The Best Behavior® Series Book Titling Contest

Updated 10/10/2013: This contest is now closed. Thanks for all your ideas!

Hello, readers! We’re always creating books with you in mind. Now we want to know what ideas you have in mind.

Here’s the prompt: Using our previous books as a model, what would you title a new book in the Best Behavior series?

Three lucky winners will each win a $200 Free Spirit gift certificate. Prizes will be awarded for the funniest title, the most practical (and needed!) addition to the series, as well as a Free Spirit staff favorite.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are some titles already in the series:

HandsAreNotForHitting_from FSP   GermsAreNotForSharing_PB   WordsAreNotForHurting_PB   Tails_Are_Not_For_Pulling_PB

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Please note: While we don’t guarantee that Free Spirit will publish a title in the Best Behavior series using your title, we certainly will consider it. By participating in this contest, entrants assign to Free Spirit Publishing all rights and claims to the submitted title and concept, and understand that they will receive no compensation should their suggestions be used in a publication.

How to Enter: Leave a comment below with your suggested book title(s). Feel free to leave multiple suggestions in one comment. Entries must be received by 11:59:59 p.m. (CST) on October 9, 2013. This contest is now closed.

Each winner will be contacted via email on or about October 23, 2013, and will need to respond within 10 days to claim his or her prize or another winner will be chosen. Winners must be U.S. residents, 18 years of age or older. Click to read complete contest rules (PDF).

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Share your comments, stories, and ideas below, or contact us. All comments will be approved before posting, and are subject to our comment and privacy policies.

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112 Responses to The Best Behavior® Series Book Titling Contest

  1. Beth Vesper says:

    Nighttime is for Sleeping!

  2. Karen Ganon says:

    Sisters (brothers) are not for teasing
    Smiles are not for hiding (saving) (keeping)
    Chocolate’s not for sharing (for adult female teachers)
    Peas are not for throwing
    Seeds are not for spitting

  3. Amy Hass says:

    Friends are for Sharing

  4. Tina Mac says:

    got another one I used today….”Sand is not for hair” or the other title, “I dig Sand” (Sand is not for throwing)

  5. Denise Ford says:

    Laughing isn’t for insults; Smiles are for sharing; Books are not for eating;
    Guitars are not for smashing; Texting is not for while driving; Food is not for throwing;Bad words are not for saying; Toys are not for throwing; Nails are not for biting; Homework is not for your dog; Teeth are for food; Hair is not for pulling; Food is not for playing; Pins are not for pricking; Noses are not for picking; Hands are to keep to yourself; Bugs are not for eating; Rules are not for fighting; Mouths are not for yelling; toys are not for hogging; Voices are not for screaming; Feet are not for kicking; Candy is not for bribing; Pencils are not for breaking; Eyes are not for poking; Fire is not for playing; Couches are not for jumping; Things are not for breaking; Saliva is not for spitting; Shoes are not for throwing; Crayons are not for chewing; Fish are not for petting; Books are not for ripping; Inside is not for screaming; Friends are not for teasing; Playdough is not for eating; People are not for bullying; Beards are not for tugging; Books are not for tearing; Babysitters are not for climbing; Games are not for cheating; Candy is not for stealing; Sports are not for pouting; Stones are not for throwing; Poison is not for drinking; Dogs are not for riding; Blocks are not for throwing; Promises are not for breaking; Tempers are not for tantrums; Manners are for the table; Electric sockets are not for touching; Trash is not for littering; Food is not for playing; School is not for hurting friends;

  6. Beth Vesper says:

    All feelings are fine!
    Toys are not for grabbing!
    Hair is not for pulling!
    Ideas are for sharing!

  7. Kathy Ailts says:

    Naptimes are Not for Noisiness

  8. Nikki says:

    Feet are not for kicking people
    Words are not for saying mean things
    Hair is not for pulling

  9. Shelly says:

    Lines are not for budging or feet are not for tripping

  10. Kathy Ailts says:

    (Unhealthy) Habits are Not for Hanging Onto

  11. Kathy Ailts says:

    Differences are Not for Dissing

  12. Kathy Ailts says:

    Challenges are Not for Avoiding
    (“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”…. as in The Little Engine that Could!)

