Enter to win the Free Spirit Our Emotions and Behavior Series

This month we’re giving away the complete set of Our Emotions and Behavior books! The series uses cheerful, brightly illustrated stories to help kids understand how their emotions and actions are related—and how they can learn to manage both.


How to Enter: Leave a comment below telling us why you’d like to win the Our Emotions and Behavior series. This giveaway is now closed.

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292 Responses to Enter to win the Free Spirit Our Emotions and Behavior Series

  1. Susan DeBell says:

    I am an LPC in a non-profit agency as well as a published author and illustrator. I have donated several of my own books as well as other resources to my agency. This series looks like a very valuable counseling tool and something that I would purchase. Thank you for making this available to those of us who work with children.

  2. Monica Wince says:

    Giving names and meaning to emotions could possibly reduce changes in behaviors that could be viewed as negative. Validation and remedies could lead us down a grander path

  3. Setting up a small group working with special needs children, this would be perfect for them!!

  4. Suzy D'Souza says:

    I liked Free Spirit Publishing on Facebook!!

  5. Suzy D'Souza says:

    I love this series! I about to begin the second year of a three year school psychology progrsm at CSULB. I am also a former teacher of students with Emotional Disturbance and I well aquainted with the importance understanding and gaining control over their emotions. Using this series in my career as a school psychologist will help many children gain insight into their behavior. I would love have this resource!! Thank you so very much!!!

  6. Jessica says:

    I might be accepting a job as an elementary school counselor at a brand new schhol. I would love to be able to start my office with this collection of books!

  7. Katie Badura says:

    I followed Free Spirit Publishing on Pinterest (I was so excited to find this!).

  8. Katie Badura says:

    I followed Free Spirit Publishing on twitter (@katielynn3624).

  9. Katie Badura says:

    I liked Free Spirit Publishing on Facebook!

  10. Katie Badura says:

    This would make a great addition to my collection. I’m a School Counselor (Pre-K -8), and there is no budget for amazing resources such as these. Bibliotherapy is amazing! Thank-you Free Spirit Publishing for such a wonderful giveaway!

  11. Connie B Moulder says:

    I am a registered play therapist who works with gifted children. This would help many children.

  12. Sara Love says:

    I am a new school counselor looking to increase my resources and grow my office library!

  13. Marie Madden says:

    Would love to win these for my small private school (read: poor).Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Francesca Senz says:

    These would be so helpful for me to aid my two and three year old in managing their emotions!

  15. Jessica says:

    I just accepted a job as a pre k-1 school counselor and have limited age appropriate resources. I would use this set of books to enhance my curriculum and teach students about their feelings. They would be such a great resource!

  16. Rebecca Parker says:

    I follow on FB and pinterest. This would be an awesome addition to my classroom!

  17. Dana says:

    I followed on Pinterest.

  18. Dana says:

    I followed on twitter.

  19. Dana says:

    I liked on Facebook.

  20. Dana says:

    I teach Pre-kindergarten. This would help me enhance the curriculum as I teach feelings and emotions throughout the year. I don’t get any budget to purchase new books.

  21. Tracy Blunier says:

    Emotional well-being is critically important in the early years. If students can understand and possibly explain their emotions, then adults are better equipped to help them handle it. These books are a great way to introduce emotions and help students understand them.

  22. Cindy Reyes says:

    I would love to win these books because our students would benefit greatly from books that refer to character education.

  23. Theresa Graham says:

    Would love to win these as I teach pre-k in inner city San Antonio. I have to teach about emotions and self control before they can learn!

  24. Devon says:

    I have also started following Free Spirit Publishing on Pinterest.

  25. Devon says:

    As the pediatric Occupational Therapist at the Utah State Hospital (mental hospital), my children generally have difficulty identifying and processing their emotions and how to safely and appropriately express them. I have found that they respond favorably to stories and these books would provide great teaching opportunities.

  26. Kristen G says:

    As a special education teacher, many of my students have difficulty expressing their emotions– as well as respecting the emotions of others. These books would be incredibly helpful!

  27. Becky says:

    I am a parent of two young boys with autism, a classroom teacher and an adjunct professor of special education. These insightful books are POWERFUL tools for increasing a child’s ability to identify and express their emotions which benefits behavioral health. It would be a complete honor to be selected as the winner of your complete set of emotion and behavior books. Rest assured, they will be put to great use over and over again!

  28. Lindy Hagstrom says:

    Liked and Followed! This series would be an awesome addition to my Pyramid (formerly TACSEI)library!

  29. Teresa Kenney says:

    I am a new Special Education teacher and I am working to build my resources for lesson plans. I work in a Self-contained classroom K-5 working with DCD and ASD students. I have students who are struggling to regulate their feelings and emotions and everyday is a challenge. I want to delivery good messages and be a good role model for them and I believe a variety of the topics will help keep them from getting bored and checking out during my lessons. They all love books and so do I and this is one of my favorite ways to open topics for lessons. This set looks like a great variety of subjects that I deal with daily. I would love to have them. Thanks, Teresa

  30. Monica Miller says:

    I am following Free Spirit on Pinterest now too!!!

  31. Monica Miller says:

    I’m now following Free Spirit on Twitter!

  32. Monica Miller says:

    I have now liked Free Spirit on Facebook!

  33. Monica Miller says:

    As a parent of a child with autism, we see these books as an invaluable resource to learn about emotions, and to help him to learn to manage them.

  34. Carol says:

    Emotional & social development is so important in these early years to lay the foundation for success in school & later life. Books are a great way to promote skill development, and these are great! I will share them with the child care providers I mentor.

  35. Kara says:

    I would love to win because we have two little ones – ages 4 & 2. I always appreciate extra resources to share with them, our niece, our neighbors, and our daycare community. Thank you for your work.

