Enter to Win Bullying Prevention Resources for Kids, Tweens, Teens, and Educators

giveaway button © by Free Spirit PublishingThis month we are excited to give away a set of the bullying prevention titles listed below.

January giveawy collage

How to Enter: Leave a comment below telling us how you would use these great bullying prevention resources in your work. This giveaway is now closed.

For additional entries, leave a separate comment below for each of the following tasks that you complete:

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119 Responses to Enter to Win Bullying Prevention Resources for Kids, Tweens, Teens, and Educators

  1. Kara Marroquin says:

    I liked you on facebook. I work with middle and HS students. Bullying prevention is so important to help students develop Grit!

  2. Debra Lemons says:

    Hi at EACHS Heas Start all our teaching staff did the ECPBIS academy. We do scenairo’s on how to treat our friends and go to a teacher for guidance. We use the Super Friend, Solution Kit, and Tucker Turtle to help our children communicate and treat others. We try to purchase books to read to the classs and put in our family libraries for parents to borrow.

    The end of the day we do reflection of day. We share/talk about what happen. Why we did certain things, what should we of done, we try to find solutions to help. We encourage to talk about our feelings and how they make us feel and what if someone hurt you, or called you a name. How does that make you feel what can we do.

    We are always trying to find new resources to help educate our staff, children, and families.I use to be the Mental Health Coordinator until July. I know how important it is to help educate at an early age for our children not to be bullied or be a bully. Educating the families and sharing these books would be a wonderful opportunity to reach out and help.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to help educate about bullying.

    EACHS Head Start ,
    Debbie Lemons
    Children ages 3-5 years old

  3. Laura Stathoopoulos says:

    I am a counselor at an elementary school with a student population of Pk- 5th grade students. If I win, the resources would be used to educate the students and staff on bully prevention. In addition I would plan parent sessions to help families have a bully plan.

  4. Elena Perrello says:

    I would use them in my K-4 classroom lessons! Great resources!

  5. Kim Muraskin says:

    As an elementary school counselor working with PK-5th grade students, I am always on the lookout for great books and resources to use with my students. I have guidance class with every class and I do individual and group counseling. These bullying prevention books would be helpful in any of those settings and would be perfect to share with teachers who are looking for different ways to help the students in the classroom. Bullying prevention requires that we teach skills to our students and the adults in the school so we can use proactive measures to help everyone feel safe physically and emotionally! Thanks for making these available and having good stuff on your Facebook page and Pinterest!

  6. Kim Muraskin says:

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  8. Hello! I’m currently finishing up my master’s degree in school counseling. I’ll graduate this May and pursue a full time school counseling position for the upcoming school year. As an upcoming school counselor, I do not have very many resources to use with my future students other than the ones i’ve created for myself, and as a student myself, it’s difficult for me to purchase great resources such as these. I would love to add these resources to my small collection so that I am able to provide my students with individual, group, and classroom wide lessons on bullying and bullying prevention. Additionally, “the New Bully Free Classroom” book can be used in discussions with teachers and administrators to ensure a positive classroom climate, which is a great place to start in order to achieve an overall positive school climate. I recently completed my Bullying Prevention Specialist Certification from the American School Counselor Association, so I feel prepared and excited to put these resources to good use!

  9. Kalea says:

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  12. Kalea says:

    I am a school counselor in an inner-city would use them in classroom lessons, small group, individual counseling times!! These would be amazing to have!!!

  13. Alexandria says:

    Would go wonderful in my school counseling office 🙂

  14. As a librarian at #57 school in the Rochester City School District, I will allow these resources to be available to my entire school. They will also be available to all the schools in my large, urban district through inter library loan. I will be able to promote these materials by using them with my students and talking about them with the teachers in my school. I will share gems of knowledge I find in these books with the other librarians in the city and also many of my librarian friends in the public library. Quality resources on bullying are sorely needed in our community as there is an unmanageable violence problem among youth in our city. Thank you for considering my entry.

  15. Lisa Landy says:

    I am a school counselor who works with students from Pre K 3 through 8th grade. What I love about this collection of books is that it would address the problem throughout our school. I try to use a multi-media approach for our students. I use books, videos, music, drama, small groups, individual counseling and classroom guidance lessons. I feel that this collection of books would be a wonderful addition to my counseling library to use with both our students and our staff to extinguish the issue of bullying.