  13. petstogo says:

    Sleep is not for Talking

  14. petstogo says:

    Food is not for Playing

    Toys are not for Throwing

  15. petstogo says:

    Beds are not for Jumping

  16. petstogo says:

    Walls are not for writing

  17. petstogo says:

    Toys are not for Throwing

  18. Paige Beal says:

    Feelings are for Uplifting

  19. Tara Moreno says:

    Hands are for helping
    Words are for encouraging
    Ears are for listening

  20. LORI SMITH says:

    I think I just wrote your next book. . . .Mouths Are Not for Screaming!

    “La, la, la, la. . . Your mouth can sing songs. Your mouth can chew yummy food, too”
    “You can use your mouths to give kisses to someone we love, but it is never OK to use your mouth to scream at someone”
    “Screaming can hurt ears. Screaming can make someone feel afraid.”
    “It might be OK to use a loud voice when you are playing outside, but it’s not OK to scream when you feel angry”
    “Let’s use our mouths to lick an ice cream cone, make funny sounds and talk to our friends. But remember, mouths are not for screaming!”
    etc., etc., etc.
    (Preschool Special Education Teacher for 23 years)

  21. Kathy Ailts says:

    Feelings are Not for Ignoring (noticing what our own feelings may be telling us, then choosing helpful ways to respond/act/accept… and also acknowledging and being considerate of feelings of others)

  22. Terra says:

    Hearts are for healing, Manners are for minding, Communicate with Care, Differences make us Diverse

  23. Lauren Carter says:

    Bladders Are Not for Holding (Forever)
    Bathrooms Are Not for Playing
    Hands Are Not for Snot
    Poop Is Not for Smearing
    Pencils Are Not for Stabbing
    Jokes Are Not for Teasing
    Bathroom Procedures Are Not for Discussions
    (Haha…bet you can see how my days are…)

  24. Carol J. Clark says:

    Fists are not for Fighting.

  25. Monica C. says:

    Halls are not for Running
    Bullies are not for Buddies
    Junk Food is not for Healthy Bodies
    Nightmares are not for Real
    Private parts are not for Exposing

  26. Tina MacRae says:

    thought of another at work today…..Sand is not for throwing. Or the more positive spin, Sand is for digging and dumping.

  27. Yvonne DeVita says:

    compassion is not for hiding
    advocating is not for silencing
    tantrum-ing is not for getting
    demanding is not for getting
    intimidating is not for getting
    collaborating is not for hoarding
    humor is not for dismissing
    hairbrushes are not for sharing (lice prevention)
    each thought that pops into your head is not necessarily for verbally processing
    each inappropriate joke heard is not for repeating
    personal space is not for invading
    personal space is not for entering
    noise reducing headphones are not for forgetting
    each typo or mispronounced word your teacher writes or says is not for persevering on

    …from the teen side of the road

  28. 1. “My body parts are for this and not that” ie…eyes are for watching, not rolling; My tongue is for tasting not licking (surfaces); my nose is for smelling food and flowers, not door handles and walls and other germs things or picking; my fingers are for snapping, clapping, waving, not poking, pointing, and picking at; etc.
    2. “Taking Turns is Easy with a Friend”
    3. “My Body is Just Right, Ready To Learn!” Sensory strategies to stay regulated in the classroom.
    4. “Stopping This to Start That” a book about transitions.

  29. Susan Oleanna says:

    Manners Are Not Just for Special Occasions

  30. pattty says:

    Voices are not for screeching.

  31. Tom McIntyre says:

    NOT is NOT a word we use when we’re trying to teach what TO DO. (Sorry… couldn’t resist.)

  32. Cheryl Carey says:

    hearts are not for breaking


  34. Deirdre Nixon says:

    Feet Are Not For Stomping; Lips Are Not For Smacking; Eyes Are Not For Rolling; Thumbs Are Not For Sucking;Tongues Are Not For Tattling; Teeth Are Not For Biting(People that Is)

  35. Nikki says:

    Tails are not for smelling
    Hands are not for touching each other private parts
    Hands are not for picking your nose
    Germs are not for eating
    Words are not without meaning
    Hands are for helping
    Schools are for learning
    Mouths are for eating food
    Toys are for sharing
    Hands are for hugging
    Ears are for listening
    Eyes are for watching

  36. Leona says:

    “Food is not for throwing”
    “Books are not for banging”
    “Insects are not for ingesting”

  37. Bradley Evans says:

    Eyes arn’t for rolling
    Lips arn’t for smacking
    Tongues arn’t for tisking

  38. SBTherapist says:

    “School is for Learning”
    Can address the many areas of self-regulation that are learned through school, such as voice – volume/situation; body – be the boss of your body; emotions – through friendships/interacting with others; language – to express themselves; and attention – for focus on learning.