  36. Betsy Brown says:

    I have spent hours reviewing the books on the Pinterest board. My wallet runneth empty! 😉

  37. Betsy Brown says:

    Following on Twitter, too.

  38. Betsy Brown says:

    I have been following Free Spirit on FB for a while. Love the notices of new books.

  39. Martina says:

    In Kindergarten they go through so many emotions. You need to take some time to teach some social skills because for some kids it is their first experience in a large group of kids.

  40. Dawn feeley says:

    These would make a great addition to my prek library, since I am new to the grade I don’t have many books.

  41. Danielle S says:

    I am a K-5 Interrelated teacher. I discuss emotions and other social skills with my students. These books will help with those lessons.

  42. Lori Mahan says:

    Love to win this. It is rare to see a whole set that covers that many topics. I want to read the “I hate everything” book myself-so cute. I’ve heard that more than once.

  43. evelyn wilson says:

    follow on twitter

  44. evelyn wilson says:

    like free spirit on facebook

  45. evelyn wilson says:

    Having a book to explain what kids are going through is so helpful.

  46. Dorothy Miller says:

    I am an Elementary Library Media Specialist. It is difficult to find books to read to the Pre-K students that hold their attention through the text and illustrations These books seem to fit the need perfectly. My students would love them!

  47. aptyler says:

    I would love to add these to my books that I read to my classroom.

  48. Jean Shelton says:

    I am a counselor at a K-8 school with a 90% free and reduced lunch rate. Our parents are so busy working at survival that we need to teach social and coping skills here. The teachers would love to have access to this series AND I would utilize them with the 7th and 8th grade leaders who work with the elementary for part of their day. Our budget has been cut yet again, so we do not have resources to purchase anything this year. I have used your materials in the past, so I know they are of the highest quality.

  49. Amy Chisek says:

    I am a school librarian, and am looking for additional resources on emotions to add to our school library.

  50. Julie Ahern says:

    I teach at a high poverty school where students come to me with a variety of issues that must be addressed before true learning can take place. These look perfect!

  51. As a new kindergarten teacher, this would be a great addition to my classroom library. Emotional health is a major concept for our little ones and these books would be a great way to discuss what we can do when we’re upset.

  52. Diane Frank says:

    As an LCSW, these books will be an invaluable resource for working with the young children in my office.

  53. Betsy Brown says:

    We are in a double quandary this year. While we will be helping our kindergarten students learn about citizenship and friendship as they begin their first experiences of group socialization, our school guidance counselor is taking the year off for maternity leave. That means, no outside help until it’s too late and time to request visits from the administration. We try to ease into behavioral lessons through stories and games, but without the resources, we often have to wait for that TEACHABLE MOMENT as tears are flowing. Winning this series of books would be an incredible gift to be shared among 6 kinder-teachers and 115 students. We’d love to look forward to a happier year for everyone!

  54. Teresa Riddle says:

    I would love to win this for my class because I work in the self contained classroom, and my students have difficulty verbalizing their emotions. By This would be great as a read aloud or a center.

  55. Amanda says:

    I teach Kindergarten, and these books would be helpful to my students and those throughout the building of Preschool & Kindergarten classes!

  56. Rachel Karriker says:

    I teach kindergarten at a high poverty school. My kids lack appropriate responses to everyday situations. These books will definitely help guide my kids to react appropriately.

  57. Lisa Verinder says:

    These books would be helpful in my classroom. This year I am moving out of a general ed classroom and becoming a special ed teacher for Autistic children. I am needing these books for my kids.

  58. jen says:

    Budgets were cut across the board for my K-6 school. I would like to win this set of great books to add not to my library, but our school library so that I could have access to use them in classroom lessons as an Elementary School Counselor, teachers could access them for use in their class and students could access them. Thank you for this opportunity

  59. Kathy Schira says:

    These would be great for working with the younger students.

  60. Jill Alane Moore says:

    I want to be able to read these to my grandson, as well as the children I work with. The benefit to these children would be tenfold! Grandson has what they call “Cluttering”. apparently he is so smart his little mind is racing and he has trouble focusing. The kids I work with have been exposed to trauma or traumatized themselves. These books would help them have a voice.
    Thank you!

  61. Sharon Yee-Garbade says:

    Love all your collections of books and use them often in my kindergarten classroom. Will definitely use these with my students, starting on day 1!

  62. Scott says:

    I see these books as a natural addition of resources for our school that our teachers can use as needs arise.

  63. Nicole says:

    I would very much appreciate these books to use in my classrooms and to provide resources for parents to use! These would be a great addition 🙂

  64. Tiffany Townsend says:

    I’ve also “liked” your Facebook page 🙂

  65. Tiffany Townsend says:

    I work for a non-profit mental health agency which services only state-funded health insurance for low-income families; that being said, funding for session activities is limited. I provide in-home therapy to children with emotional and behavioral disorders; I tend to work with children ages 4-8 and these books would be an amazing adjunct to the play therapy techniques that I utilize during session. Thank you for the opportunity to have access to such useful therapeutic tools!

  66. Sally says:

    I would love to have these to utilize in therapy with kiddos!

  67. Cheri Santa Maria says:

    I work with staff and children involved with DCS. I keep a library of reference material for all staff in our office to use and lend to children. We often need to occupy children during very difficult circumstances. Having these books available in our office would be wonderful and supportive resources for the children and staff (as we are all just over grown children)

  68. Carlita Elias says:

    I am a home visitor working with parents and children ages birth to six. I am always looking for ways to help parents teach social and emotional skills. I also consult with a Head Start program helping teachers enhance social and emotional development. These books would be very helpful to me!

