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This month we’re giving away a book bundle that meets the unique needs of gifted kids and their teachers: This giveaway is now closed.

When Gifted Kids Don’t Have All the Answers
Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom
Differentiation for Gifted Learners

The Survival Guide for Gifted Kids
The Gifted Teen Survival Guide
The Essential Guide to Talking with Gifted Teens

To Enter:
Leave a comment below telling us how you help gifted kids and teens. This giveaway is now closed.

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169 Responses to Enter to Win Gifted Resources

  1. Shannon Manigault says:

    I provide occupational therapy services in my school district for children from pre-k through junior high school. These would be great resources!

  2. Dara Al ayed says:

    I helped start an extension program in our school 🙂

  3. Leigh Anne Akey says:

    I am the Gifted Education Coordinator of a large school system with a local budget of $0.00. There is always a need for resources to share with the 49 gifted specialists. Many of those teachers purchase resources out of their own pocket. These resources would become part of a lending library for personal and system lead professional development. We love our gifted students and want to learn new strategies to help them reach their potential.

  4. Jennifer O. says:

    I follow on Pinterest.

  5. Jennifer O. says:

    I like to challenge gifted students by providing them with open-ended problems so they are free to come up with their own creative solutions. I also encourage them to share their strategies with the class.

  6. Monica says:

    I am excited to also be following Free Spirit Publishing on Pinterest too. Again, I am working with my own asynchronous gifted children in Bangkok and share resources on my site to help better understand gifted children .

  7. Monica says:

    I also follow Frre Spirit on Twitter as bkkpel. This set would be very useful.

  8. Monica says:

    Starting to homeschool my own gifted children abroad, as well as having a support group for parents of gifted children, I also have a site as a resource. These would be so helpful. I have “liked” the Free Spirit fb page.

  9. Helena Montano says:

    I fight for all my students

  10. I am a GT teacher, so I hope I help them every day at school.

  11. I co-founded our local parent-educator gifted support group – Gilbert Supporters of the Gifted in Gilbert, AZ. We have established a website, blog and Facebook page. We invited our district to form a Gifted Education Parent Council and that council is now in its second year. We advocated in a postive way, building relationships with district leadership, for self-contained classes for gifted students. The program currently includes a 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes. Services will expand to 7th grade this upcoming school year. We host quarterly guest lectures where parents can come and hear from local gifted education experts. We have had as many as 60 parents attending. We are wanting to provide resources to teachers to assist them in following a G.A.P. – Gifted Accomodations Plan – for certain students. These books would be helpful tools for these teachers and counselors. Thank you for your consideration.

  12. I try to help my gifted teen every day

  13. Yvonne M. says:

    Growing up, I didn’t know I was gifted. I was a mess! It wasn’t until having an exceptional child of my own that I began researching and finding out how all of my quirks and overexciteabilities played together and against each other and my environment. My passion is to help children learn to understand these quirks and characteristics and become empowered. I teach K-5 Gifted and love every minute of being with these amazing children. Self-knowledge is key to accepting one’s self.

  14. Shannan Frohlich says:

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  15. Shannan Frohlich says:

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  16. Shannan Frohlich says:

    I am a homeschooling mom of gifted children. I help gifted children and teens not only by learning about my own children, but by mentoring fellow parents of gifted children in options they may not have considered (like homeschooling, but also in other community activities and ways they can enrich their children).

  17. Susan A. Tatum says:

    I am a gifted/talented liaison working with students and teachers, K-12 in a small, rural district in Washington State. These books would be invaluable to help in my district.

  18. Elisha Stintzi says:

    Gifted education is a somewhat new topic in the state of Washington. In order to help gifted education students I became the highly capable building leader in my school where I have the opportunity to attend meetings about characteristics and methods to use for our gifted students and then bring it back to the staff. I have recently decided that I want to get my masters in gifted education as well so I am taking classes currently so that I can discover new ways to help these students. I use a lot of differentiation in my classroom currently to try and meet the needs of these students but I know there is so much more I could be doing for them. I am trying to take advantage of every opportunity to teach these students at a pace and level that is appropriate for them.