  39. Bradley Evans says:

    Hands are not for stealing

  40. 1. Grandmas are not for manipulating.
    2. Clothing is not for shedding.
    3. Tablets do not belong in the Toilet (don’t ask)

  41. Cindy Reyes says:

    Speak up, not down!

  42. Bradley Evans says:

    Weaves aren’t for pulling (out)

  43. Bradley Evans says:

    Sounds boys make..a book about gas
    I don’t need a man a book about divorce from a moms point of view
    If you’ll just listen a guide to understanding
    Mirrors are for making sure your clothing is appropriate
    Just because mom has a tattoo doesn’t mean you have to

  44. Tina MacRae says:

    Tables are not for jumping
    Spit is not for Spitting
    Utensils are for using
    bottles are not forever

  45. Carol J. Clark says:

    “Heads are not for Bumping” is a topic in which to bring attention to the importance of wearing helmets for trike/bike riding and playing sports such as football. This is similar to Melanie Rivellese’s entry on 9-25 for “Heads are not for Butting”. Conversely…heads are for protecting, heads are for thinking, etc. Any version of this title for a book would be greatly welcomed in early childhood.

  46. Noses Aren’t For Picking
    Inside Voices are for Speaking
    Ears are for Listening
    Keep U to U

  47. Lois miller says:

    Noses are not for picking

  48. Susan says:

    Pencils are not for drumming
    Sweet voices can be humming
    Love is meant to be shared
    Smiling shows you cared

  49. Tom McIntyre says:

    1. The Survival Guide for Kids Who Get a Mean Teacher: Staying cool in a hot place.
    2. Butts are NOT for Scratching: Making a good impression when in public.
    3. I Dare You! Deflating peer pressure to get in trouble.
    4. If you are what you eat, three kids at my table are boogers. Finding healthy/tasty food in the school cafeteria. (How to select foods. How to pack healthy lunches.)
    5. Pull up your pants! Knowing the difference between fad and fashion

  50. Diana Flores says:

    Pencils are Not for Chewing
    Trash is not for Littering

  51. Andrew Hawk says:

    The internet is not for bullying!
    Cell phones are not for children!
    Voices are not for whining!
    Fastfood should not be daily!

  52. Amy Bares says:

    Beds are not for Wetting
    Rules are not for Ignoring
    Butts are not for Twerking!

  53. Victoria Rosenberg says:

    Tongues are not for licking (people)
    —I wish I was kidding but I’m not, I’ve had more than one kid with this issue. The problem is that it gets a response the first time and then it just keeps going.

    Voices are not for screaming
    ——My 4 yr old says “Voices are not for screaming” whenever he hears anyone screaming, even in play.

    Fingers are not for chewing
    —-Huge anxiety behavior I see in the preschool set that gets really hard to redirect because fingers are always handy (ha ha!)

  54. Courtney Kraft says:

    Blocks are not for throwing…
    Paper is made for crayons (not the wall)
    Lips are for smiling (not pouting)

  55. Mignonne Sawyer says:

    Eyes Are Not For Rolling (on respect)
    Playtime Is Not For Excluding (on kindness and inclusion)
    Lunchtime Is Not For Playing (on proper conduct in cafeteria)

  56. Amy Garner says:

    Hearts are for Loving, Boogers are not for Lunch (sorry but it is an issue!), Queasy feelings are NOT a Secret (for abuse situations),

  57. Kathy Ailts says:

    Siblings are Not for Stomping On

  58. Kathy Ailts says:

    Hearts are Not for Hiding (showing love/affection/feelings… or like my earlier “Hearts are Not for Hoarding)

    Creativity is Not for Curbing (drawing, painting, singing out loud with gusto!)

  59. Kathy Ailts says:

    Hearts are not for Hoarding (about opening hearts to care and show kindness)

    Smiles are not for Stifling (passing on the positive, sharing the joy)

  60. Regena Sipiala says:

    Caring is cool, Furocious Feelings are okay, Gleam with Self-Esteem,

  61. Lindsay Whiston says:

    Words Are Not For Listening
    Jokes Are Not for Hurting
    Boogers Are Not for Picking
    Friends Are Not for Bullying

  62. Crystal H. says:

    Parents are not for ignoring!
    Secrets are not for telling!
    Computers are not for gossip!
    Stomachs are not for junk!
    Mothers are not for sassing!
    Minds are not for wasting!