  69. Susie Leder says:

    I would love to win this set of books because my goal as a kindergarten teacher is to meet my students where they are and help them to get someplace they have not been before in their learning. Stories that are about them – characters that they can identify with help them to “see” and internalize learning that they may not have experienced before. It helps us in Room 1 to move from that place where we all start out as strangers – not knowing each other or possibly sharing common values – to becoming friends and family as we learn together.
    The expectations now in school are higher than ever – we need each other in the classroom to help each other get to where we need to be.

  70. sserdman says:

    I am now following you on pinterest. Many great resources and as an Elementary School Counselor, I would love to add these to my library so that I can use them for classroom lessons, individual situations or resources for staff and parents. Thanks so much for offering this possibility!

  71. Kim potter says:

    I am a special education teacher. I work in a kindergarten center with 400 little angels. We are always looking for new media to share emotional and behavior choices and explanations. Since we have such a diverse cultural and socio economic school- we find books are the best way to reach our student, most not having seen a lot of books in their life yet!!!
    Thank you for this opportunity for anyone who gets it; books are a great way to explore the world.

  72. Danette Hopke says:

    As a 7-12 School Counselor I would use these books with my groups and classroom instruction for my students to do mentoring and classroom lessons with the K-6 students in my district. I believe students learn more effectively when they become the expert and share their knowledge and experience with others, especially with cross-age groups.

  73. Jay Higgins says:

    I work with many students in a large elementary school and have constant needs for good resources to help them with their emotions.

  74. Mary Migliorelli says:

    Would love to give the set to our refugee resettlement agency for their waiting room, as families with kids meet with their case managers, & to introduce the series to our local Head Start preschools— is it available in languages besides English? Thx!

  75. Diane Mayer says:

    I teach special needs children and learning appropriate social skills are a big part of our program. I’m always looking for new materials with varying formats/perspectives to reinforce appropriate expressions of feelings and behavior choices

  76. Angela says:

    I work with children involved due to DCS or probation. These books would help the children relate their emotions to actions.

  77. Michal Levine says:

    Liked on Facebook (Michal Levine)

  78. Michal Levine says:

    I would love to win these to read with my 3 year old who has very strong emotions (and is very vocal about them). We have enjoyed (and currently own) many I already own and enjoy using titles from your Best Behavior series and these would be a fabulous addition to our library

  79. Shannon says:

    I would love to share these with the teen parents I will be working with.

  80. Thanks Free Spirit for the way you present these great resources for the wonderful people out there working with kids and families and making a difference!

  81. stephylouann says:

    I would love to win these to use with the children I work with in the community mental health setting!

  82. Julia says:

    Like free spirit on Facebook

  83. Julia knudson says:

    I work with special needs students in the regular education setting, and I would love to use these books to help teach appropriate social emotional skills to all of the kiddos.

  84. Sherrie F says:

    I want to win to use these books with my pre-schoolers in self contained special education! Always looking for new ways to help their social-emotional growth!

  85. Aylene says:

    I share wonderful products like this with my students earning school counseling credentials so they can see and use the resources in their field assignments and beyond.

  86. sori says:

    Children need to understand how their emotions affect their actions in order to develop emotional regulation. I’d love to have a set of books to help kids get a head start on that lifelong process! The younger the better !

  87. I would absolutely LOVE to have this set for the children I work with! Please! Please! Please! 🙂

  88. drtyra says:

    I like FreeSpirit on Facebook. I have a 4 year old son. And we could -both- use all of the help we can get in the “managing emotions” department.

  89. Frank Sutton says:

    I liked it on Facebook and am following on Pintrest. I have a leadership program and older students work with younger students as mentors. These books would be great to use with this program.

  90. Teresa Riddle says:

    I would love to win this set of books so that I can help my students work through their feelings using read alouds. I teach in a self-contained classroom with students with diverse disabilities such Down Syndrome, autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities. Behavioral issues general accompany these disabilities, and having students learn how to deal with their feelings through reading would go a long way towards helping my students thrive academically as well.

  91. Cassandra S. says:

    I followed on Pinterest. (butterflyslp)

  92. Cassandra S. says:

    I followed on twitter. (@VlinderCT)

  93. Cassandra S. says:

    I liked on facebook.

  94. Cassandra S. says:

    Many of the kiddos on my caseload struggle to identify/process emotions and exhibit behavioral challenges. These books would be a great addition to my “toolbox” for use in therapy with them.
    Cassandra Stafford, MS, CCC-SLP/L, ATP

  95. Nancy Hintz says:

    I have recently been given 4 preschool classes to my counseling work load. This series would be a wonderful addition to my library since most my books and lessons are geared toward older children

  96. Anne says:

    I’m love to win these and share with my MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) friends! Helping your child to put words with their feelings, that is an awesome gift to give to your children.

  97. Cheri Kuhn-Hagerman says:

    I am now following Free Spirit on Pinterest! 🙂 I am so excited to get new ideas for my daughter, who has ASD/SPD/Adjustment Disorder, and for my little kiddos, most of whom are on the Spectrum, that I do Speech and Language therapy with! *happy dance*

  98. Cheri Kuhn-Hagerman says:

    I liked Free Spirit on facebook! 🙂

  99. Jessica says:

    I am a brand new therapist working with students as a behavior specialist. Each of these books would be a great addition to my program. We work on learning cooperation skills, anger management skills, and taking responsibility for actions – all concepts portrayed in the books. My kids are at that age where reading is new and fun, so I try to incorporate bibliotherapy as much as possible. I think they would really love this series!!

  100. Libby Varno-Colbert says:

    I think my kids would find these useful, and I can talk about the series with other people who might find them useful.

  101. I would love to use these books in my church preschool. We have a very limited budget, and I would be excited to use these with my students!!

  102. suzan says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. I have boys ages 3 and 5. These would be perfect for them. If we won once we read and discussed I wou, d give them to my sons preschool class to share with the kids.

