Enter to Win Bilingual Books for Kids!

giveaway button © by Free Spirit Publishing lgWin 10 English-Spanish titles, including two new books in the popular Learning to Get Along® series!

This month we’re giving away all of the bilingual titles pictured here to three lucky winners. Entries must be received by midnight, November 7, 2014.bilingual-products

Cool Down and Work Through Anger/Cálmate y supera la ira Paperback, ages 4–8
Hands Are Not for Hitting/Las manos no son para pegar Paperback, ages 4–7
Hands Are Not for Hitting/Las manos no son para pegar Board Book, ages birth–4
Trivia for Tots In a Jar®/Trivia para peques En un jarro Ages 3–6
Share and Take Turns/Comparte y turna Paperback, ages 4–8
Diapers Are Not Forever/Los pañales no son para siempre Board Book, ages birth–4
Germs Are Not for Sharing/Los gérmenes no son para compartir Board Book, ages birth–4
Germs Are Not for Sharing/Los gérmenes no son para compartir Paperback, ages 4–7
Words Are Not for Hurting/Las palabras no son para lastimar Paperback, ages 4–7
Words Are Not for Hurting/Las palabras no son para lastimar Board Book, ages birth–4

To Enter: Leave a comment below telling us about your experience with bilingual students.

For additional entries, complete the following tasks and leave a separate comment below for each:

Each comment counts as a separate entry—that’s up to four chances to win! Entries must be received by midnight November 7, 2014.

The winners will be contacted via email on or around November 11, 2014, and will need to respond within 72 hours to claim his or her prize or another winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way affiliated, administered, or endorsed by Facebook or Twitter. Winner must be a U.S. resident, 18 years of age or older.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Share your comments, stories, and ideas below, or contact us. All comments will be approved before posting, and are subject to our comment and privacy policies.

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110 Responses to Enter to Win Bilingual Books for Kids!

  1. It is so much fun to be around bilingual kids. They learn from each other:)

  2. Judy Meine says:

    I also like Free Spirit on Facebook.

  3. Judy Meine says:

    I have taught toddlers who are bilingual and sometimes can’t tell if they’re speaking English, Spanish, Chinese or Toddlerese!

  4. Amy Ditmar says:

    ¡Me gusta mucho FSP! Me encantaría estos libros para mis estudiantes.

  5. Amy Ditmar says:

    I am a school social worker in a school/district that is over 90% Spanish speaking. These books would be an excellent resource for my ELL students!

  6. Amy Ditmar says:

    Following on Twitter! 👍

  7. Amy Ditmar says:

    Liked FSP on Facebook!

  8. Amy says:

    I follow on twitter

  9. Amy says:

    I work with kids ages 3 to 6. It is rare for me to have a student who is not bilingual. I love learning about the different languages and cultures.

  10. Vicki Witte says:

    Enseno ingles como lengua segunda. Usaria estos libros en mis clases.

  11. Vicki Witte says:

    I teach ESL to refugees from a number of countries, including asylees from Cuba. These books would be a great resource.

  12. Lissette Guzman says:

    Me encantaria tener estos libros para usar en mi trabajo como consejera. Trabajo con estudiantes Latinos, la mayoria no hablan ingles y estos libros ayudarian bastante para mejorar sus habilidades sociales.

  13. Lissette Guzman says:

    I like Free Spirit on Facebook.

  14. Lissette Guzman says:

    I work as a school counselor in a very low income community in Chicago that is comprised of primarily immigrant Latino families. I work with children who are learning English as a second language and present with a variety of social and behavioral difficulties. These books would be invaluable in my work to help my students gain better social skills.

  15. Kim says:

    I follow Free Spirit!

  16. Kim says:

    I am the only counselor on my campus and we have 2 bilingual classes on each grade level. These will come in handy! My bilingual resources are limited.

  17. callmetrivi says:

    Excited to follow Free Spirit!

  18. callmetrivi says:

    I am a Kindergarten Dual Language Immersion (Spanish) teacher. This is my third year and I am still learning everyday about our special little learners! We could really use more books in our classroom library. Thanks!

  19. Nancy Miramontes says:

    I love working with bilingual students and learning about their culture and unique contributions to our school!