    Recyclables are not for wasting!

    Brains are not for inactivity! or Brains are not for idling!

  63. “Desks are not for climbing! Chairs are not for jumping! Classrooms are for learning!”

    I work with elementary school children who have Autism (some verbal, some non-verbal) and they respond well to the books in this series (short, sweet, and to the point!). I would love to see a book that addresses how a child can recognize their need for a sensory break, and the appropriate ways to get that sensory input/output in the appropriate setting (with the help of an adult of course) vs. inappropriate activities in the classroom. Readers could see illustrations of children engaging in sensory activities in a safe manner, and returning to the classroom, ready to learn! Characters could also be seen in various settings such as home and in the community (stores, park, etc) but my mind was on the school setting!

  64. Rekha says:

    Sharp Objects Are Not for Playing
    Bermuda Triangles Are Not for Swimming
    Tests Are Not for Cheating On
    Dogs Are Not for Riding
    People Are Not For Poking
    Bananas Peels Are Not for Slipping On
    Ice Is Not for Playing On
    Snowballs Are Not for Throwing
    Glass Is Not For Breaking
    Baseballs Are Not for Breaking Windows
    Friends Are Not for Betraying
    Metal Is Not for Melting
    Snow Is Not for Eating

  65. Sheila K. says:

    Toilets Are Not for Washing
    Parents Are Not for Biting
    Boogers Are Not for Eating
    Rules Are Not for Ignoring
    Refrigerators Are Not for Hiding
    Babies Are Not for Pinching

  66. Gina says:

    Meals are not for skipping. (Can talk about being healthy by eating appropriate foods and not skipping meals…goes with 1st grade common core)

  67. Rebecca Parker says:

    Arms are for hugging
    Hands are for holding
    Books are made for reading
    Pencils are made for writing

  68. Sharon Roknich says:

    Brains are not for Stinkin’ Thinkin’
    We are all different, we are all special
    We need all colors to make a rainbow

  69. Rekha says:

    Roads are not for Crossing (w/o an adult)
    Machines are not for Messing Around
    Injuries are not for Hiding

  70. Rebecca Parker says:

    Legs are not for kicking

  71. Susanna Beaudieu says:

    Private Parts are not for touching
    My Body is For Respecting

  72. Martina says:

    Friends are not for fighting
    Crayons are not for eating
    Peanut butter is not for sharing (anyone with allergies)
    I pods ( Electronics) are not for Entertaining (kids are spending way to much time on them)

  73. Melissa says:

    Pages are not for dog-earing.
    Keyboards are not for pounding.
    Straws are not for slurping.
    Fingernails are not for chewing.

  74. Mindy says:

    Mouths are Not for Screaming
    Toys are Not for Tossing
    Phones are Not for Snatching
    Hair is Not for Tugging
    Walls are Not for Coloring

  75. Rocio Padilla says:

    Bullies are not for Ignoring – focus on reporting bully behavior. Some kids dont report being bullied or seeing bully behavior

  76. Rocio Padilla says:

    Feeling are for Talking – kids keep to much to themselves and should learn to express themselves
    Friends are for Sharing – kids need to learn to share their friends
    Ears are not for Ignoring
    Friends are not for hurting
    Voices are not for Whining
    Things are not for Stealing
    Halls are not for Running
    Foods is not for Playing
    Food is not for Sharing – for food allergies – little kids might not know it can be dangerous to share

  77. Holly Miller says:

    School buses are not for jumping

  78. Hearts are for caring.
    Tongues are for kind words.
    Arms are for hugging.
    Let’s Elevate Empathy!
    Arms are not for snake bites.
    Fingers aren’t for pointing.
    You are Valuable.
    Feelings are not forever.

  79. Names calling is not for hurting.

  80. Rosetta Smith says:

    Chairs Are Not For Throwing
    Legs Are Not For Running (Out of the Classroom!)
    Rules Are Not For Breaking!
    Respect Is For Everyone
    Friends Are For Sharing
    Lying Gets You Nothing
    Teachers and Friends are Not For Hitting

  81. Here are behaviors we struggle with in preschool::
    Voices are not for Whining
    Tongues are not for Lying
    Toys are not for Breaking
    Fingers are not for Sucking
    Books are not for Tearing

  82. Michelle says:

    Schools are not for Bullies
    The Internet is not for Strangers
    Learning is not Just for School
    Junk Food is not for Overeating

  83. Holly Miller says:

    “School Buses are not playgrounds”

  84. Lynnette Clancy says:

    hair is not for pulling. Hearts are for loving.