  103. suzan says:

    Following on pinterest

  104. suzan says:

    Liked on facebook

  105. Bonna says:

    First year guidance counselor. This would be a great addition to my library 😉 Such a cool giveaway.

  106. suzan says:

    Following on twitter @suzanette80

  107. Sharon Mertes says:

    I am a K-6 counselor and these would make a wonderful addition to my resource library. I have a lot of students who do not know how to express their emotions and this leads to consequences for poor behavior choices. This books would be interesting to the students and I could use them individually or in the classroom.

  108. the.sloneses says:

    I follow on twitter.

  109. the.sloneses says:

    I would love to win this set because I have a 3 year old. People were always telling me that 3 is more terrible than 2…and after just 11 days as a mom to a 3 year old, I must say that I agree! 😉 These books would definitely help me as I teach him strategies for managing big feelings. (Apologies if this posted twice).

  110. the.sloneses says:

    I follow you on pinterest

  111. the.sloneses says:

    I “like” you on FB.

  112. Susan Campbell says:

    I would love to win this as I do Family Childcare and I could use these books with my children and parents.

  113. Jannelle says:

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  114. Jannelle says:

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  116. Annette says:

    I just liked you on FB as well. If I win, they will be put to great use in my new counseling position. Thanks!

  117. Annette says:

    I would love to win these books – they would be very helpful as I transition to my new job as an elementary school counselor (switching from the high school level…I need all the help I can get!).

  118. Jannelle says:

    I would love this collection for two reasons. One to share with my autistic son, the more I can reinforce social mad emotional behaviors the better. Also, I am work in the area of family support and would live to have these in my collection to share with families.

  119. have you on Pinterest! thank you!

  120. have you on facebook too!

  121. following on twitter!

  122. Leah says:

    Following on pinterest.

  123. Leah says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  124. Leah says:

    These books would make a great addition to my classroom where I work with children of all needs and abilities. Some of my children have the hardest time grasping emotional literacy and these books would be perfect!

  125. Helen Parr says:

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  128. Cheri Kuhn-Hagerman says:

    I think these books would make a huge impact in two specific areas of my life. First, they would greatly impact my daughter. She has Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Adjustment Disorder. She has been working hard in Autism therapy and private counseling on emotions, emotional responses, and how to positively react to emotions. Secondly, I work in the field of Speech-Language Pathology, where I work with a large caseload of children on the Autism Spectrum. These books would impact the lives of a lot of children that are in my life.

  129. Helen Parr says:

    My daughter could use these books to help her with her clients as she is a Social Worker working with young children ages 4 to 8. These children deal with these problems on a daily basis and the value of being able to read/ have read to them that others have the same problems as they do can only be a positive.

  130. Crystal Johnson says:

    As a new school counselor, I would love to win this series to use during classroom guidance! Awesome giveaway!!!

  131. Following on Pinterest

  132. Deborah Thiessen says:

    I would love to win the set of books for a couple of reasons. First of all, I am an ardent supporter of Free Spirit Publishing and have been on their board for the last two years. Previously, as a special education teacher I purchased many of their books.

    Currently, I am working in Saudi Arabia, a country where emotions and people with disabilities are hidden from the public due to embarrassment and potential retribution. Students are reticent to even talk about their feelilngs in public, let alone in a school environment.

    I was hired as the Principal for English and am gradually bringing in knowledge and understanding from the United States. These books would be an outstanding way to start the change where youth were able to realize and read about their feelings. It would be one more way to bridge the gap of understanding to self-discovery and acceptance

    Thank you for your consideration.

  133. My 4 year old daughter has Aspergers and is struggling with behavior and managing emotions. She loves reading, so I think these books would really help her.

  134. Alisha says:

    Like don facebook

  135. Melody McCurdy says:

    I work with children who have mental issues in a non-profit hospital. I am still a LPC Intern so money for books doesn’t come around often…..in fact…..hoping for Amazon gift cards so I can purchase more materials for my groups! I love the ideas in a jar that I have purchased!

  136. Jessica Diaz says:

    Hello there!
    I am currently a Bilingual School Psychologist working in a District 75 School in the Bronx, New York. My students range from 5-10 years old; most of whom have been diagnosed with psychological disorders and who have been classified as Emotionally Disturbed. They strive very hard to meet their individual academic and social emotional goals throughout the year. It is my pleasure to watch them grow and acquire daily living skills as well as socially appropriate behaviors. Winning the above set would be an asset for my students’ socio-emotional development. Thank you.

  137. I would like this set. I am a teacher and it would really help my students & the others in our private school. Thanks

  138. Jennifer Johnston Crow says:

    I have added Free Spirit to my Facebook feed.

  139. Jennifer Johnston Crow says:

    I would like to have these books to give to my friend Susan who is a girl scout leader. She is always working so hard with so little to make a difference with young girls. It’s her passion and her calling. I would be very fulfilled to be able to provide these for her scouts.

  140. kinnmr01 says:

    I would like to win this set because our school’s kiddos would LOVE it!

  141. kinnmr01 says:

    Followed on pinterest

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    Following on twitter

  143. I work as a Mental Health consultant working with preschool teachers regarding social-emotional development of children 0-5 and I see so many behavior challenges in the classrooms related to a lack of children’s emotional needs not being met. I wonder a lot with toddler and preschool teachers about how to support these young children to develop healthy and appropriate ways to express their emotions and how it is important to teach these skills to promote positive self-esteem and relationships with others. I am always looking for resources to share with the teachers I work with and we all know how much children love reading and learning with books. I would share these books with my colleagues, teachers and center directors.

  144. kinnmr01 says:

    Liked on fb

  145. Ashley Shaw says:

    Following on pinterest! Thanks!