  19. Eunice says:

    Gifted education is almost unheard of in Malaysian schools. I know of many families who homeschool their gifted children due to that. My husband and I debated for years whether we’d send our kids to school or homeschool them. In the end, we decided they should go to school. The problem is, there are very few schools that cater to the learning needs of the gifted. The ones that do are very costly. For more than a year now, I’ve been actively pushing for meeting the learning needs of gifted children in my sons’ school. I’ve also been pushing for differentiated learning in the classroom. In addition to that, I’ve introduced the local NAGC to the school and invited the school staff to gifted conferences. The school responded positively to the invitations. Teaching staff are very excited about what they learned. The wonderful news is, the school will be starting an enrichment programme for high ability children soon. I have been asked to be part of the work and am gladly volunteering to do so. I am very happy that the school has such foresight for these children. I’m excited as to where this is leading for the gifted kids in the school.
    Because this is something very new in Malaysia, there are very few resources that we could tap on. These books would be very helpful for us as we embark on this journey. They’re not even available in Malaysia, hence we’d really love to win them!

    • Hi Eunice,

      Thank you for your comment. For legal reasons, the contest is unfortunately open only to U.S. residents. If you’d like to purchase Free Spirit resources for your program, you can find our books at MPH Bookstore in Malaysia. Best of luck with your program, and thank you for everything you do for kids!

      Suzy Winther
      Marketing Specialist, Free Spirit Publishing

  20. Gary Metzenbacher says:

    As a Library Media Specialist I assist all students including gifted in our school with resources and teaching to enable them to take responsibility for their own learning.

  21. Kristen Cioeta says:

    I work in Delaware, a state without Gifted Legislation. I wanted to start a gifted program at my school last year and i wrote a grant to bring an enrichment style program to our dual language K-8 charter school. We won the funding for initial start up but we could always use more resources. Since one characteristic of giftedness is the ability for students to acquire new languages quickly, we feel that promoting development of gifts and talents within an environment already structured for rich language learning could serve to enhance and challenge those individual students with the goal of helping all students to reach their full potential.

  22. Kristen Cioeta says:

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  25. Amy says:

    I have a son in AIG that I am considering homeschooling next school year. One of my concerns is making sure I can challenge him and not let him down. This would be a wonderful resource for us!

  26. Amy says:

    I follow on Pinterest!

  27. I followed Free Spirit on Pinterest!

  28. I liked Free Spirit on FaceBook!

  29. Such a great opportunity! Hello 🙂 I am the QUEST (Quality Utilization and Enrichment of Student Talents) Coordinator at my charter school, a program for gifted and talented learners. I teach QUEST for grades 2-8. The students come to me for 30 minutes every day to create challenging, and interest driven projects that vary in theme and content level depending on the grade and type of learner. This collection of books would greatly help my students dive deeper into their thinking and would allow me to better guide them on their unique educational journeys! We also have wonderful and supportive parents at our school would be benefit from the information in these books as well.

  30. Susan Campbell says:

    I try to help by being listening to them and finding any information I can find that will help my students and families.

  31. Jeannie Rodriguez says:

    I’m helping my HG 8 year-old daughter “hack” the system, so she can get the best education possible. Meanwhile, I’m taking teacher recertification classes in gifted topics and considering adding a gifted endorsement in order to help other gifted children too.

  32. Kim Crabtree says:

    I am an advocate who wants to continue to learn to best help my child. I am also an educator.

  33. Nita says:

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    Free spirit like on FB

  35. Nita says:

    Advocating for my gifted children!

  36. Duke oTTo says:

    My mommy helps me typing . I am 5.
    May I please have the book.

  37. raisingfritz says:

    Wonderful! I have shared on FB and Pinterest.

  38. Jessica says:

    As a middle school gifted facilitator, I collaborate with general ed teachers and provide accelerated programming. I also coach my students to advocate for themselves when their needs are not being met.

