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96 Responses to Enter to Win a $200 Free Spirit Gift Certificate!

  1. Alvira says:

    I am a free spirit. I believe love will heal all things. Our world our children our families our work place need a lot of love and hope. To know through all of life’s challenges showing love in actions in speech and in all that we do will make the cycle of healing ,learning ,understanding and becoming a better people easier. Love brings peace joy and happiness it shines light in every dark place. So I say everyone with a free spirit let your light of love shine through all the darkness.

  2. Eileen Quinn says:

    I am a free spirit because I follow my heart and soul to do the right thing for children and families each and every day.

  3. I can only be a free spirit when all our work is done protecting children! I love recommending Free Spirit as a resource, especially ‘My Body Belongs to Me’, so that children can live their lives free to be who they were meant to be.

  4. Alaina Etress says:

    I am a free spirit. I allow God to take control. I trust he will place the students/people in my path each day who need me most as I fulfil my purpose in life. 🙂

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I am a free spirit who is following and friending you on Facebook!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I’m not surprised that I was already following Free Spirit on Pinterest! I think that I connected with that freedom there too!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Reading, reading, reading makes me a free spirit! I can go anywhere, be anything, do anything–it’s so wonderful to read what you want and when you want!

  8. I am a Free Spirit by reading material that reminds me what it’s like to be a kid!

  9. Kelly Brown says:

    I follow you on twitter

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    I follow you on Facebook

  11. Kelly Brown says:

    I follow you on Pinterst

  12. Kelly Brown says:

    I am a free spirit because I always try to do what is right for my students. Sometimes that can be difficult.

  13. Katie Moore says:

    At times it is hard to be a ‘free spirit” in the class room, I do my very best to include art, creativity and individuality into all my teaching experiences.

  14. Heidi Borton says:

    I am a free spirit because I do what makes me happy beyond anyone’s opinion. It is my duty to pass this freeness on to my students who are praised for the differences. I constantly stand by my classroom expectations: be safe, be respectful, and be unique.

  15. nonotuck221 says:

    I’m a free spirit because I’m always learning….

  16. Sarah says:

    I am a free spirit because I am not afraid to embrace new experiences and learning opportunities that blow my way each new day in a new way. I am free to evolve in new and exciting ways with each new activity and to allow my students to experience new exciting possibilities.

  17. Bonnie says:

    I am a free spirit because everyday brings a new adventure in my classroom.

  18. Lee Anne Larsen says:

    I love being a Free Spirit because I am free to help those around me feel better about themselves! It brings me unbelievable happiness, it frees up my spirit to soar when I can help a child realize they have value and their eyes light up with joy!

  19. aprilimler says:

    Working with middle schoolers is a new adventure everyday so I just go with the flow. That is what I call a free spirit.

  20. Wendy Buckey says:

    I’m a free spirit… I go with the flow (even in my OCD-esque teacher demeanor) and also enjoy last-minute crafts and arts activities. I can enjoy birdsong at any moment (when most others don’t have ears to hear it) or spectacular nature scenes that only God could have planned. 😊

  21. malamumingi says:

    I am the quintessential independent contractor…because I am a free spirit. After years of “beating my own drum” in organizations, I realized that my creativity really needed to be an entity free of external structure. That freedom allows me to choose wonderful projects (largely curriculum development) for worthwhile organizations and to give back to the community in many ways…and that includes the school community…like my son’s middle school. I have raised lots of money, started programs, supported teachers…and wins from contests like this go straight to them.

  22. Heather Hollands says:

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  23. Heather Hollands says:

    I followed on Twitter

  24. Heather Hollands says:

    I liked on Facebook

  25. Heather Hollands says:

    I’m a free spirit because I don’t get even, I get odd.

  26. dsmith1314 says:

    What makes me a free spirit is I love learning and I try to show my passion to my students and let them know how much I believe in them.

  27. dsmith1314 says:

    I follow you on Pinterest.

  28. dsmith1314 says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  29. mindy says:

    I’m a free spirit because it gives great guidance for dealing with our children.