  20. Vanessa Dale says:

    I am a DLL teacher in a bilingual school. We have a limited number of resources in Spanish and I so appreciate any publisher providing meaningful books in Spanish. Thank you.

  21. Terry Tusing says:

    I work with a program (Excellence in Children’s Early Language and Literacy ExCELL) that brings together families, early childhood educators, community resources, and early literacy specialists with the goal of ensuring that children receive the learning opportunities (at home, at school and in the community) necessary to develop critical early language and literacy skills known to predict later reading success. Our work has taken us to schools and communities where many families do not speak English. The bilingual books would be so helpful in reaching non English speaking families.

  22. Stephanie Bisanz says:

    I work with many students bilingual students as a school social worker, in a district with about 50% Spanish speakers. When working with my students there are times when I am unsure what they are saying in Spanish and they are unsure what I am saying in English. These books would be great to get the messages across in both languages! Free Spirit has some wonderful books, I have enjoyed in the past!

  23. Nicole says:

    I am school social worker at a school with a high population of immigrant and refugee students. Many of our students have never been to school in america and it is so important that we have a variety of bilingual material available. The school has a budget to provide the academic material like math and reading curriculum but there is not enough books like these available to our students. Learning about feelings, social skills, and daily routines such as the books above is just as important as the academic material schools provide. These books would help me teach these essential skills to my students.

  24. We have a number of the Free Spirit books in our classroom and find them useful.

  25. Alexandra says:

    Shared also on my blog for traveling and bilingual parents. Thank you (y)

  26. Alexandra says:

    Liked FSP on Facebook (y)

  27. Alexandra says:

    Hi, we are an average family on a trilingual journey. The kids go to German at school in Australia; and Czech from me as it is my mother tongue. Soon we will have a Spanish au-pair as it is my wish to build and strengthen the foundations in another language. Even though bilingualism is a long uncertain journey through a forest of obstacles with no fixed (or visible) outcome, we enjoy every minute of it no matter how hard the obstacles are.
    We love and live bilingualism.

  28. Ann Tompkins, LPC, RPT says:

    As a play therapist, I often work with bilingual children, even though I speak only English. You see, I work with children through play so it truly is the universal language. As a child may choose to use a book in play, these would be wonderful as I only have one bilingual book in my play therapy room.

  29. Matthew Hawkins says:

    We use Free Spirit Press with our children frequently. We check them out regularly from the library for a variety of topics depending on what is going on at the time. They are wonderfully written and show children perspectives that an adult can’t teach directly. Our children are currently taking Spanish and so this bilingual series would be great for them to learn both languages.

  30. Toby Sebelist says:

    I am a counselor who works with ELLs and I am currently getting my certificate to teach ESL. I hope to teach ESL part time afternoons or evenings. I have purchased your products before.

  31. Karlana says:

    Me gusta para mi family child care

  32. Karlana says:

    Me gustaria poder tener estos libro ya q serian de gran ayuda para mi y mis niños soy proveedora de cuidado infantil y estoy estudian donpara sacar mi permiso de maestra para poder ser una mejor educadora de Edad temprana

  33. Rachel says:

    I am an ELL Teacher in a low-income district. Almost 20% of the 460 students at our school are Spanish-speaking ELLs. We are always telling students, teachers, and parents about the importance and value of reading in their home language, but we never have enough books to send home with all of our students to share with our parents. We would love to receive additional resources to share!!!

  34. Bethany says:

    I work with ELL students from across our district. We have a large Spanish-speaking population and parents are very appreciative of resources they can read in Spanish.

  35. I have a five year – he is mixed race- his father is Hispanic and I am “white”- we both speak spanish, but our son struggles to speak spanish! These books would be a HUGE help!

  36. Carina says:

    I work with first grade students in the DLI program, our spanish classroom is always in need of and excited to receive new spanish and bilingual books.

  37. Frances Cruz says:

    I am a pre-k teacher and 85% of my students are bilingual from Spanish background. I love reading Spanish books to my kids. They enjoy them a lot and even the non- Spanish speakers enjoys them too. I will love to win these selection of books for my very own first child who will be born soon. Thank you

  38. leah rosenthal says:

    These books would be great to share with my ELL students!

  39. Kathryn says:

    I have a bilingual Spanish camp for girls in my home every summer, and these libritos would be a great hit with the chicas!

  40. Devin says:

    Following free spirit on twitter!