  39. Helena Montano says:

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  42. Helena Montano says:

    i advocate every day and try to change old mindsets

  43. redmags says:

    I volunteer at our elementary school, and advocate for my two gifted children.

  44. As a K-8 teacher librarian I collaborate with classroom teachers to create meaningful learning opportunities for all students including our gifted. I am also pursuing a Masters and my thesis topic is looking at underrepresented populations in gifted education.

  45. Parent and Education Consutant says:

    I am trying to learn more to help my son and to help his teachers who have great intentions but really are not trained to work with gifted students

  46. I am a high school science teacher, I’m working on my gifted endorsement, I have gifted children and I run a Facebook page to help local parents of gifted kids meet and discuss issues. I’ve purchased many of these books in the past but have lent most of them out and likely don’t have most of them anymore.

  47. Kim McDonald says:

    I have helped gifted children through Structured TEACCH therapy and my daughter has ADHD and is Gifted and I have used TEACCH and Social Thinking therapies with her, having great success!

  48. Shannon says:

    third grade gifted cluster teacher; parent of gifted kids

  49. I followed Free Spirit on Twitter

  50. Christie Sakhleh says:

    I liked Free Spirit on Facebook

  51. Christie Sakhleh says:

    Parent of gifted son and still learning how to better accommodate his needs.

  52. Erica says:

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  53. Erica says:

    I follow Free Spirit on Twitter.

  54. Erica says:

    I liked Free Spirit on Facebook.

  55. Erica says:

    I am an elementary gifted intervention specialist.

  56. Anra says:

    I use hoagies, free spirit resources and coordinate lego league, DI and TED ED club in his school to enrich his curriculum.

  57. Amanda says:

    Followed on Pinterest – and you’re in Minneapolis! Loved living there

  58. Amanda says:

    Liked on FB

  59. Amanda says:

    I am a parent of gifted kids trying to sort out navigating the system.

  60. Tracy Copening says:

    I travel to three buildings in our district to teach my 2nd – 6th grade gifted kids. I am always researching for ways to help them with their affective needs as well as their higher level thinking needs. I am very interested in purchasing theses resources.

  61. aralynlove says:

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  64. aralynlove says:

    I am a teacher of gifted students in a title 1 district, I work with grades 1-8. I also help provide resources and strategies to the classroom teachers.

  65. Mescinna Korolainen says:

    I advocate for my gifted son and often teach 2e students in my job.

  66. Carrie Ryals says:

    I’m a regular education teacher who tries to challenge all of her students; even the gifted. They so often get forgotten in a regular ed class because they are performing where or above the level needed to master the state test. As a former gifted student and the mother of two beautiful gifted girls, this is unacceptable. All of the children in my class will be challenged to think and achieve more.

  67. michelb366 says:

    I’m a gifted coordinator in a small, rural Colorado town. I help gifted children try to reach their full potential both academically and socially.

  68. michelb366 says:

    I follow you on facebook!

  69. Suzanne says:

    I grew up with a gifted brother, who somehow ‘survived’ school and went on to achieve great things. I’ve committed my teaching talents to encouraging gifted students to be proud of their love of learning and soar. I am constantly looking for books and resources that will continue to further develop my understanding of these amazing students.

  70. Amy Hageman says:

    I follow Free Spirit on Twitter

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    I like Free Spirit on Facebook

  72. Amy Hageman says:

    I am a high school science teacher. I help gifted kids by differentiating instruction to make sure that all students are challenged and learning at an appropriate level. I also support students in independent study projects to allow them to explore their own areas of interest at their own pace. \

  73. Ana says:

    I am the mother of a highly gifted child, educator, and advocate. I started with other parents a support group for parents of gifted children. My main aim is for the larger community to understand and support the educational, and the often neglected social and emotional needs of gifted children and young adults.

  74. Gretchen says:

    I teach many gifted children.