  16. Mitch Fried says:

    These books are essential in helping children, teachers and parents understand all parts of bully/cyberbullying prevention.What a great set of book to use within my presentation with teachers and parents groups.

  17. Deonca Holmes says:

    As an Administrator of a daycare, I would use these books to help our young children learn that it is not nice to bully our friends or others and also as a tool to educate my staff that bullying is not just among children and teens that adults can be bullied as well and how to prevent it from happening.

  18. Charlie Easterly says:

    In my work as an elementary counselor at Sacred Heart School, I have students from 3 years old to 13 years old. Your January book list offers developmentally appropriate resources for all the ages I work with. Children need to understand on their level the difference between something that is rude, a behavior that is mean, and repeated actions that are bullying. All children also need to understand what they can do as a bystander to help a friend and/or classmate that is being bullied. It would be tremendous to add your outstanding resources to my weekly classroom visits. Thank you.

  19. Judy Ripke says:

    I am a teacher of kindergarten children. I believe we must start very early to help children respect and be kind to others, even those who are not their close friends. I would love to use your resources for ideas on how to teach this.

  20. Lisa Detrych says:

    I am a School Social Worker in a very large district in Michigan. I have General Education students on my caseload as well as, Special Education students. I also run the Anti-Bullying Committee of students in our building to promote “No Bullying at our School.” I could use these books and resource daily and share them with my 27 other School Social Workers in our district. There are no funds to purchase resources in the Affective Domanin, due to the many cuts that have occurred in Education in Michigan. They would be put to good use by all of us as well as, sharing with the teachers too!

  21. Jessica Haines says:

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  24. Jessica Haines says:

    I home preschool my daughter & these books would help me with teaching her about bullying & how it makes people feel. She has been having some trouble with pushing in her play group & hoping these books would help her.

  25. Mamie Eng says:

    Great topics covered in this collection of books. They are great for our parenting collection.

  26. Gina Abernathy says:

    Bullying can take on a variety of faces. From the lonely forgotten child who feels as though bullying will make him stand out, to the boss who treats his employees like dirt. Bullying Prevention Resourses such as these are a great way to introduce to children, tweens, teens, educators as well as adults the methods by which bullying can be understood and addressed. This needs to start to be introduced at an early age so that children can see inside the bully or see the bully inside. I would plan to use these resources as a guidepost to the situations and soultions associated with bullying. In my organization called “Authentic Awareness” we honor the spirit, beauty and grace in all human beings. I would add this series of books to my collection as a way to enlighten and encourage children and adults of all ages to see inside themselves and others and truly find compassion and understanding of the life of a bully and of the life of someone who is bullied.

    Thank you for all that you do,
    Gina Abernathy

  27. Monica says:

    I would use these materials in a variety of wats. It would be nice to share with staff and parents. This may empower other trusted adults to be watchful and provide them with the tools of response. I would also use this with our school ambassadors as a way to empower them to continue to inspire kindness and peace throughout the school.

  28. Tracy says:

    As a school social worker, I could use this to expand on my current anti-bullying lessons in small group sessions. This would also be a great resource for my teachers to use.

  29. Monica Ciurej says:

    There can never be enough resources to have at my fingertips to share with staff, students, and parents. I think that sometimes the word bully is overused or misused, kids can be mean on one day but that doesn’t always mean they are notorious bullies.

  30. Denice says:

    I would use these to expand my anti-bullying curriculum that I use in character education classes and to help teachers understand the impact of bullying as well.

  31. Paulette Stinnett says:

    I do Guidance classes every day in our school of 700 students (K-8). The topic of Bullying is of great importance–additional resources would give me a greater variety of materials to use with my students. We are a private school; therefore, our discretionary funds are limited. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity!

  32. I am a freelance writer in upstate New York. As such, I contribute regularly to a number of free family publications. Though i’ve been doing this for over seven years now, i have never written a piece on bullying. I’d be interested in learning more about both face-to-face and cyber-bullying and I feel my readers would find this type of article highly beneficial.

  33. aralynlove says:

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  35. aralynlove says:

    I would use these books to create lessons for my classes. Character education is always on the forefront of my classes, and helps to shape the atmosphere in my classroom.