  146. Ashley Shaw says:

    Liked on facebook! Thank you for the opportunity!

  147. Ashley Shaw says:

    I’m starting out my first school counseling position in August. These books would give me great resources to use with my elementary age kids, and would make a great addition to my counseling library!

  148. Rebecca Armstrong says:

    Teaching Transitional Kindergarten involves a focus on teaching emotions. Four-year-olds are entering the world outside their families for the first time, and it is SCARY! They don’t know that word can apply to school, new teachers, new friends, sharing against their will, and waiting their turn to talk, but they learn with a lot of support from a teacher who shows them through role modeling and the use of puppets. Your books would add strong support to this very important year for the youngest kindergarteners. I would use them as an introduction to the topic, and then continue to use it with reminders for the class that is learning all of the topics addressed in your books.

  149. Mary Mageean Morado says:

    I already own and enjoy using several titles from your Best Behavior series in my Kindergarten classroom. This set would be a lovely addition to the valuable titles that I already use.

  150. Traci says:

    I work with children and their families as a mental health therapist. I often incorporate bibilotherapy and feel these books would greatly benefit the children I provide treatment to.

  151. Heather Mirarchi says:

    Following “Free Spirit” on Pinterest 🙂

  152. gailkarin says:

    I’d love to read these books to my grandchildren! I want them to grow up with self-awareness and self-acceptance!

  153. Heather Mirarchi says:

    Free Spirit “Liked” on Facebook 🙂

  154. Heather Mirarchi says:

    I would use the book pack at the title one school where I work as the school counselor. The book bundle would be a great resource to help students identify and recognize feelings and identify and practice appropriate social skills. Thank you for your consideration.

  155. Lana Caldwell says:

    I could use these books when talking to classes in our school district or when working with kids individually to do work on social/emotional skills.

  156. Aprile O'Keefe says:

    Liked on Facebook and following on Pinterest. I would love to have these books. I work as a school social worker and cover a broad range of ages across several schools. Sometimes the smallest folks get overlooked in other materials/curriculumns and these materials are made specifically for their needs. Thank you!

  157. Martha Milli says:

    I work as an Elementary School Counselor. As part of my responsibilities, I prepare and teach lessons for students in all grade levels at my school, Pre-K through Grade 5. I am always looking for new resources to use to spice up my lessons. I would love to add these stories on how emotions impact behaviors to my office’s collection in order to use with my younger students. Along with a few guitar songs and an introduction from one of my puppets, these books would be just perfect to use in teaching young children positive behaviors and coping skills.

  158. Kara Smith says:

    I would love to have this set of books in my Intensive Intervention classroom. My students all have intense behavioral and mental health needs. I am continuing to try to build my library to use with the students. I work closely with our classroom therapist to provide supports to address all their needs. This set looks like it would provide lots of opportunities for learning and addressing needed social skill instruction. Thanks so much for this opportunity!!!


  159. Elisabeth Carns says:

    I personally know a few children that struggle with managing their own behavior. These books will be a great help to me as a future teacher and parent to help many children understand their emotions and how to positively and healthily respond to their emotions.

  160. Pat Davis says:

    I would love to win a set of these books to use in my SPED classroom! Free Spirit materials are a staple in my classroom! I deal with teenagers who have difficulty learning to cope with things that happen in everyday life. I have quite a few series of your materials that make my job easier because I have the resources to share with them and their parents, that explain things without appearing to be for younger children. I also share these materials with the other special programs at our school. Thank you for providing materials that are so relevant to our children’s lives!

  161. Bernadette hernandez says:

    Your books always bring the best in each chid, they can understand and relate. It will open their minds and act right. I would love to have it in our preschool.

  162. Kristen Eastlick says:

    Liked on Facebook…This is by far the best give away! Thanks for doing this!

  163. Kristen Eastlick says:

    Followed on Pinterest!

  164. Kristen Eastlick says:

    I would love to win these. This is my first year as a counselor, and I’ll be at the elementary schools. These books would be incredibly helpful for my students!

  165. Eileen Stephens says:

    These books are great. My first graders would benefit from these greatly!

  166. Susanne Smith says:

    Kids respond so well to stories and books. I always try to incorporate an age-appropriate story at the beginning of my lesson (as a cross-curricular link with reading) in order to set the stage and mood for a group session. These books are perfect for children when exploring social and emotional learning.

  167. Kristina Kubala says:

    These would be great for my counseling library

  168. Kelli Isamat says:

    I am also now following you on twitter hoping to win these wonderful books!

  169. Wendy says:

    Like. Excited to see and win a new set of emotion books for my counseling library. 🙂

  170. Kelli Isamat says:

    I liked free spirit publishing on Facebook! Always looking to learn about great new resources!

  171. Kelli Isamat says:

    I would love to win this series!! Our school is moving towards a balanced literacy model and having great books to share with kids that can teach them about their emotions and how to control them would better help me secure my place in the classroom!

  172. Alicia says:

    I am now following you on Twitter. Hoping that my comments about why I want to win and completing the 3 tasks help me to win! With my under-funded school counseling program I need all the free resources I can lay my hands on!

  173. Alicia says:

    I am following Free Spirit on Pinterest. I look forward to hurling others find these resources.

  174. Janis Trebby says:

    I am a school librarian and know our teachers would love these books and could use with many of our students.

  175. Alicia says:

    I liked this on Facebook and would love to win it. I am a school counselor and rely heavily on bibliotherapy for my counseling classes. I’m always looking for books that address different topics.

  176. Armandina Austin says:

    This is my first year as a school counselor and want to build a great and meaningful library.

  177. Julie Stewart says:

    I would love to be able add these titles to our school library collection. Teachers, parents, and children would find these titles very helpful.

  178. Jane says:

    Liked on FB and Pinterest! I’m always looking for new ways to supplement our social emotional curriculum, and Free Spirit rocks!

