for all 118 schools. Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. Rebecca D. says:

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  15. Rebecca D. says:

    I am a school social worker in a public school district that is $15 million dollars in the red. These resources would greatly help me do my job on a very minimal-to-none budget. Thank you!

  16. Kristin Healer says:

    I teach Pre-K 4, and already have witnessed bullying on our playground. It is my responsibility to educate these very young children before they have the notion of bullying become an ingrained part of their lives. Because the most learning occurs before the age of 6, behaviors such as bullying and how to handle them in other people can be taught and become a permanent part of the child’s personality. The younger we begin to teach these positive behaviors, the farther they will carry into life.

  17. Brittney York says:

    I REALLY like these books. I already own some of them! I am a paraprofessional and I am using these books for the children I work with. The children I work with are in elementary school. I would also use these books in a school-age care setting as well as reading them to my own children.

  18. Lori Bachman says:

    As a middle school counselor, I utilize as many resources possible when helping students with issues that interfere with a successful educational experience. The middle school years are often tenuous when self-esteem is considered and even worse if low self-esteem is a result of bullying. Students continue to determine who they are as a person and I want them to feel their confident self during the middle school years to ease this process. The resources available through Free Spirit would fit seamlessly into the culture and climate we strive for engage in every day to keep students safe and healthy.

  19. Hi! I am a behavior specialist covering 9 counties in North Carolina. I would love to have these resources to share with teachers and to use as examples in trainings/workshops. I think we need to teach children about the dangers of bullying early on. I work with early care and education professionals who work with children ages 2 to 5 years of age. I would utilize these resources to show teachers there are supports out there that can help them talk to young children about bullying prevention. I would love to add these to my professional library and encourage programs to purchase these for their own as well! Thank you for offering these wonderful items!

  20. Hi,
    My name is LeAnne Lorenzo and I work with children in Early Intervention, 3-5 years of age. I am also a PBIS Facilitator in PA and have been working with Child Care sites to implement Program wide Positive Behavior Supports. In this role I work with teachers of children 6 weeks – 12 years old. These books would be given to the sites I work with so the teachers can use them to support their implementation of PBIS especially during lessons on teaching children how to be a friend, intervene when bullying is happening and learning the language of positive behavior support. Other resources would be shared with school age staff I work with for their use in bullying prevention and implementation of School wide PBIS.
    Thanks for the chance to get some resources for the work teachers are doing.

  21. I am a Behavior Specialist and work with K-12 grade level kids. I would use these resources to educate kids about bullying. I would share these resources with the school counselors and any teachers who need for their classroom for class discussions. We have a week (Oct. 24-28, 2016) at K-5 for Red Ribbon Week and it is titled “United We Stand Against Bullying and Drugs!”

  22. Sara Tick says:

    We, the mental health team, are covering the whole school, students, parents and teachers, for antibullying in all areas.

  23. Rachel Vargas says:

    Our CIS XYZone program, co-led by our young men at-risk of dropping out of school, could use these resources during their required “Peace Week” assignment, where they promote anti-bullying with the entire student body.

  24. Jennifer Heldenbrand says:

    The books would be made available to any teacher in our elementary school who wanted to use them as a resource to prepare classroom lessons. The posters would be displayed in a prominent location as a reminder to students. We would also use the materials with our student council and Jr. Hope Squad to help boost their skills in helping them be leaders within their classes and learning to promote healthy responses to combat bullying behaviors.

  25. Merry Goodman says:

    Unfortunately, bullying in elementary schools has become a concern for many schools. With the help of your products, we can continue to send the right message to stop bullying. Thanks for your continued support with this issue.

  26. Dana Vanormer says:

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  27. Dana Vanormer says:

    i would use these materials and resources to teach the children in my program to provide them with information, get them the tools, and coping skills when they are personally involved, confronted, or witnessing bullying behavior. I would also provide the parents the knowledge to help their child if they were being bullied or if their child was bullying another child.