  41. Devin says:

    I liked free spirit on Facebook!

  42. Devin says:

    Soy una maestra en un aula bilingüe, mis estudiantes tienen un parte del día en ingles y parte en español. Necesitamos mas libros en los dos idiomas para practicar! 🙂

  43. Jill Curry says:

    My experience with our bilingual students is that many of them struggle with reading in English and come to school somewhat unprepared for the demands of classwork in the English language. These students receive ELL services and we work hard to increase their reading proficiency.

  44. Devin says:

    I teach in a second grade Dual Language Classroom where the students have half of their day in English and half of the day in Spanish, any additional resources we can get our hands on are extremely helpful especially since this is our first year! 🙂

  45. Heidi Anderson says:

    I’m so excited to use these books with my bilingual and monolingual kindergarten kiddos!

  46. Rosamaria says:

    I am the program manager for our ELL/Dual Language programs in my school district. I’d love to add some bilingual books to our schools’ libraries.

  47. Rosa says:

    I’m raising a bilingual child and these would be great

  48. My children are bilingual Polish and Greek, but my daughter (8) is passionate about languages and she knows good English, but she is also learning Spanish (third year). I am an English instructor myself teaching children 2-6 (also bilingual programs) as well as 18+-year-olds. I like free spirit on fb 🙂

  49. Anna says:

    The population at my school is slowly changing to a more diverse culture and I want to be able to support those students

  50. Anita Weisburger says:

    As an early childhood music teacher, I use music to teach other languages. These books might be great jump-off points for some new songs!

  51. Myrna Berger says:

    Grew up in Southern California, where our state’s alternative language is Spanish. Living in Utah now and would love for my children to have access to books that would help them learn the language.

  52. Vanessa McCabe says:

    Bilingual children learn early to appreciate the cultural differences of each individual.

  53. I work a head start program where the majority of the children are Hispanic and come from low income families, they will greatly benefit from this great collection of books.

  54. Pam Gibbs says:

    Our non-profit visits families who are expecting babies or have children up to the age of 6 years. Our bi-lingual parenting educator LOVES to read books to the children to show how easy it really is to read to children! After reading the book we like to leave the book with the family. We would truly appreciate any books to share. Thank you ~

  55. Teresa Bateman says:

    One of my schools has an almost 70% bilingual population. Lucky I speak Spanish!

  56. Pamela Clements says:

    I was a bilingual teacher for 22 years, and am now a psychotherapist working primarily with the Latino community, as well.

  57. Elisa says:

    I am following Free Spirit on Twitter!

  58. Elisa says:

    I just liked Free Spirit on FB. 🙂

  59. Elisa says:

    Soy una consejera familiar y utilizo la biblioterapia con mis clientes. 🙂

  60. Elisa says:

    I am a bilingual MFT Intern and work with children (and their families) who have significant emotional and behavioral challenges. These books would be a great addition to my library!

  61. Sarah Craig says:

    I work with several multilingual parents and their young children in my ECFE classes.

  62. Johanna Reales says:

    Buenas tardes trabajo con Padres de familia en las escuelas para que se involucres mas con sus hijos en la education, Serbian excellent es poder tener estos libros con nosotros

  63. Peggy says:

    My son switched schools and is learning Spanish. He is very far behind. A spanish book/ bilingual would be fun for him

  64. Libby Nunez says:

    I teach mothers ESL in a Family Literacy program in Bloomington. My parent educator could really use these resources to help the moms teach their children appropriate behavior for school!!

  65. Jessica Diaz says:

    Hello! My name is Jessica Diaz. I am a Bilingual School Psychologist working with children in grades K-5 who are classified by the DOE as “Emotionally Disturbed”. I work in a low socioeconomic area with a high population of bilingual students and families. These books would be beneficial to my students as most cover necessary social skills that present challenges for them. They would appreciate having these available in my office library, and I believe they would benefit from learning new behavioral/coping strategies. Thank you for the opportunity.

  66. Cheri Santa Maria says:

    Working with adult learners they to must go back to simple ways of learning. Having children’s books available to them helps them start using vocabulary in context.

  67. Jess kamber says:

    Brand new bilngual charter school, could really use these!