  30. Christine says:

    I am a free spirit because I believe kindness makes a difference.

  31. Emily Weber says:

    I am a free spirit because I appreciate & value the hard work that my students show every day, despite many obstacles in their lives.

  32. Kathy Ray says:

    I am a free spirit because I believe you explore your world to understand the many perspectives and possibilities and I share that with students so they can learn to relate to the world in new and productive ways.

  33. Maria says:

    I am a free spirit because I believe in the value of kindness in every form.

  34. Becky says:

    I’m a free spirit because I let my heart and soul lead me. Some might say I’m naïve, but I prefer to be optimistic! There are times when it’s hard- when students share something with you that you can’t believe a child has to deal with… but we have to stay positive – for them. My kids and students help me to stay a free spirit!

    • My free spirit is reflected in the winding road my professional life has taken. From teaching, to school counseling, to community servant, to nonprofit program director. Children and community are at the heart of all of these but each new door has humbled and challenged me to learn and grow.

  35. carla stough huffman says:

    followed on Pinterest

  36. carla stough huffman says:

    followed on twitter

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    liked on facebook

  38. carla stough huffman says:

    I’m a free spirit, sure, but I’m also a Free Spirit. For years, I’ve used books and games I’ve found on your site to teach thousands of youth and adults about stress, anger, diversity, their incredible brain, why we lie and a million things more. Free flowing knowledge and the capacity for life long learning keep my spirit free.

  39. Stephanie says:

    I am a free spirit because I continue to be hopeful everyday for this broken world we live in. I believe in the good in people and look to find ways to help them notice it in themselves.

  40. Sandra says:

    I am a free spirit because I try to overcome with LOVE the ugliness and fear that grips so many in the world. And I spread that love by sharing wonderful picture books with children in our library.;

  41. Kathleen Heinlen says:

    A free spirit always keeps looking, searching and changing throughout life. The thing is, I have discovered the most about how to love living by learning as I go. It seems essential to see uniqueness in every person and every culture. A free spirit doesn’t mean you come and go through people’s lives. I try to encourage all the people I know, closely or in passing, to love their unique abilities.

  42. Julie Baumgart says:

    Recently found you on Pinterest 🙂

  43. Julie Baumgart says:

    Followed on Twitter

  44. Julie Baumgart says:

    Liked on Facebook 🙂

  45. Julie Baumgart says:

    I am a free spirit because as much as I follow the rules, I will often challenge the status quo and seek a “new normal”!

  46. Victoria DeOrnellis says:

    I follow you on Pinterest (magoosmom)

  47. Victoria DeOrnellis says:

    I follow you on Twitter (@magoosmom75)

  48. Victoria DeOrnellis says:

    I have liked your page on Facebook 🙂

  49. Victoria DeOrnellis says:

    I am a free spirit because I am able to follow my own heart and do what I feel is right rather than feel like I must follow someone else’s demands.

  50. autumn shaffer says:

    I am a free spirit because I try to find new and innovative ways to do things!

  51. autumn shaffer says:

    I follow you on twitter

  52. autumn shaffer says:

    I follow you on pintrest

  53. autumn shaffer says:

    I liked you on facebook

  54. Virginia Brown says:

    I am a free spirit because I am an artist at heart and love to travel. I enjoy teaching K-2 students critical thinking skills.

  55. Pam says:

    I am a free spirit because I am not bound by mindless convention (MOST of the time!) I free myself over and over from the bondage of others and myself. And I allow others to be themselves, and encourage their freedom to be who they truly are.

  56. Hazel Curtis says:

    Always remember you are your own free spirit, be a inspiration, set a good example, and that free spirit will spread to others.

  57. Carla Fessler says:

    I feel like a free spirit when taking care of others and doing good in our little community!

  58. Larissa says:

    Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone.

  59. Mamie says:

    As a free spirit, I follow my own beliefs of what’s right or wrong – even when it makes me seem “square” or out of touch.

  60. Janet Carlson says:

    I am a free spirit because I am a free lancer for other educators and bring resources from Free Spirit for “Show and Tell”.