  75. Ann-Mari Decillis says:

    I am the Mom of a profoundly gifted daughter. Because of this I have become highly sensitive on the issues that surround these amazing children. I recently started my next life’s mission – helping teachers, parents and children better understand the gifted mind and the fun yet difficult things that go along with it!

  76. Katherine Crane says:

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  78. Mary Snyder says:

    I teach gifted 4th grade math students in an accelerated program.

  79. Katherine Crane says:

    I’m a proud Mom of three gifted kids (13, 11, 9), and I teach a self-contained third grade gifted class. As a gifted child the resources available to me were limited. I am thankful that my children have more opportunities than I had, and I challenge myself as an educator to make sure my students are appropriately challenged and nurtured.

  80. Kelly Smith says:

    My son has been in high ability since kindergarten and these books would help tremendously!

  81. Stephanie Pearson says:

    I followed on Fb.

  82. Stephanie Pearson says:

    I am a gifted elementary teacher with a gifted son. I am always looking for resources to help my students excel in school and life.

  83. Kim Forrest says:

    I teach gifted and high achieving Middle School kids in a self-contained classroom. I also help parents and other teachers in the building understand the needs of the gifted child.

  84. Sarah Tan says:

    I am an educator and a mother of a gifted boy. Through my parenting blog, I touch on gifted issues and spread awareness about gifted children. Other parents are reaching out to me for advice as they do not know who else to turn to regarding their gifted children.

  85. aggentry says:

    I have 2 gifted children. I am also a teacher assistant in all grade levels at an elementary school. Each grade level has a separate high ability classroom. These books would be a nice addition to our high ability director’s library for parents of gifted children.

  86. LuLu DeSomma says:

    I believe that we could use them to help him understand why he learns the way he does and so he doesn’t “hate his brain”. He thinks he is so so different from other kids. I would love for him to embrace his difference, instead of not liking it. In being only 8 though, it is hard and he just wants friends. I do not want him to fall into the “gifted underachiever” label that they want to call him, but do nothing to help with it. These would be a great resource for us 🙂

  87. Anni says:

    i have post grad in gifted & teach an academic extension class year 3 – so have some hard workers & some high flyers – the balance is tricky, but it’s such a joy to go to work every day – use my free spirit resources often

  88. Beth says:

    I’m a parent of two gifted teenagers and a school psychologist who has the privilege of working withh our highly capable program.

  89. Karen Park says:

    I follow Free Spirit on Pinterest

  90. Cassie Koscianski says:

    I am a Curriculum Coordinator at an international school. My work focuses on building flexible curriculum frameworks that are based on developmental continuums which support the needs of advanced learners. I work closely with teachers to develop units of inquiry rooted in differentiated learning experiences.

  91. Jenny Hecht says:

    I am a private therapist specializing in supporting the social-emotional needs of gifted youth, as well as the parent of an amazing almost-9-year-old daughter who is also gifted and has so many questions about the world and the way she sees and feels things. One of my favorite parts of working with gifted youth is helping them to understand what giftedness is and thus, to better understand themselves. I also help gifted youth by doing presentations for parents helping them to better understand asynchrony and the overexcitabilities, in order to avoid pathologizing behavior.

  92. Brenda Clark says:

    I follow on pinterest.

  93. Brenda Clark says:

    I am a parent of a gifted sons (ages 14 and 8). I’m an advocate for them and could use these resources to share with his teachers. Thank you for the opportunity!!!!

  94. Beth says:

    I run a support group for local parents of gifted children.

  95. Marshall Kettner says:

    I teach gifted and talented students, as well as being the proud parent of a gifted child!

  96. Liked on Facebook

  97. I am a gifted cluster group teacher for 3rd graders. I help gifted students by differentiating instruction to try to give them learning opportunities and chances for new learning.

  98. Lisa Landstrom says:

    I currently am working on designing a gifted program for my district. I also work with home school students as a consultant, helping to build challenging curriculum for their student learning plans.
    I have two highly gifted teens at home who challenge my thinking daily and keep me always seeking new information and skills.
    These books would be an amazing asset for me in both my professional and personal life!