  68. Monica Durgin says:

    I work with families from diverse backgrounds and children that are bilingual in two elementary schools in Saint Paul. These books would be a great addition to my work with bilingual families as I help them teach appropriate social skills to their children.

  69. Jen Holland says:

    Proporciono apoyo de instrucción a los programas de inglés como segundo idioma en las escuelas charter patrocinados. Recursos adicionales para los maestros y las familias son siempre necesarios !

  70. Jen Holland says:

    I provide instructional support to ESL programs in our sponsored charter schools. Additional resources for teachers and families are always needed!

  71. Jen Holland says:

    I follow Free Spirit on Twitter!

  72. Jen Holland says:

    I liked Free Spirit on Facebook.

  73. Some of our bilingual preschoolers need extra support with social skills because they haven’t had as much exposure to the directions and comments we typically give in English e.g. “Whose turn is it?” “Ask your friend if you can play.” “What’s wrong?” We tend to understand and express emotional concepts best in our first language. These books would also be a support to our bilingual parents who don’t feel comfortable reading in English.

  74. I don’t have any direct experience with bilingual students below age 12. However, my two-year-old daughter is taking Spanish classes and loves them. We’d love to be able to read to her these books!

  75. Sarah says:

    I work at Boys and Girls Club and we see many kids who are bilingual but I have also had kids that come from Mexico or Nicaragua to get away from potentially dangerous situations in their country and to learn English. Those kids enroll in school and the Club here knowing little to no English. Having bilingual books would be very beneficial for those kids at our club as they are working to learn English but also would give them opportunity to continue engaging with the Spanish language.

  76. Elaine says:

    Books about learning to get along in Spanish are great!

  77. Annie Johnson says:

    When I teach a class with bilingual students in it, they light up when I do a read-aloud of a bilingual book in both languages. Other kids realize that they have a special gift and give them more respect, as well.

  78. Sandy says:

    Mis estudiantes latinos y yo nos encantaría añadir estos libros a nuestra biblioteca.

  79. Essie Febus-Thompson says:

    Soy una profesora de ESOL, y empecé a enseñar ESOL para estudiantes de escuela primaria este año. Tengo una gran población de hispanohablantes, y muy pocos libros para que ellos leen y disfrutan. Los libros serían populares en mi salón de clases.

  80. Sandy says:

    I’m a K-12 ESL teacher and get to work with mostly Spanish speakers all day. We would love to add more bilingual books to our library!

  81. elena says:

    Soy una nanny y Madre de un nino de 9 años . Me gusta fomentar el bilingualismo en mi niño y enseñar español a los niños que cuido. Creo q saber mas de un idioma es tener mas oportunidades

  82. Carmen Gutierrez says:

    I enjoy working with ELLs and their families. I always look forward to opportunities where I can remind parents to read to their children in their home language and the benefits they receive from it.

  83. O says:

    Por favor, ayudame a ayudar mis estudiantes! Puedo usar estos libros cada ano de escuela.

  84. O says:

    I am an ELL teacher and I regularly have students who come from Spanish speaking countries. I would love to use these books while working on social skills with my students!

  85. Josephina Amaya says:

    Mis estudiantes siempre estan buscando libros en espanol para leer en casa con sus padres. Nos encanta leer en espanol y tambien hacer inferencias sobre lo que leemos.

  86. Essie Febus-Thompson says:

    I am an ESOL school teacher, and started teaching ESOL to elementary school students this year. I have a large Spanish speaking population, and very few books for the students to read and enjoy. The books would be popular in my classroom.

  87. Victoria Carro says:

    We read them with the children in groups and notice the children interact with each other and try to repeat the words that are being read to them.

  88. Mary Serrano says:

    I am a Early Head Start Parent Educator/ Home visitor. I work with bilingual families on a daily basis and I enjoy watching them learn. I use the bilingual books in so many ways. I not only use them for literacy but for color, illustrations, past, present, and to build the imaginations of the children and the parents. I always explain to my parents that if they have difficulty reading to use the illustrations to help them make the story so much powerful. It also helps the parents that are taking ESL classes and encourages them to no only read to their children but be more confident.

  89. Anne Yenchko says:

    We serve bi-lingual families with homelands from all over the world. Seeing the two to four year old childen play, sing and dance together in our Judy Center programs while parents connect is “peace work” at its best.