  28. Kayla Dancho says:

    A student’s parent told me about this website. I was excited to see the plethora of resources. Our school takes time to teach social skills throughout the year. We would use these resources at all grade levels to continue to support these lessons and conversations.

    In the past I have discussed what the term bullying means and how to identify when someone is being bullied. Following that discussion we discuss how to be an ally and how to best handle bullying.

    I would love to use these resources in my classroom, grade level, and school.

  29. jennywatsonroop@gmail.com says:

    These resources would be used to help educate the middle school students I work with daily. We are trying to always promote respect and kindness as well as educating our students about bullying and cyberbullying.

  30. Teresa Bateman says:

    I would work with my counselor to create a unit on bullying when I am also doing my cyberbullying unit.

  31. Tina says:

    I would use these to help my students learn that there are all kinds of bullying. It doesn’t matter the age, there are ways we can be positive and stand up for one another instead of tearing each other down. The books are a valuable resource to,help children hear another persons story! These tools would be able to,be shared with colleagues in my school who are always looking for,other ways to help out children cope with issues. Thank you for thinking of us for a change!

  32. dsmith1314 says:

    I would use these materials with my students. I have 3rd graders after school, 9th graders once a week, and 11th and 12th graders daily. I purchase resources from you every year and they are always great!

  33. dsmith1314 says:

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  34. Jocelyn y says:

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  35. Jocelyn y says:

    I would donate to my school districts social workers team to support our “super star” program which brings social awareness to our classrooms.

  36. melodeeroze says:

    My daughter is six years old and has Down Syndrome; she is in special education at our local elementary school. It is a known fact that children with disabilities are the ones who are targeted by bullies the most. I would use these resources by giving them to my daughters teacher/school so that all staff and students especially those with disabilities in special education classes have resources on hand to teach them about bullying.

  37. Traci Matthews says:

    We have an Anti-Bullying Club at our middle school. I would use these materials with them to help them reach more students with their positive messages about not bullying in schools and other areas.

  38. Stephanie Kiefer says:

    These materials would be a great asset to our schools anti-bullying campaign. Every year, we have a Challenge Day (from rachelschallenge.org) and we use Flip Flippen’s “Capturing Kid’s Hearts” for discipline. I could see these materisl being utilized seamlessly with our current efforts!

  39. Kimberly Vakoc says:

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  42. Kimberly Vakoc says:

    I work with preschoolers and unfortunately we already see bullying behavior in children at this age. My hope is to use these materials to help stop the bullying at an early age and to help those who might be bullied to speak up for themselves.

  43. hgrange9 says:

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  46. hgrange9 says:

    I would use the materials to help teach children to recognize bullying, learn how to respond, and how and when to approach an adult for help. I also want students to learn to solve problems and learn to be upstanders rather than bystanders.

  47. Heidi G. says:

    I would use the materials to encourage children to teach children about what bullying is, how to prevent it and how to address the problems when they occur. Sadly, bullying happens all the time and adults just can’t be around all the time. Helping students learn to be upstanders rather than bystanders and start solving problems is the first step in the right direction.

  48. Vivian Willard says:

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  49. Vivian Willard says:

    At Ballentine Elementary we will use these resources in each K-5 classroom to prevent and address bullying behaviors.

  50. Now I’ll see you on Pinterest, too! 🙂

  51. Followed on Twitter and retweeted your Bullying Prevention Month tweet.

  52. Jennifer Gwartney says:

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  53. Cheryl Beck says:

    I teach Reading to sixth graders and I would incorporate lessons each month that would help them to recognize some of the behaviors that they display that border on bullying. I blieve that reading for real world purposes is an essential skill and bullying is an essential concept for students to explore.
    Best regards,

  54. Jennifer Gwartney says:

    I teach at a high school and I also facilitate a school climate committee. I’d LOVE to have a copy of the 6Rs book to share with my team! The lower level books, I would donate to our on-site younger/older kindergarten program where teen students are paired with kinder-buddies for the year. I’ve bought a few of your “In The Jar” items before and would use those in my own classes, as well as get those older oriented books, Words Wound and Vicious, into our library stacks as resources for teens to check-out. I can see many of the other items being used in display around campus, or in the development of a staff/parent lending library to continue informing on this major issue.

