10 Ways to Celebrate National School Counseling Week

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10 Ways to Celebrate National School Counseling WeekNational School Counseling Week is February 1–5. This year’s theme is “School Counseling: The Recipe for Success.” School counselors work every day to support students’ academic success, personal and social well-being, and career development needs. They do this by providing individual counseling; group counseling; classroom lessons; school-wide programming; consultation with parents, teachers, and staff; and much, much, more!

This post explains two big ways school counselors can celebrate National School Counseling Week.

Advocate for the Role of School Counselor
National School Counseling Week is a great catalyst for advocating for school counselors. Use this opportunity to share with your school and community what school counselors do to support student success. Ways you can do this include:

  • Read daily announcements about National School Counseling Week over your school PA system or on your school’s news program.
  • Present your school counseling program and services at a school board meeting during the week of National School Counseling Week.
  • Speak at a school staff meeting about the work you do with students.
  • Host an “Open Office” (like an open house) during National School Counseling Week where students, teachers, parents, and community members can come and learn more about the services you provide that support student success.
  • Ask your district superintendent to sign a proclamation for National School Counseling Week.
  • Display a bulletin board in a prominent place in the school that outlines all the services school counselors offer.

School Counselors Week Free PrintableRecognize Supporters
If any teachers, principals, parents, or staff members support your program or your role as a school counselor, a great way to say thank you is by recognizing those individuals formally or informally. Some ways to do that include:

  • Highlight your biggest constituent: Students! Provide students with bookmarks, stickers, and pencils. Encourage students to share ways that they have been supported by you as a school counselor. Share their messages with administrators.
  • Recognize teachers and administrators. One year during National School Counseling Week, my colleague and I gave all of the teachers and administrators a card that said “Teachers, Administrators, and School Counselors work together for student success. In celebration of National School Counseling Week, we would like to thank you for being one of the ‘3 Musketeers.’” We included “3 Musketeers” candy with the card.
  • Share something special with all staff. For last year’s National School Counseling Week, my colleague and I gave all of the staff members a bottle of water and a flavored drink mix with the message “Together we help ‘quench’ the ‘thirst’ for knowledge! We appreciate you!” You can make your own card using the template I created.
  • Award special supporters! Present award certificates to specific individuals (students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff) who went above and beyond in their support of your school counseling program.

How are you planning to celebrate National School Counseling Week at your school?

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