  179. Donna Czeck says:

    As the only counselor for the district (and no budget) I try to get as many free resources as possible to help make my heavy caseload a little lighter.

  180. Beth Abraham says:

    These would be a great addition to our school library and to be used by our school counselor!!!

  181. Dawn Chandler says:

    I am following on Pinterest.

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    I “liked” Free Spirit on Facebook.

  183. Michael Bank says:

    Self-awareness is a huge component of my counseling program. Anything that would facilitate the learning of essential skills by children would be wonderful!

  184. tallotus7 says:

    I have used your materials in the past, and we are always hunting for lower cost materials but I would be quite honored to win this set, as it’s very unique and I teach to ELL’S Family Literacy and it would be a great curriculum support to ELL families that are trying to learn English language expressions as well as teach it to their children and families. I am Teresa Rollins I work For VITA Education. Thanks!

  185. Teresa Rollins says:

    I have used your materials in the past, and we are always hunting for lower cot materials but I would be quite honored to win this set, as it’s very unique and I teach to ELL’S Family Literacy and it would be a great curriculum support to ELL families that are trying to learn English language expressions as well as teach it to their children and families. I am Teresa Rollins I work For VITA Education. Thanks!

  186. Judy Meine says:

    What a fantastic way to help young children give words to their feelings! It’s always hard to teach them what to say- this is so relatable.

  187. cruthirds777 says:

    I am the mother of three young boys who would benefit from these books. Also, I am studying to be an elementary teacher and I’d love to share these books with my future students!

  188. Meghan Kelly says:

    I would love to add these to my office library to use with my little clients!

  189. cruthirds777 says:

    I “like” Free Spirit on facebook.

  190. Melinda Bahney says:

    I have a couple of these books, would love to have the entire set to share with my Preschoolers!

  191. Marcie Griffith says:

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    I’m following on Pinterest.

  193. Mina Finnedt says:

    Great book!

  194. Darlene Shumchenia says:

    Hi! I’m an OT and have created a group called Emotions and Art! These books would work perfectly into my group. We pick a new emotion each week, read a book related to that emotion and then have time in the art room to explore multiple mediums to express the emotion of the week. The kids love it! I use some of Free Spirit Books in this group including Zach gets Frustrated!

  195. Marcie Griffith says:

    I’m following on Twitter.

  196. Dawn Chandler says:

    I am a licensed social worker and mental health consultant employed under an early childhood grant. I do a lot of social/emotional education with preschoolers and consultation with teachers, child care providers, and parents of children birth – 5. I also provide play therapy services. Books such as these are so helpful in engaging children and teaching the skills they need to be ready to learn in kindergarten. We are a very rural community in Kansas, with no major bookstores within at least an hour. And unfortunately, there isn’t always $ in the budget to build such a library of books to be used in preschool classrooms, day cares, and loaned to parents. This set would definitely get a lot of use with and would be highly appreciated.

  197. nohemi diaz says:

    As a preschool and elementary school counselor , I am interested in winning the set of books because they will help me teach conflict resolution and social skills.

    I do believe my special and general education students would benefit greatly from being read these books . I can also share the books/ title with my parents when I hold my monthly meetings.

  198. Marcie Griffith says:

    I would love to be able to make these books available to students at my school.

  199. Sharon Roknich says:

    I already follow you on pinterest! 🙂

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  202. Melody C says:

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  203. Sharon Roknich says:

    Hi! I work as a behavior focused teacher in a Title I school where 80% of the students are on free and reduced lunch. My students struggle with all the behaviors addressed in these books, and I would love to win a set to help them learn these skills and grow into good citizens. Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. Melody C says:

    As an elementary school counselor, I could definitely use these with my kids who may have trouble verbalizing their emotions and feelings. Especially for my little ones in the beginning of the school year.

  205. Melinda Miller says:

    I am a School Home Community Coordinator/School Social Worker K-8. It would be AWESOME to win something that would be an asset for the children in our district. Many children face challenges at home and then it becomes a school problem. I could use these books for the young children all the time.

  206. terry says:

    Books like these are a mainstay for my practice. I would love to have this complete set!

  207. Be says:

    I work with low-income families with young children in early intervention. These books are perfect for teaching children, and also parents, about what to do with those big feelings. I will use the books with these families because although these books are for little children they do have a lot of big ideas that parents will find helpful. Also, this is a great way for low-income parents to learn how to support their children when things are not going smoothly.

  208. Susan Williams says:

    As a teacher of students on the spectrum, I often use literature to open the discussion for different topics. Using a book helps the students be able to begin the discussion. We can then, turn the topic to personal experiences. When the topic of discussion become sensitive, I can relate back to the book which is rewarding for the child.

    I have posted on Facebook and am following on Pinterest.

  209. Jami says:

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  212. Peggy says:

    I’m a first year first grade teacher. This would be a good set for teaching emotional skills.

  213. Amanda says:

    I would love these books for my classroom library! I teach first and second grade special education and believe these books would greatly help my students.

  214. Kristen says:

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  216. Teresa Bateman says:

    My Special Ed teachers spend a lot of time teaching about emotions and appropriate responses to them. This set sounds perfect!

  217. Kristen says:

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  218. OMazing Kids says:

    I follow all your boards on Pinterest from my OMazing Kids page: http://www.pinterest.com/OMazingKids/ ~ Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP

  219. Kristen says:

    I’d love to win this books! I’m a school counselor in a K-8 school and my caseload has a large number of students who exhibit challenging behaviors. Verbally articulating our feelings and emotions is challenging for all (kids and adults) and these books would be a wonderful resource for the small groups I run, for individual counseling sessions and for a general bibliotherapy resource!