  99. Barb Bridgestock says:

    I am a Talented and Gifted Teacher.

  100. Barb Bridgestock says:

    I follow you on Facebook.

  101. Candace says:

    I follow Free Spirit on Pinterest.

  102. Candace says:

    I like Free Spirit on Facebook.

  103. Candace says:

    Gifted advocate and educator.

  104. I have a gifted certificate but am teaching in a district without gifted programming – as I teach art, I find any way I can to identify and challenge gifted students with higher level thinking and creative projects!

  105. Janette Foster says:

    i help my gifted 8 year old every day learn and transform into the incredible, gifted, young lady she is becoming!!

  106. ardnam says:

    I follow Free Spirit on Pinterest as well.

  107. ardnam says:

    I follow Free Spirit on Twitter

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  109. Michelle Storment says:

    I teach Gifted Education for grades 1-12. We concentrate a lot on affective needs, and social skills in our class. These books would benefit our class immensely.

  110. Kathie says:

    My goals with my gifted students are to guide them to become more self-directed learners, to encourage them to never stop the inquiry process in their lives both in and out of school, to develop the habits of success that will ensure their success in life, and to provide a variety of deeply enriching activities to engage all styles of learning. I am currently striving to provide great STEM/STEAM activities that focus on discovery learning and critical thinking. Thanks for this opportunity to win such a great collection of resources!

  111. Diana black says:

    I am a SENG parent group facilitator. I have 2 highly gifte. Secretary of Gifted Advisory Council at their full time gifted schoold children. Would love more resources to share with parents !

  112. Madeline Brockish says:

    Gifted kids love it when you get “real” with them. I do this through discussion groups where we get to tackle some interesting and sometimes tough issues. Some of these students are trying so hard to fit into a box and when they don’t it makes them wonder “what’s wrong with me?” Having a chance to learn and talk about the nuances of giftedness helps strengthen their self concept and self perception. I also have teachers asking for differentiation support and it’s great when I have easy-to-use resources for them.

  113. I am a gifted program director and have been associated with Free Spirit for 30 years. The resources are great. I have most of these titles but I could definitely use more because I keep loaning them out to teachers, parents, and students.

  114. Lorinda L. Utter says:

    I teach K-5 gifted students in 4 high poverty elementary schools. I work with each grade individually. Many of my students have emotional needs that require me to work with them on their work ethic, anger issues, and relationships with others. The teen survival guide would be great asset to for my students transitioning into middle school. Helping regular education teachers with strategies on classroom engagement for my students is another priority. These books would be helpful in that as well.

  115. Monica Morrell says:

    I am a parent to two gifted sons (ages 14 and 8). I’m an advocate for them and could use these resources to share with their teachers. Thanks!

  116. Malka says:

    I have used and loved your products for many years with my own children and others that I have worked with. I love to share information learned and grow from reading your diverse materials.

  117. I am following Free Spirit on Pinterest. Wow! So many amazing pins!

  118. I liked Free Spirit on Facebook. 🙂

  119. I followed Free Spirit on Twitter.

  120. Tori says:

    I did my student teaching in a GATE cluster class and still visit and sub in the class often… I love learning from those kiddos as much as I love teaching them!

  121. I help my gifted students by hosting a computer programming club at both of my schools. There just isn’t enough time in the regular school day to do this, and it’s something many of my students love.

  122. Alexandra Clough says:

    I am a School Counselor and GT Facilitator at a K-5 school. I love these resources for working with children and their families!

  123. Jennifer O. says:

    At my school, our gifted students are not necessarily also high achievers. So my challenge is supporting these students with the interventions they need to help them develop their basic skills but also provide them with opportunities to demonstrate their critical thinking abilities.

  124. Marjori Todd says:

    I create a teach a gifted program for 3rd , 4th and 5th graders and work across the elementary grades with teachers to support the needs of gifted learners. With my students we work on social-emotional issues as well as advanced project based subject matter. All my students practice mediatation and other stress reduction and mind focusing techniques. I would love these set of books. Sadly I have no library of gifted books.