  36. aralynlove says:

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  37. Teresh Wilson says:

    I would love to share these resources with the students and family within our school community. I would also design and night or a program to share the information as well with parents to assist them in developing skills to help their students at home and in their communities to speak out and stand up against bullying.

  38. Elaine Gard says:

    Working with a group of preteen girls is tough enough, but to have these resources to support their thinking and actions around bullying would be the best way to build their capacity to be empathetic and supportive of each other. Thank you for the opportunity, Free Spirit Press!

  39. Calvalyn Day says:

    I currently work part time as a school social worker and as a bullying prevention educator. I travel to schools across the state teaching students about bullying prevention. I would use the books to spark honest conversation with kids about bullying.

  40. Mrs. Hair says:

    I include character education topics within my classroom curriculum, and these books would be a wonderful addition to my classroom library and a great resource to use in teaching my students how to respond to bullies and why they should not be bullies.

  41. Anita says:

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  42. Anita says:

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  43. Anita says:

    I would use for my social thinking groups and camps!

  44. Sarah Ronchak says:

    My daughter has recently had some very serious life challenges with these types of matters. In addition to professional help and counseling, this collection would be of great benefit to her at such a crucial time in growing up years. Our family could also benefit from these topics to teach our son that has Autism and is at a higher risk with having a disability of being bullied.

  45. I started a student led group at our school called Citizens’ Brigade. We work to prevent bullying and to take action to work out issues we would like to see changed in our community and beyond. These books would truly help as a resource for my students in their attempts to help their peers!

  46. dsmith1314 says:

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  48. dsmith1314 says:

    I would use them during our Advisory time. This would make a great resource.

  49. Jane Mackesy says:

    These books would be a wonderful addition to my school and would be shared with my fellow Elementary School Counselors in my district. Thanks so much!

  50. Emily Morris says:

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  51. Emily Morris says:

    This would be great to use to help the kids I work with on empathy building and to collaborate with other counselors.

  52. Jennifer Reynolds says:

    I would love to have these resources to offer to the students in our behavior support program and alternative school! These would be such an awesome addition to our program to add to our daily social skills and counseling groups.

  53. vielleuxn says:

    I’d use them in the library!

  54. Danah says:

    Liked on Facebook
    I work over seas where these books are considered valuable . I work with kids with special needs and Admin coordinator . I have a USA address too .

  55. Elisabeth says:

    I just started my teaching internship with special education students. Some of them have social issues that make it hard for them to learn how to make and keep friends. Others are self-conscious and do not have the skills to stand up to other students that make fun of them. I would use these books to provide lessons and activities to strengthen these students’ social and emotional skills which will prepare them for future experiences of conflict.

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  58. Heather Mirarchi says:

    I would love to use these resources in my comprehensive school counseling program. They would be beneficial for individual or small group counseling and great for classroom lessons. Thank you for your tremendous gift to someone.

  59. Jennifer McGowan says:

    I work in a before and after school child care program that serves kindergarten-5th graders. I would use the resources in my job to help prevent bullying.

  60. Robin Points says:

    As an elementary counselor I would use these in classroom guidance and small groups

  61. christy snede says:

    I am the Behavior Para for a K-5 school in Minnesota. A majority of my time is spent helping the students solve problems with bullying and friendships. I have my own library where I read or share books about these subjects. I also supply information to teachers and other support staff. I love my job and great resources help us all. Thank you for your great web site.

  62. Lorie says:

    I am a Violence Prevention Educator, and would use these resources with students to help them gain awareness about respect and how to stand up for themselves!

  63. becktobasics says:

    I am the director of a community Summer Camp Program. We service about 75 children each summer at our drop in program. Our college educated counselors would be able to incorporate these resources in their daily activities in a non threatening way to increase awareness and promote prevention of bullying in our community and thus in our local schools. (2 Elementary and 1 High School are represented in our program.)

  64. becktobasics says:

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  66. Elizabeth Polk says:

    We would place these books in our review center where all District librarians and staff could see. At the end of the year we would donate them to our campus libraries. These titles are especially appropriate in this age and fit in beautifully with our District’s “No Place for Hate” and Social Emotional Learning initiatives.

  67. Lynn McNamara says:

    We would put these books in our K-5 library and use them with teachers, classes and individuals to raise awareness that bullying is not tolerated and to show students there are ways to stand up for yourself & others by reading these books!