  220. Terry Davis says:

    My grandson recently came to live full-time with me. Helping him deal with the issues that led to that are difficult. Add in the normal stresses and emotions kids need to learn to navigate and I am sometimes overwhelmed. He is in counseling for the bigger issues but these books would be great to help me with teaching him how to deal with everyday life. If I weren’t on a fixed income, I would be able to pay for them but as it is, there’s just no room in the budget.

  221. I am following you on Pinterest as Three Stages Childcare Center

  222. OMazing Kids says:

    I follow you on Twitter as @amoorad ~ Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP

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    I liked your page on Facebook both as myself & as my OMazing Kids page ~ Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP

  225. I liked your Facebook page!

  226. Charisse Moses says:

    As a stay at home I am constantly looking for ways to educate my children. As my 3 year old matures and experiences new emotions it would be nice to read him stories explaining those emotions and how to handle them. I would also be reading them to my 9 month old who loves story time with his big brother. This series wiuld really help yo achieve that. We have already used the Teeth book to overcome a short biting stage.

  227. OMazing Kids says:

    I would love to use these in therapy with our patients with challenging behaviors at the JD McCarty Center for Children with Developmental Disabilities. It’s a non-profit hospital with tight budgets so these would be a blessing to win 🙂 ~ Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP

  228. alleykat78 says:

    I follow on pinterest and on facebook. These books would be great resource to our kids here. I work with a mental health and behavioral health agency in which has a child and adolescent program that targets 5-18 year olds. These books would be great to reinforce the skills that we are teaching them to learn to regulate their emotions and improve their coping skills. In this rural area resources and funding are limited.

  229. These books would be great in helping parents support thier youngest children and the many emotions they learn about each and every day. Social emotional health is the key to a happy, health home and is vital to prepare young children and their families for school and life!

  230. Mary G says:

    I’m a child and family therapist who is just starting out. These books would be a wonderful addition to therapy that I do with young children. I have a few other titles from your company and I love the quality and the message. Having these books would add another layer to my work!

  231. I’d love to win to use with my 2 children who have FAS. They were older when adopted and need this extra help in understanding feelings and how to calm, etc.

  232. Jennifer says:

    Following on Pinterest

  233. Molly Cooper says:

    These would be so helpful in my first year as a school counselor. I have done work as a trauma therapist and used resources like these in the past, and I am hoping to build a good school library for this coming year!

  234. Jennifer says:

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  235. Mamie Eng says:

    These would be a great addition for our Parenting Collection! Always look for new fresh books!

  236. Jennifer says:

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  237. Kathryn Mayfield says:

    Liked & Followed. These books would be a great addition to our elementary library to help the little ones cope with their emotions.

  238. Jennifer says:

    I would love these for my children.

  239. Cathy says:

    The counselor at my school doesn’t know about Free Spirit Publishing! I want to get her hooked! Like I am.

  240. Tanesha Lovett says:

    As a School Psychologist, I enjoy using different tools when working with the little ones. They especially enjoy learning about feelings through stories, so this would be a great resource to have.

  241. Barbara Zaino says:

    Our County Office of Education operates a special education school for students with severe disabilities. One of our programs focuses on students determined to be seriously emotionally disturbed. This program spans from preschool to high school and these books would target our younger students who are in such need of books that will help them understand their very volatile emotions.

  242. Amy D. says:

    I am a new school social worker and this would be perfect to add to my growing library!

  243. Susan DeBell says:

    I am an LPC who works in 2 not-for-profit counseling practices. With little funding to spare, these materials would be put to good use helping our many young clients with various emotional and social issues.

  244. Michelle Cornish says:

    I love talking and reading about emotions with my kids 🙂

  245. sholland says:

    I am a counseling student and I will be beginning my internship in a few weeks, these books would be a great resource for me in my internship and well as career.

  246. Holly Tiret says:

    I teach emotional and social health skills to parents and childcare providers of young children in Kent, Ottawa and Allegan Counties in Michigan. I work for Michigan State University Extension and we are always looking for books to share and give away to participants in our classes.

  247. Hayley Brandes says:

    It is a good resource for all the students on my caseload including some students who may need the additional help or skill to be successful in the regular education classroom. Winning these would be WONDERFUL!

  248. Lisa Tang says:

    Liked and hoping to win so I could review for my clients. I am a clinical psychologist who works with children who have special needs.

  249. I would love to win these books to use with my chilren. I am a Medical Office Service Coordinator working in the Mental Health Services (Pediatrics) part of the Children’s Hospital in Sacramento, CA. We deal with children who have beeen victims of child/sexual abuse and domestic violence and we deal with children with have behavior issues. This would go a long way in helping my children improve their behavior and social/emotional well-being. I call them my children because I know every child’s name (200) that comes through our clinic. I’m known as “Miss Rachel”.

  250. SueParsons says:

    I’m starting as the principal at a new school with a new counselor and these books would be a nice springboard for working with the younger students who are just learning about how to control their emotions and reactions.

  251. I would love to win these books because they’d be perfect to use as bibliotherapy for students with challenging behaviors, and they are great as a general resource for helping young child with their social and emotional development.

  252. Crystal Erickson, Human Resources says:

    Children need to learn healthy ways to cope with their feelings from an early age so that they are less likely to develop unhealthy ways.

  253. Marti Dowd says:

    In our district preschool we serve Early Head Start, Head Start, Early Childhood Special Ed and pre-k students. We also have a Parents as Teachers program as well as a United Way Success by Resource Center open to the community. These books would be great for the population we serve and to use with parents. Always looking for resources at the children’s level for those tough social emotional issues.

  254. mommasbacon says:

    Emotional intelligence is so important for children who have BIG feelings. I would review the books on my blog and work with my kids through the books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  255. Ann Tompkins says:

    I often use books when working with children through play therapy and in groups; and often they are Free Spirit Publishing books!