  85. Emily says:

    Eyes Are Not For Rolling

  86. Lorri B. says:

    “Pants are not for Pooping” and the companion volume “Pants are not for Peeing”

  87. 1. Feelings Are Not For Hurting, 2. Rules Are Not For Breaking, 3. Kindness/Caring Is For Sharing.
    4. Differences Are For Celebrating! 5. Skin Color Is Not For Discriminating!
    6. Friends Are For Forgiving. 7. Feelings Are For You and Me! 8. Life Is Not Forever (yes, I know it is sad, but we need more resources to help children learn to deal with tragedy/illness/dying/death/loss to be used in counseling/school settings.) Thanks!

  88. Ms. Childers says:

    Time is not for Wasting
    Your Brain Needs Feeding (Your Brain is Not For Wasting)
    Misbehaving is Not for Class
    Respect is Meant For Giving

  89. Madison says:

    How about…
    Feet Are Not for Kicking
    Rumors Are Not for Spreading
    Lies Are Not for Telling
    Tattles Are Not for Telling
    Noses Are Not for Picking

  90. Dianne Cosgrove says:

    Rules are not for Breaking (theme: …they keep us safe; help us get along; etc)
    Grown-Ups are not for Ignoring (theme: …they help keep us safe; teach us new things; help us when we’re sad or upset; etc)

  91. Jonnie says:

    Some can only be written on the positive side :O ….
    Colors are for Blending (diversity)
    Grades Don’t Define Me
    Smart is more than Grades
    Gifted doesn’t mean A’s

  92. Monica Rodriguez says:

    **Words are not for Bullying
    **Teeth are not for Biting
    **Feeling Smarter with Emotions (Just because I’m smart don’t mean I don’t have feelings too or understanding kids who are GT and need help emotionally who are picked on)

  93. Stephanie says:

    Hearts Are For Loving

  94. Brenda Meyer says:

    It’s Okay to Make Mistakes
    Everyone Makes Mistakes
    No One is Perfect
    Your Way is Not My Way

  95. Shelly Seabrook says:

    Feelings are for everyone!
    Questions are for clarity!
    Communication is for closeness!
    Conversations are for knowledge!

  96. Jeannie Ecker says:

    Hearts are not for breaking

  97. Gail Greene says:

    Food Is Not For Throwing
    Making Faces Are Not For Everyone
    No Means No
    New Babies Are Not Toys
    Toys Are Not All Over
    Whining Is Not Going To Work
    Being Bossy Is Not For Making Friends
    Crayons Are Not For Walls
    “I Want”, “I Want” Is Not For Mommy

  98. Melanie Rivellese says:

    As the Mom to a 2 year old and a 14 year old , I have some diverse ideas!
    My top 3 ideas would be:
    1. Voices are not for screaming
    ( or yelling or shouting )
    2. Heads are not for Butting
    3. Friends are not for Pushing

  99. Laura Hoskins says:

    Differences are not for Teasing
    Differences are for Learning
    (skin) Colors are for Learning
    Noses are not for Picking
    Feet are for walking
    Words are for sharing

  100. Lies are NOT for telling
    Friends are NOT for hurting
    Brains are NOT for sleeping
    Halls are NOT for playing
    Recess is NOT for fighting

  101. Amy Garner says:

    Tongues are not for tattling! Hearts are for Loving. Hands and Hearts are for Helping. Arms are for Hugging.

  102. pefossum06 says:

    Friend are for Having Fun

  103. Paige Fossum says:

    Friends are for Having Fun

  104. Schools are not for bullies/bullying
    Kindness is for everyone
    Respect is for everyone
    Learning is forever (be a lifelong learner)
    Books are for adventures
    Families are for loving
    Friends are for sharing
    Friends are for caring

  105. Kari Keller says:

    Mouths are not for Yelling
    Arms are not for shoving
    Hair is not for pulling
    Fingers (or fingernails) are not for scratching

  106. Jill says:

    How about something without the “not” – Ears are for Listening.

  107. Linda Marino says:

    I’ve seen this in the hallways “Hips Are Not for Checking”.

  108. monica says:

    Voices are not for yelling. Fingers are not for pinching. Hands are not for pushing.

  109. Jenny Hubler says:

    Emotions are for Everyone!

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