Congratulations to Our Recent Winners!

We are happy to announce the winner of the Four Books on Differentiation. Congratulations to Nana Cisler, who wrote “I am a child play therapist and have many gifted mid-teens that have a hard time being accepted by their peers.springybook_blu(1) winners This book would help me reach them and have them accept themselves if they know about their gifts and can appreciate their giftedness! All these books would help me tailor their therapy. Since I always dialog with their teachers, these books would also help me assist the teachers in individual differences.”

The three winners for The Best Behavior® Series Book Titling Contest are:

Most Practical Title: Monica D’Onofrio, Voices Are Not for Yelling
Staff Favorite: Diana Flores, Trash Is Not for Littering
Funniest Title: Gail Greene, Whining Is Not Going to Work

Thanks to you all for taking part in these contests.

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