  68. I support parents of gifted and distractible children (see withunderstandingcomescalm.com and facebook.com/withunderstandingcomescalm) and I parent 3 gifted children (ages 13, 11, and 5) two of whom are identified with ADHD. I would use these books as tools with my clients, my children and as part of presentations I give to schools (educators and administrators), psychologists, pediatricians, social workers, and psychiatrists with whom I meet each week.

  69. Darlene keener says:

    Our elementary school is in it’s 3rd year of full implementation of the olweus bullying prevention program. I am the chairperson. Of these efforts. We are fully committed to dramatically reducing bullying at our school and in our community. School resources are continually needing updated and we could and would put these books to immediate use!

  70. trish howard says:

    As the only school counselor at an elementary school with children that can use so much help with social skills, anger management etc…all of these resources would be so necessary and valuable. The majority of our student population are receiving free/reduced lunch and breakfast as well. I appreciate the opportunity to try:)

  71. Trina M. says:

    These books would be shared among our elementary, middle, and high schools. I would use the books with my lunch groups and the EB/D teacher and our counselor could use them with the students that they meet with and our PBIS committee could possibly use them for classroom curriculum as anti-bullying lessons also.

  72. Lisa says:

    I volunteer at my son’s elementary school and am sure our school would benefit from this collection

  73. deborah thiessen says:

    I would use these at my school to promote anti-bullying initiatives. Virtually, no programs have been implemented and bully is endemic to my school. I live in Saudi Arabia and discussing bullying is a new concept, and to talk about it openly. These books will provide a platform for beginning anti-bullying programs.

  74. Nancy Myers says:

    As a county wide program specialist, I get called in frequently to assist schools in dealing with bullying, especially towards our students with disabilities. I would use these books in our resource library to assist our 25 school districts in halting the bullying. Thanks!

  75. Penny Palagyi says:

    I am an Elementary School Counselor and do Classroom counselor lessons using literature. The students love when I bring in a book that reinforces the skills we are working on and will often ask what book did you bring today. I will use the books for our counseling literature library. Thank you for offering this to us.

  76. kristiharris says:

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  77. kristiharris says:

    I would donate these books to my children’s school, which is a K-8 arts integration school.

  78. Christine says:

    I work in a day treatment center and I provide 2 different social skills groups every day. I am always looking for new resources, especially for those students who are about to transition back to a typical educational setting.

  79. Jennifer Fennell says:

    We would use this collection of books for a variety of activities and audiences. Some would be springboards for classroom or group guidance sessions or parent workshops. Some would be loaned to individual students and/or parents. I have found that the elementary level reading and picture books are very useful in helping middle school students get a different perspective on these issues.

  80. Lorinda L. Utter says:

    These books are essential to helping children understand all parts of bully prevention. I work with gifted students that have their own emotional issues. These books would be a great asset.

  81. Dana Fredebaugh says:

    I teach early childhood and special education courses at the university and do professional development workshops. I would share these materials in my courses and through workshops.

  82. Vivian Willard says:

    These materials would greatly enhance my elementary school counseling lessons! In addition, they would be excellent resources to share with other staff members too!

  83. Teresa says:

    I would use these throughout my whole school district preK-12 in a school social work setting. They could be used individually or a group setting. They could be used with both regular ed. and special ed. students.

  84. Rachel C. says:

    I follow you on Pinterest.

  85. Rachel C. says:

    As an elementary counselor, I would use (and share!) these books with all of my grade levels.

  86. Julie Coffey says:

    Our school is attempting to complete an activity each month to prevent bullying. We have created posters, post cards, and a set of books to share with students and teachers would be FANTASTIC. I would pick exerpts to read aloud to students in my five classes and would attempt to create book trailers for each one to place on the school news broadcast.

  87. Lutrisha Wilson says:

    I will use the information for my pre-teen and Teen outreach group,
    To help educate myself as well as the generation of today.
    To promote self-awareness on the topic of bullying.

  88. Jaime Bohan says:

    I would use these books with the students who participate in our Safe School Climate Committee and empower those students as leaders of the school to develop groups and activities for their classmates. Student led and student ownership!

  89. I work in a school based clinic and would use with all grade levels.

  90. Jen Whitmore says:

    As a teacher on the Bullying Committee at work, I could use these books to set up a display for our students to share!