  55. Lisa Zappa says:

    We are a childcare center with school age children. We focus on social and emotional lessons with the children because of the area that the children reside. We do a bullying curriculum each summer to help the children cope with the bullying that they endure at school and on the bus. Many of the children report to us that they love the curriculum and it really helps them out at school. We would use these additional resources to vamp up our curriculum so that the children are well equipped to deal with bullying situations.

  56. Autumn says:

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  58. Robin Shaw says:

    Our middle school has a dedicated time period each week in which teachers involve students in anti-bullying activities. These activities and posters could replace less effective lessons and/or supplement lessons already in place.

  59. I would use these resources to help educate teachers and families in the 2 Elementary Schools I support with family engagement and partnerships.

  60. lena sirmans says:

    My sons charter school has a wonderful anti-bullying program as well as a school philosophy to stop bullying before it starts. They work very hard at promoting respect, inclusion and communication. Every child is given a voice so they feel empowered and don’t feel the need to attack others. They have a “buddy bench” on the playground to help children practice compassion and kindness with one another. They have had assemblies on bullying for kindergarten through sixth grade. They also make communicate with the bus drivers to insure that all aspects of the school day are bully- free. I think they would greatly benefit from the resources listed above!

  61. Bradley Evans says:

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  63. Bradley Evans says:

    I work in a title one school where the majority of our students are on free and reduced lunch however we have a small spattering of students who are upper middle class. These upper middle class students are constantly being bullied because of where they live their style of clothing their color of skin you name it anything that makes them appear different than the others. I would use these products to help encourage these students to stand up and make a difference. I would also use them to help the bully see that they are not so different from the others and that what they are doing is hateful and hurtful.

  64. Ed Theriault says:

    I am a seventh grade teacher of a fairly small school. We are a K-8 with maybe 120 students in the whole school. Like other schools our budget is limited to non existent and to some extent we strive to have a bully free school. Having student ranging from ages 4-15 we encounter bullying in many different forms, such as cyber bullying, physical, and emotional. Any resource that we get as a school is shared amongst other teachers in the building allowing multi grade use of what we have. Our health teacher teaches almost all grade levels and could easily incorporate the use of these materials in his curriculum.

  65. Autumn says:

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  66. Elaine Holt says:

    Bullying behavior is a major concern at my middle school. In my role as middle school counselor, I focus on being proactive by giving students information, tools, and coping skills when they are personally involved, confronted, or witnessing bullying behavior. I would most certainly use the resource materials with the faculty and staff, as well, as the students. Bullying behavior affects everyone!!!

  67. Erin F says:

    I am the Bully-Proofing Coordinator at my school. We use the Bully Free Zone in a Jar in every classroom. These are discussion starters. We also have used the Weird, Dare and Tough books for a Bully-Proofing day.

  68. Nicolle says:

    I would share this with other teachers to spread the word about bullying prevention!

  69. Bethany Zier says:

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  72. Bethany Zier says:

    I would use these resources as items to share with teachers for reinforcing our counseling lessons in the classroom. The Wierd! series is an absolute favorite and the students always want to borrow it to read again and again!

  73. Lisa Detrych says:

    I am a School Social Worker with 2 Elementary Schools. I have a Bullying Committee of students who can use these tools to present to classrooms of other students and make bulletin boards with use of the books messages to promote ways to deal with bullies and educate our students on what is bullying and types of bullying through skits and assemblies. These tools you are offering will be put to good use. Thank you!

  74. Crystal Lynn says:

    I would use these resources to help better educate students about bullying!

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