    I also am the mother of a gifted teen!

  125. Allison Woods says:

    I work with gifted kids at a middle school. If we won these books, they would be available to staff, students, and parents in our community!
    -Allison Woods

  126. Wendy Marczak says:

    I’m always looking for social skills curriculum for gifted kids 2nd-5th that is engaging–no more worksheets! Very hard to find lessons.

  127. Cheryl Flickinger Griffin says:

    Being a new TAG facilitator at an elementary school, I am reading many of the books published by Free Spirit. We formed an affective TAG group based on books of survival tips. Parents found that helpful, as well. The CAGT conference had me intrigued with your product line, as I kept spending much of my free time at your displays. If you’re giving away “free stuff”, my classes will be thrilled to be recipients. After all, we all want to be FREE!!!

  128. Gwen Olmstead says:

    Gifted advocate, educator and parent in the never ending battle for challenging education

  129. Bethany king says:

    I am a mom n of two gifted kids and I am always SC looking fornew we resources to help in their journey.

  130. Michael McCombs says:

    Consciously create curriculum and lessons that expose and shatter dillusion of perfectionism.

    Facilitate interdisciplinary, authentic, project based learning to tackle community problems, K-7!

  131. Deb Olle says:

    Hi! What a great array of books! I am a school counselor who works with 7th and 8th grade gifted students. I am always looking for more ways to help our kids reach their greatest potential!

  132. Kathryn Snow says:

    I work with selected students during our “RtI” time doing hands on engineering and cooperative projects.

  133. I have a GT lending library that all schools and all parent use to access information about giftedness and the issues it brings up for students and children. These resources would greatly augment the library and expand the resources we have to offer. Thank you!

  134. Nancy says:

    I follow you on Pinterest.

  135. Nancy Stream says:

    As both a coordinator for our district’s gifted program and a teacher of gifted students (my colleague and I provide services for grades 3 – 8, plus consult with grades K – 2), we are always on the hunt for resources to help our students, teachers and parents. I’ve been in this position for 17 years and many of my good books have “walked” (which is fine if they are being used to help a child and/or family!). If I can both replace titles and add to my library, that would be terrific!

  136. Nancy says:

    I follow you on Twitter.

  137. Nancy says:

    I support my gifted kid who is also on the autism spectrum but listening to him and learning from him. Now that he is a bit older, we’re learning how to make decisions together as a team. I’m always interested in more resources to help me learn more about how to support him better.

  138. Terri says:

    I am a gifted resource teacher and we use a lot of your books in our resource library for parents and classroom teachers. I would love to have these books to add to our collection! Thank you

  139. Terri says:

    I follow Free Spirit Publications on Pinterest

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    I follow Free Spirit Publications on Twitter

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    I have “liked” Free Spirit on Facebook

  142. Holly Trauner says:

    As a school counselor in an extremely economically deprived area, it is difficult to meet the needs of all students, gifted included. Many times it is not just the teacher who struggles to meet the needs of the struggling student in such diversity, but also the teacher who struggles to meet the needs and interests of their gifted students, while still attempting to make progress with the struggling learners. Sometime’s it is easier to show progress with a struggling learner than it is to show progress with a gifted learner because they are already at the top of the scale. Keeping them interested and not becoming a behavior problem is sometime’s an issue as well. I find myself attempting to find activities and resources to help those teachers who struggle to keep up with the demands to show progress for all students, including gifted. These resources would be of tremendous support to all our staff.

  143. Donna Albrecht says:

    I am a teacher educator preparing to teach a new course on working with gifted children that all elementary teacher candidates will be required to take. I am looking for resources and possible texts. I would love to win this collection!

  144. kristiharris says:

    I work with a lot of twice exceptional students. I help these kids understand their strengths to help them with their “striving” areas.

  145. Janette says:

    What amazing books you offer for us as parents, educators and for the children – the stories are very helpful and when read together it can be discussed with the child!!!
    I have forwarded this website on to many of the parents and the teachers at my son’s school.