  91. Lori Henry says:

    These books would be so helpful for my FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America group) student leadership as they are planning bullying prevention sessions for our Middle School children in our district. Great and worthwhile resources that would be used by several students. FCCLA has a project called STOP the Violence and these resources would be used for years to come.

  92. Elaine Holt says:

    I see valuable information available. I am the school counselor for 8th graders, and every resource would be used and appreciated!

  93. This would allow me to share this collection of books with one of our many schools in our district. We have taken an active approach in bully prevention in our school district and these books would enhance our resources.

  94. autumn shaffer says:

    I work with students ages pk-high school focusing on social skills. This gives me many opportunities to deal with bullying and methods to prevent it.

  95. autumn shaffer says:

    I follow you on pintrest

  96. Nicole says:

    As a social emotional learning specialist in an alternative school setting, these materials would be invaluable as we have limited funding and a great need for additional resources to teach appropriate social interactions and ways to manage emotions.

  97. autumn shaffer says:

    I liked you on facebook

  98. Regena Sipiala says:

    Working in an elementary school allows for many conversations about bullying. We love to teach the children at our school through the use of literature and believe that these books would provide a great resource for all school staff to open conversations about bullying.

  99. Lynn Koehler says:

    I also entered on pinterest and Facebook

  100. Randi says:

    I work with single mother of kids of all ages. I am also a parent myself. I could use these resources to teach parents in a fun way the major affects of bullying and encourage positive reinforcement. I would love these resources!

  101. Lynn Koehler says:

    As the Gifted Education Specialist at my school, I would truly love to use these books with my classes. Being pulled out of regular class makes my students targets for bullies, these books would be very beneficial for us to read and discuss in class.

  102. Gaylw Wilkerson says:

    As a K-8 counselor, I would use these materials in a variety of ways such as one on one counseling, small group counseling, classroom guidance, cross cat. classroom guidance, teacher training and possibly peer training.

  103. Amber says:

    I would use these books as part of my school counseling curriculum!

  104. Christine Stowe says:

    I would love to be able to offer these books to the kids in our schools here. I am working with our library to make these types of books more available to students, parents and teachers.

  105. Tiffany J. says:

    We would use these books to support anti-bullying initiatives at all of our secondary schools. We maintain a professional library for our support specialists providing behavioral interventions to students in grades 6-12. We would love ot have these titles available to them. Especially at our alternative school!

  106. Teresa says:

    As a librarian I would make these materials available to all the teachers and students at my school for a school-wide anti-bullying program.

  107. Cissy Williams says:

    As the Family Resource Center Coordinator, I conduct various Bullying programs with over 300 students annually. Due to the area we are located in we do not have many organizations/agencies that can come and talk to our students. Also, with cuts in funding we can’t afford new material.
    To whomever wins I know this material will be of great help!!!! (I hope it is our school; good luck to everyone!)

  108. Valerie says:

    I would use these tools to teach lessons in classrooms and use these as additional resources for our safe school ambassadors in our elementary and middle schools.

  109. Donna Cabiness says:

    As an elementary School Counselor, I could put all of these books to great use! Thanks.

  110. Paula Green says:

    I liked Free Spirit on Facebook and I like Free Spirit in life. 🙂

  111. Nicole Caldwell says:

    I need these books desperately! I’m new to my position and trying my best to absorb all the info I can!

  112. Stacey Pierce says:

    I would use these materials for the youth we see at our mental health clinic. These would be great to use individually as well as with parents and the kids together to open the conversations about what is happening at school!!

  113. Paula Green says:

    We are a non-profit agency who provides prevention programs in three elementary schools within our county. We feel blessed to have this honor to work so closely with the children and school personnel. There are so many ways we could use these books to strengthen our wonderful prevention program: Caring School Community. We would LOVE to win these books. Thank you!

  114. Madison says:

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  116. Madison says:

    As a middle school counselor, I would use this great set of bullying prevention resources to educate my students and staff on the impact of bullying as well as character-building, friendship, and social-emotional learning.

  117. As the counselor/director of a school for students with learning challenges, I would use resources on anti-bullying in life skills classes with our students of all grade levels.

  118. Bradley Evans says:

    Such a great collection of books. There is such a variety that would allow for me to share with both students and staff as well as some to use for staff development. LOVE this.

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