Counselor’s Corner: Back-to-School Tips for Students

Students (and adults) can be anxious about the start of a new school year. Planning for the year before it starts can help put students at ease and set them up for success. Here are some ways you can help students get ready for the school year ahead.

Establish Routines
(c) Silverv | Dreamstime.comIt can be tough getting back in the swing of school after summer break. Establishing routines before the school year even begins will help students make a smooth transition. Consider developing routines around after-school time, dinnertime, evenings, bedtime, wake-up time, and before school. If your students are in early elementary, you can help them remember their routines by creating a visual schedule. For older students, have them give input into what they should be doing at each of the designated times.

Practice your routines the week before school starts so students get accustomed to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.

Set Goals
A new school year means a new start. Setting goals allows students to see what they have achieved previously and helps them plan for what they want to achieve in the future. I recommend helping students make SMART goals. I wrote about SMART goals in a previous post, SMART Back-to-School Goals for Students. The post includes examples of goals that students could establish and how to make them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Students may feel more invested in the school year or specific classes if they have something specific they are working toward achieving.

Create a Homework Hub
A great way to get organized for school (especially for older students) is to create an area for homework and study. Having a designated place to do schoolwork can help students establish a routine, too. When setting up a homework and study area, pay attention to what conditions help the student work or study best. Does listening to music help him concentrate? Make sure he has access to music in his study space. Does she get easily distracted? Designate a space away from video games and other potential distractors so the focus can stay on homework and studying. Help students find a place for their books and materials they may need, such as pencils, pens, and paper. Being organized and having easy access to the things they need will save time.

Gearing up before the new school year starts will help your student (and you!) have a happier, more organized transition to the new school year.

What tips do you share with others to help students prepare for back-to-school?

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  1. Hannah H. says:

    This was a great post! I think setting routines is very important to do in the beginning of the year, at home and at school! Thanks Danielle!

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