  146. JjoAnn Davis says:

    I assist gifted students by teaching them unique units and stretching their thinking. I also help by providing differentiated activities to their teachers to use when classroom is completed or students pre-test out of the regular curriculum. Project ideas are shared, as well. I try to maintain my own education of gifted students to be a resource for our entire staff. I started a Junior Beta Club to provide acknowledgement of their academic successes and allow them to give back to the community. Following them after they leave me lets them know I still care about them and can help if necessary.

  147. autumn shaffer says:

    I work with students of all ages and the more information I have on effective instruction at all levels, the more successful I can be in the classroom.

  148. autumn shaffer says:

    I follow you on twitter

  149. autumn shaffer says:

    I follow you on pintrest

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    I follow you on facebook

  151. Gayle says:

    I help gifted kids and youth as their pastor. As someone who was greatly helped by The Gifted Kids guides during my own childhood and youth, I know how extraordinary these resources are! Thanks for the chance to continue sharing Free Spirit resources.

  152. I’m following Free Spirit Publishing on Pinterest.

  153. I follow Free Spirit Publishing on Twitter and have posted a link to this give away. I have 399 followers.

  154. Jodi says:

    I help gifted elementary school students by providing instruction in math and ELA in a pullout program. Within that, I help them learn to self-advocate, understand their unique needs as children who are gifted, and attempt to inform and educate parents. A new adventure for me has also been as a Teacher Leader, working together with our new Director of Talent Development as we strive to meet the needs of all of our advanced learners!

  155. I “liked” Free Spirit on Facebook a long time ago, but I posted a link to this giveaway on my Celebrating High Potential Page.

  156. Liked on Facebook, Followed on pinterest

  157. I am in charge of our gifted program in the district. I oversee our enrichment specialist as well as provide PD to our teachers regarding the qualities of students who are gifted and how to best differentiate to meet their needs.

  158. These materials are not only great for gifted students and their teachers, but provide insight and information for parents as well. Gifted children need opportunities to understand and reflect on who they are. As a consultant, I help families of gifted and 2e children work with their teachers and provide links to resources for families through my website, Twitter, and Facebook.

  159. Penny Thornton says:

    K-5 Students in the St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School Challenge Program spend time each work working on affective development. Activities that build social skills and utilize engaging strategies merge to promote “the more excellent way” to learn are a part of the class structure.

    Penny Thornton Challenge Program Coordinator St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School 2020 Kay Circle Columbus, Georgia 31907 706-561-8232

    St. Anne-Pacelli, through Catholic Formation and Academic Excellence, is committed to the Spiritual, Intellectual, and Physical Development of the students entrusted to our care.

    • raisingfritz says:

      Penny, this is so great to hear! We were stationed at Fort Benning, in Columbus with three gifted children and I was not aware that you had a program designed for such kids! We tried Brookstone for 1 year and were met with such academic disappointment for our elementary based kids. I will have to keep Anne-Pacelli in mind if we ever get stationed in Columbus again.

  160. Teresa Zimmer says:

    These would be wonderful to share with regular classroom teachers.

  161. I “followed” Free Spirit on Pinterest.

  162. I “liked” Free Spirit on Facebook.

  163. I am a school counselor in a small, K-8th grade Catholic School. In our school, we do not have extra staff to be able to offer pull-out programs or to support “extra” groups or projects. I have found myself, in the role of counselor, working with gifted students to develop extension activities of high interest level, and have been encouraging classroom teachers to allow for compacting and working ahead. I have been greatly helped by your book “Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom”. I would love to have these books focused on gifted learners to be able to share with teachers, students, and families!

  164. Bradley Evans says:

    I have liked Free spirit on facebook.

  165. Bradley Evans says:

    Wow! What a great collection of books. As a counselor I visit with our gifted students often not only do they face the same everyday issues of other students, but they also have their own kind of concerns and life differences that other students may not face. These books will help open doors to a variety of insights for our students.
    Thanks for the opportunity

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