The Best Behavior® Series, Found and Loved

Joyfully readingA teddy bear with most of his fur worn off. Blue jeans with patches on the patches. There is nothing like a little wear and tear to tell you that something is well loved.

Parents and educators are finding that our Best Behavior® series books tend to be well loved, too. Toddlers turn the pages and talk to the pictures. Many copies turn up in the funniest places.

Written by Elizabeth Verdick and Martine Agassi, the books feature lively illustrations by Marieka Heinlen that captivate kids.

Apparently they can be so appealing that they look downright delicious.

teeth-are-not-for-biting from bone-stare dot com Hands are not for hitting on You Tube

Kids act out the good things hands can do while the teacher reads Hands Are Not for Hitting aloud. A YouTube search found several videos of classrooms sharing the books.

Do you have a favorite Best Behavior® book? Where have you found one of our Best Behavior® books? At a bookstore, or under a bed? Snap a photo and email it to us.


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