  61. Linda Rynd says:

    I am a free spirit because I am a retired high school teacher, but choose to volunteer as a teacher in my grandson’s third grade class every week!

  62. Melanie Olson says:

    I am a Free Spirit because I am not constrained by the expectations or limitations that others try to put on me. I am passionate about speaking up for what is right and against what is not. I advocate for the needs of my children as well as my classroom full of gifted and talented students. I march to the beat of my own drum and follow my own path, even if it goes up steam!

  63. Melanie Olson says:

    I like Free Spirit Publishing and post about your resources on Facebook.

  64. Melanie Olson says:

    I follow Free Spirit Publishing on Twitter and tweet about your resource. 😉

  65. Kathy Duplessis says:

    I’ve never cared about fashion or really fitting in so I guess I am a free spirit!

  66. Teresa Bateman says:

    I’m a free spirit because, with the rain coming in torrents outside and my library jam-packed with students for recess my spirit has to be free because the rest of me is busy!

  67. Madelyn says:

    I truly like the content that is offered for my at risk students. It has helped re-engage students due to the information and stories that I use, they are able to connect their lives with the content.

  68. Corby says:

    I like to “Make a Splash” with project based learning!

  69. Elaine Gard says:

    I am a free spirit because, I believe in being true to yourself and letting the light that is in each of us shine to benefit others and build relationships and connections that extend far beyond ourselves.

  70. Jenny says:

    I’m a free spirit since I teach middle school family and consumer sciences!

  71. knack50 says:

    I love sharing the Free Spirit “Survival Guides” in my classes of future and current teachers. I tell them they are great resources for their own professional library or to request to have copies in the school library.

  72. Alison Steier, PhD says:

    I’m a “free spirit” because the books and materials are so well done and so helpful.

  73. DAVID says:

    Very educational. They teach children good traits, which is most important to lead an successful life.

  74. Sherry says:

    Followed on Twitter.

  75. Sherry says:

    I am a free spirit because I teach special education.

  76. Lorinda L Utter says:

    I love all the articles and resources help me be a better teacher of gifted students.

  77. Judy says:

    I am a free spirit as I strive to be positive and be mindful during my day day to life. I am easy going, go with the flow type of person and believe in kindness at all times.

  78. Malia Huffman says:

    I am a free spirit because I follow what I feel is best rather than what society predicts, and also that I educate both my own child and other children I work with to follow their own hearts and best interests rather than worry about what others think around them!

  79. Elizabeth Legere says:

    Followed on Pinterest

  80. Patti Stein says:

    I am a free spirit by living in the moment, by being open to the magic of the universe, by releasing old ways and being receptive to what is true for me. I cherish being a free spirit, and encourage my students to embrace their own free spirit.

  81. Elizabeth Legere says:

    Followed on Twitter

  82. mommasbacon says:

    I follow Free Spirit on Pinterest!

  83. Elizabeth Legere says:

    Liked on Facebook

  84. mommasbacon says:

    I follow Free Spirit on Twitter!

  85. Kathryn says:

    I am a free spirit in the way that I just roll with the punches and go where the wind takes me. I go with that philosophy in my classroom as well. If something sparks our interest, we investigate and take the time to let our imaginations wander.

  86. Elizabeth Legere says:

    I am a free spirit because I am not afraid to go against the grain of what others believe is right. If I believe something is the right thing to do, I will follow and do that.

  87. mommasbacon says:

    I am a very independent person and try to follow my own path.

  88. Success and happiness of others makes me a “free spirit”.

  89. Kelly says:

    My free spirit is reflected in the fact that I put happiness first–both my happiness, and the happiness of my students. Happy students learn best!

  90. Nancy Blanchard says:

    Following my heart instead of rules!

  91. Deana Hirte says:

    My Free Spirit revolves around education and finding those learning experiences that just pop up and can be built upon. Anything that can encourage spontaneous learning helps the free spirit in me teach others.

  92. Bradley says:

    I am my own free spirit. I believe in following my heart and not others. Being a free spirit means you go with the flow and let the world take you where it may. That is probably where you are supposed to be.

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