Giveaway Congratulations, and Our Thanks

We asked what made you a free spirit, and you answered. It was great fun to read all of your replies. But we had to draw a name to get a winner, and the $300.00 Free Spirit gift certificate giveaway will be heading out to Diana Hutchinson.

Diana shared, “I’m a free spirit because I guide my children toward literature that embodies goodness, positivity, and that is life-affirming. I steer them away from violence and negativity (which is in so many of the popular kids books).”

With Thanksgiving upon us this week, we have been reflecting on some of the things we are thankful for. ThanksThe ongoing commitment of all of you—those who teach, parent, and spend their days working to help children thrive—is an amazing gift to all of our communities. Thank you all for sharing your talents and passions with the next generation of world citizens.

And thank you for helping us celebrate Free Spirit’s 30th Anniversary this year.

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