  90. Cesar Roman says:

    El tener libros bilingues es una buena herramienta para promover la lectura entre los ninos que estudian en un sistema anglosajon y los padres que tan solo hablan Español.

  91. My experience is that bilingual students are eager to learn and like to get receive books. They like to read.

  92. Amy Valaitis says:

    What cute books! The would have been perfect for my bilingual social work group working on affect management and problem solving!

  93. Dana Gauthier says:

    Five yr old son attends Frirnds school they teach Soa ish from beginning but my son needs more challenging material then they offer

  94. Kelsey says:

    I work at a family resource center and we run a kindergarten readiness program for children of adults taking our ESL classes. The children are all Spanish speakers, but they are starting to learn bits and pieces of English that they will need to be successful in school. These books will help them learn the social skills that they need as well as allow their parents to read to them in their native language and practice English.

  95. Lori Spears says:

    I am an ESL teacher for 2 school districts beside being the Music teacher for one. These books would help my new students from Spain struggling with English. Funding for the programs is limited and my ESL library has been created by thrift store shopping and items teachers retiring or switching grades have set out to be taken. I would really appreciate any one of these books. 🙂

  96. Tania Anderson says:

    I am an ESL teacher who works with bilingual students, as a bilingual and bicultural person that I am, I love finding authentic bilingual stories that tell stories of immigrants and their families. I look forward to your books
    ¡Muchas gracias!

  97. Amy says:

    I am a librarian and love working with the Bilingual/Duel Language students! These books would be a wonderful addition to our library. 🙂

  98. Eileen says:

    It’s the best time to learn!

  99. East Creek Child Care is a small, non-profit child care center within a high school for adolescent parents in MN. Half of the children in care live in homes in which English is not the first language. We try to provide experiences in both English and Spanish, which is difficult because our staff is made up of all English-speaking teachers.We love to have resources and materials that help us to provide more multi-cultural experiences for the children and their mothers.

  100. Regina Ravasco says:

    I am a mother and the bilingual books we have make it easy to read for fluent and non-fluent Spanish speakers to read to our 2 children. We are even able to share these books with our child’s day care to read in English & Spanish!

    We love them.

  101. I am currently the special education administrator in two urban elementary schools which have a high population of bilingual students. Having access to these books would mean the world to my students!

  102. Ortiz says:

    I am a Family Service Worker working for an Early Childhood Grant that supports school readiness in a low income community. One main focuses are working in community preschool sites on Social-Emotional Skill Building, Kindergarten Readiness, Enrollment & Transition, Early Learning Family Activities, Community Resources, Classroom and Site Support as well as a focus on literacy, working with both families and schools. About 80% of the population we work with is bilingual. Our team has worked endlessly to provide teachers with bilingual resources that can help them connect with their students. I think this set of 10 books can be really beneficial for our teachers in connecting with their student population. We plan to have this set in our lending library, where teachers can come in and check out the books that they need. I love that these books are bilingual because it allows teachers to reach out to students that are English Language Learners.

  103. Lynn Heusing says:

    As a librarian in a small elementary school, we are always very much in need of bilingual materials. Our hispanic enrollment is increasing, and these would be so helpful and a wonderful asset for them!

  104. Sharon Mertes says:

    As an elementary school counselor I share an office with our bilingual para. Some of our students parents don’t speak any English and having books like these available would be an asset to our bilingual program

  105. I am a family support educator in a town where we have many families who are bilingual. We have seen great results with toddlers and preschoolers who were biting, hitting, etc. using these books as part of a family centered approach to help families who are struggling with these behaviors. When we have families who are bilingual, we can still use the books; but for families to have them in their native language would be more empowering for them.

  106. laurel zurawick says:

    My daughter is adopted and bilingual; I look for books in spanish she would enjoy and then donate them to her inner-city Spanish-American School to continue the learning and sharing for those who cannot afford books. Additionally, my best friend is a bilingual social worker serving the same community. The books and toys we pass on to her are sometimes the only things in the home a developing child has for playing. Any gift would be a blessing.

  107. Madison says:

    I am a school counselor and have some interaction with both bilingual students and their parents. We have a few students at my small private school whose parents do not speak any English, so books like these would be especially beneficial to share with families.

  108. Madison says:

    Me gusta leer con los estudiantes!

  109. Madison says:

    I like Free Spirit on Facebook!

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