  256. Hilda says:

    I would love winning the emotions and behavior book series because I’m a mother of three special needs children. 2 with autism and 1 with Down syndrome and they would greatly benefit from these books. These books would help me in teaching them on how to deal with there everyday challenges.

  257. Marilyn Lewis says:

    I would like to use the books when I substitute teach in the primary grades. They would be fantastic to show these students how to cope with feelings that may be acceptable in their homes, but not in a school environment.

  258. Marcie Baksay says:

    Always looking for new ideas to teach emotions/feelings to my students in school. I am a social worker in an inner city school !!!

  259. Christine Katzaman says:

    As an intern I worked with young children who had been abused. This brought up a lot of strong emotions. Now I am working on developing a private practice and want to continue working with young children. However $ is not available to build a collection that would be of use to them. Winning this would be a tremendous help.

  260. Ashley Talip says:

    These books would be awesome to help supplement the curriculum and conversations I work on in my small groups with elementary school kids. As well as, serve as a resource for parents and teachers to use for home or. Lass room issues. It’s important to teach the concept across all settings to help the child be successful

  261. Heather Valentine says:

    I like you on Facebook!

  262. Kathy Baker says:

    Kids, they are fun but they can be challenging. Often they cannot tell us what is happening with them except through their behaviors; the 5 year old who would not leave his or her parent’s side because he or she is afraid, the child that is finally feeling successful because he or she learned to breathe deeply and self calm rather than tantrum, the child whose world is so topsy turvy he or she destroys property or hurts someone, or the child that simply cannot accept responsibility for his or her behaviors. Reading books that can take the child out of the personal yet teach them the skills for success are so important. I work for a nonprofit therapeutic facility that works with children between the ages of 5-12 who expereince these behaviors daily, usually as a result of a trauma in their young lives. Like everyone else, budgets are tight and having these important resources is critical to our success. We would love to win this set of books, and we are thankful for the chance to try to win them.

  263. Jenna Moenius says:

    These look so awesome! I’d love to win these because I work in two inner city public schools. Resources like these are wonderful to use with the students I work with and for when I got into classrooms to do activities! Additionally, I have to purchase all of these types of materials myself and it gets expensive!

  264. rchbird12 says:

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    I follow on pintrest

  267. rchbird12 says:

    I would love to win this emotions and behavior series! I am a school psychologist in early childhood and this would be a great tool that I could use with these little ones to teach early self-regulation skills..

  268. Brooke says:

    I would love to win a set of these books because I’m currently a college student who wants to be a child psychologist some day and I would love to get a start on my bibliotherapy collection. Also, I have liked you on Facebook and Pinterest.

  269. Lissette Guzman says:

    I followed Free Spirit on Pinterest!

  270. Heather Valentine says:

    I will be doing my school psychology internship with PK-5 this fall, and these would be great for early intervention!

  271. Julie Z. says:

    I am an Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist. These books would be great to add to my library of resources for parents of young children! I am always on the lookout for books that promote young children’s healty social and emotional development.

  272. rchbird12 says:

    I would love to win the Emotions and Behavior series! I work in early childhood as a school psychologist as well as have 5 kids of my own. I would love this as a tool for the to help teach self-regulation skills to all the little ones I work with. Especially with these fun books!

  273. Lissette Guzman says:

    I liked Free Spirit on Facebook!

  274. D. Browning says:

    I work in a Title I school and we rely on donations for books. These books look like they would be great for our kids and our guidance counselor to use to help the kids understand their actions relating to their feelings.

  275. jacquelyn williams says:

    I work with children in an afterschool program: Learns k-5th grades. These wonderful books would be shared and appreciated among all. thanks for the opportunity to win

  276. Lissette Guzman says:

    I would love to win these books to use with my students. I am a mental health counselor working in a very low-income neighborhood school on the south side of Chicago. This would go a long way in helping my youngest students improve their behavior and social/emotional well-being.

  277. Lori Davis says:

    Love all your products and would love to win these.

  278. Joyce Darbo says:

    In the Head Start program that I work, we have a culture of teaching about feelings, emotional literacy , positive behavior support rather than corrective or punitive. We always say “It’s ok to have big emotions, and it’s our job to teach our children what to do do with them “. Love Free Spirit !

  279. I recommend your publishing company to my family therapy clients and professional audiences when I conduct trainings and consult on how to help parents and children with special needs. It would be great to donate books to some of our early childhood partner agencies. judy@ackerman

  280. I am a psychologist and advocate for families with children with special needs. I have followed you on FB for a long time, and used your books for many many years. I’d like to win the complete set to help families see the great resources you offer and share them with the support groups I offer free of charge to parents several times a month.

  281. vmack07 says:

    Great offer!!

  282. Vonnie Henry says:

    I am a mental health counselor who works primarily with c young children and their families. I would love to have these books to use with my them. Often the parents need to learn how to handle both their own and their childre’s emotions.

  283. Dede Coe says:

    I would love to win this set of books to place in my Grandson’s school library! Yep– $0 budget there also.

  284. Cathy Krieg says:

    I would love to win these books for use in the partial hospitalization/day treatment program I run in Clermont County, Ohio. We are part of the community mental health system and have few $$ resources to purchase items regularly!

  285. Deana Hirte says:

    I want to win your Emotions and Behavior series because I want to use them in my work. I am an Early Head Start home visitor and feel these books would enhance my families’ social-emotional understanding, development, and growth!! Pick me!!

  286. mandymarie20 says:

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  289. mandymarie20 says:

    I would love to win these books. We desperately need books for our school library. I have a $0 book budget every year and rely on donations, so anything would be greatly appreciated.

  290. Liked & Followed! If I win I’ll give to parents in my groups. They would be so thrilled.

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